Otome Game Rokkushuume 42

Chapter 42: It has been a while

In conclusion, I ended up in the same class as Sashia.
That alone was still acceptable. Certainly under all the “bad developments” this is neither bad or good, and to begin with the probability was one-third. When I think of the probabilities there is no helping it.

It’s just why does he have to be seated next to me?!
What’s going on with the seating arrangements? Mariabell’s M and Sashia’s S are not that close…..aah, that’s why he’s seated so close!

「……I’m tired」

After completing the entrance ceremony, by the time my homeroom ended when I left the classroom, my HP was nearly zero. It’s only the first day yet I am so tired already.
I trudged through the corridor under this feeling of fatigue and headed towards the school’s dining hall, it is used as a cafe till closing time except during lunch hours. The interior is so beautiful that I can’t imagine it being inside a school, though it makes it easy to understand how rich schools spend their money. But at least it’s not just an upstart lucrative decorating hobby.

I will meet with Keito here and after having lunch we will explore the school.
I ordered a milk tea from the waiter who was standing near the entrance and then sat down near the closest window from the entrance.
Shortly, a little round teacup was brought over containing a beige-colored liquid. Un, it’s sweet and has a delightful scent.
Ahh, I feel refreshed……



Along with the warm sweetness I also felt a sense of recovery but suddenly there was a knocking sound on the table, I was startled by the voice and nearly spilled the contents of the cup. At the same time I also spat a bit out.
I was flustered, but more than anything surprised by the voice.
I turned towards the voice in a panic and the owner of the voice stood there.


「It has been a while」

「Y-Yes, it’s been a while」

The person standing there was smiling more brightly than I remembered but it was without a doubt Greas-sensei.
When we last saw each other he was still a child but now he was already a full grown adult.  The boyish appearance had disappeared, and his childish cuteness was nowhere to be found.
Rather, hasn’t he grown too much? He didn’t seem so tall according to my memories……probably around 180cm, it’s making my neck hurt.
It really has been a while……but what was he doing here?

「Greas-sensei, what are you doing here?」

「I heard from Kirua-sama that Maria had enrolled」

「From father?」

I knew that my father and Greas-sensei were contacting each other. During the process of hospitalization for Greas-sensei’s mother, it seems he acted as the guardian on behalf of the sickly mother.
My father hadn’t mention anything regarding Greas-sensei after he had graduated from the high school division…….to think they still kept in touch.

「I am beginning my high school division training starting this year, so I thought I would celebrate」


「Training for becoming a teacher at Avantor Academy」

Yes, I know that…..but was that how one becomes a teacher? Don’t you need to have a teaching license.
Wondering about it, I asked Greas-senei but conversely he was confused with the word “teaching license”.
Apparently there seems to be no teaching license in this world. Rather it seems this “concept” didn’t exist.
Instead of licensing, it seems a form of training where they would be directly placed into the workforce was mainstream. As a result, the quicker one can adapt to their training the faster one can become a professional, but conversely if one didn’t adapt to their training even after many years…….they would be fired from their training due to poor results.
It’s a lot more heavier than just obtaining a license.

「I first taught the middle school division for two years, and it seems my training will be over in another two years if everything goes well in the high school division. After I complete my training I hope to perhaps become a holy attribute magic teacher for the high school division」

Yes, I know that. For me, it’s a transition that happens once I move up to the high school division after all.
It’s how the original flow of the story went. It doesn’t surprise me since I was already aware of it.

「Well then……congratulations on your admission, Maria」

「T-thank you very much!」

I was presented with a gift at the same time he congratulated me, it was a lovely pink bag tied with a golden ribbon.
When I received it I felt a hard feeling through the bag. But it didn’t seem to be anything heavy.
Immediately opening it, a cute barrette appeared from within.

「Uwaa……how cute!」

It was decorated with flowers containing colorful stones on a metallic ribbon, a cute but elegant design. I really liked it.

「Was it to your liking?」

「Yes! Is it really fine for me to have it?」

「Of course, I cannot use it even if I have it」

Well that’s true. Then thank you for the gift.
I had actually wanted a decorative hair ornament that I could gather my hair up with. Everyday when I was at home I would have my hair ironed straight by Anne, but since I lived at the dormitories now I cannot ask her anymore……and I don’t feel like doing it myself, it’s too troublesome.
I just wanted to pin my hair half up, because it’s spreads easily since I have naturally curly hair. Nice timing Greas-sensei.

「I actually wanted something just like this, I will use it with great care!」

「What a relief, I was wondering what I would do if it didn’t suit Maria’s taste」

Seemingly relieved, Greas-sensei lightly massaged his shoulder . I had thought that because the original Greas-sensei had a flirtatious and seducing atmosphere he could easily predict what girls like…… is this perhaps a difference from the original or will he become like that in the future?
I don’t know which it is but I have something I am more worried about right now.

「Ano, Greas-sensei」


「……Will you stop being so formal?」


Even though he was calling me Maria without any problems, up till now he was being really formal. Although there were no honorifics it was still discomforting.
It would defeat the purpose of calling me Maria if he still acted all formal, it seems my thoughts were not transmitted.

「Greas-sensei is not my tutor anymore and is now a real teacher」

「I am still in training」

「But you are planning to become a teacher for the high school division right?」

Although Avantor Academy is a rich school, teachers are generally familiar towards their students……honorifics, formal language, and such are not usually enforced. But there is also individual character, so it is not prohibited either.
Social status or financial status doesn’t dictate everything. Of course, this is just on the outside.

No matter how much you promote equality, in reality there are still adults who pay attention to the princes or students from the upper aristocracy. With age comes the understanding of the weight of the meaning “status”.
That’s why Mariabell’s bullying had expanded to criminal levels.
There are good teachers though…….including Greas-sensei.
Therefore, hurry up and stop with the formal language! My original discomfort is slowly becoming unbearable.

「Let’s start over from the beginning alright?」

「……Hah, I understand. Is this better?」


If I don’t get rid of his formal way of speaking he will begin to sound like the capture target Greas……..though it may be too late now.

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  1. Thank you so much for the chapter!! Greas-sensei made a comeback and Maria can’t seem to run away from fate…!


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