Otome Game Rokkushuume 41

Chapter 41: Heading to the Battlefield

Though he was a fellow classmate going by his social position Sashia isn’t a noble and is instead a commoner however his grandfather is also the world’s best magician.

Avantor Academy places emphasis on financial strength rather than status so although he is a commoner his position isn’t so different from nobles.
But as usual nobles are troublesome when it comes to social status. The academy consisted of daughters and sons of nobles who grew up watching their parents, if parents are concerned about their status then naturally their children will also be the same.

Even though he is the bloodline of the world’s best magician, a commoner is a commoner. So it’s nothing strange if people look down on Sashia because of his status…….but judging from the past five rounds that didn’t seem to be the case.

As far as I know, there aren’t any people who openly look down upon him.

Fiery red hair. Orange-red eyes that are reminiscent of flames. A refreshing smile, a handsome male or for short ikemen.
And just like his smile he is a refreshing and popular person.

It was risky competing with someone who is so popular and attractive. Everyone would just consider it as unreasonable jealousy if they were to see it. Also it would only be further enhanced because Sashia is popular.
And above all, even though his status is below a nobles his grandfather is still the world’s best magician. It wouldn’t be wise to make light of something like that for someone who is about to learn magic.

Such love is a part of youth itself.
Just like how transfer students fall in love with popular classmates, truly a royal road.
And to add more color to that royal road story his “grandfather” and “Mariabell”.

Although the current Sashia is a bright, refreshing and popular person, he wasn’t always like that to begin with.
The pressure from having such a great grandfather. The fear of his magic not living up to expectations increased with each age.
And his confidence decreasing due to increasing expectations.

He is somewhat like Niel, but contrary to Niel who was socially withdrawn, Sashia instead went out of his way to forge many relationships.

One avoids the public eye due to lack of confidence.

Another attracts the public eye due to lack of confidence.

The saying to each their own is well said, the truth ended up being reversed.

Ah, by the way in his route because Mariabell liked Sashia she had manipulated him into getting engaged with her. The feelings were pure but the behavior was impure and indeed that of a villainess.

In the happy ending the house collapsed, in the bad ending her whereabouts became unknown.
Yes, it is peaceful. Compared to a certain yandere at least I will not be killed.

Of course, it’s still not good either way just better. I still don’t want to be in the same class as him.
Therefore, as much as I looked forward to this day at the same time I still wanted to desperately escape.

And if Sashia ended up not in the same class then at least it would be a relatively peaceful year.
Conversely, if Sashia ended up being in the same class then I would need to face it like a soldier heading off to the battlefield.

And the result was ──

「I am Sashia Dorothy, it’s a pleasure to meet you!」

「……I am Mariabell Tempest」

I heard a voice next to me and I felt like praising myself for replying even though a feeling of despair had crushed me.
Even though I had tried escaping from reality it still ended up in failure

I wanted to let loose my anger on the smiling Sashia but he didn’t do anything wrong. I understand, I really did understand. I can’t do anything regarding the classes as it’s already predetermined by something called fate.
Even so, it’s still impossible for me to accept the current situation as it’s something I hate!

Instead of my current feeling being like a soldier headed off for the battlefield it would be more accurate to say it’s like a soldier that was captured captive by an enemy country.

24 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 41”

  1. Hahaha.. it always end up like that even in real life. Maria, ganbatte. Interesting scene. I cant wait for more chapter… Thank you for the awesome chapter.


  2. If Marie try her best to avoid him, he would probably try his best to attract his attention too with how his personality is described.


  3. Thank you for the chapter ❤
    Oh dear author, please just kick those capture targets (maybe except Niel) away and officially let my ship sail! KeitoxMaria all the way


  4. Is Maria really the villainess? It’s the first time I see a villainess play all the routes like heroine

    Or perhaps the study that created the game did not have resources


  5. Ahhh, Mariabelle. It’s too late. You can’t avoid them, not a one. Somehow, her path will collide with them but hopefully having Keito there will help…


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