Otome Game Rokkushuume 39 Part 1

Chapter 39: Never Say You Are Happy

As the time passed steadily, the preparations for enrollment were progressing smoothly.

After the uniform measurements are completed, three things are necessary afterwards.

Textbooks, have already been sent so there is no problem.
Simulated Wand, I already have so there is no problem.
Writing utensils, I also already have so there is no problem.

Incidentally other accessories like bags and purses where also left to the tailor along with the uniform. It feels like a waste of money because in reality up to now I have never really needed anything like bags or purses.

Although I have small ones for parties……they are merely for decoration and not actually a bag. I don’t really use them in my daily life. So it has zero functionality.

After asking the tailor to make them, preparations for enrollment will be perfect if the school supplies also arrive.

Next is the preparation for moving.
Upon entering the dormitory of Avantor Academy, the room will not change until graduation to the high school division unless there is a special reason. Because it’s a rich school for nobles, a single room will be given to all incoming new students.

You are free to decorate the interior however you like. Thus many people bring their own favorite furniture but I will just use the ones provided by the school. Because there are many other things I have to do I can’t be particular about furniture. I don’t have any particular complaints as long as it’s not too flashy.

That reminds me Mariabell had quite the lavish taste in decorations…….I couldn’t even feel the slightest at ease.

My eyes spun quite a bit and I was rather doubtful towards Mariabell’s tastes.

In any case, there is no problems with furniture. So it saves me the trouble of one matter.

Even if I go to the academy…….no, even so an appearance befitting of the daughter of a noble is required. Of course, attire is important, as well as etiquette.

Thus, different kinds of clothing must be brought……though quite a large quantity of them are bulky.

Since I can return home during the weekends or long holidays I have to leave some clothes behind to a certain extent, so the last resort would be to make completely new clothes.

But why are there so many bulky dresses when they can’t be worn causally?

The figure makes it impossible to fold, because I can’t fold them I am also unable to put them with the rest, there are even numerous adornment items for the dresses…….why must I be swayed by something I may or may not only wear once a year?

Although normally one should have more casual wear so why do I see more dresses? And they’re all bulky? Are my casual clothes the only reasonable ones? The designs were made simple by my will…….or they should be.

At least compared to the previous Mariabell.

By the time all preparations were finished, there was around a month left until enrollment.

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8 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 39 Part 1”

  1. Thank you for always translating, I read the raws because I like the story way too much, of course I prefer your translations, so I´m always here as soon as I see a new episode, usually I never comment but well, I feel in the mood today.
    Anyway, just a little opinion, because that names are kind of european or something like that, Wouldn’t it make more sense that Keito would be Keith??? Just an opinion, I swear, not complain, I just think Keito sounds to japanese.
    And really thank you for translating, some episodes this week I´m so happy.


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