Otome Game Rokkushuume 43

Chapter 43: Exploring Explorers

Just like that me and Greas-sensei continued our conversation without the previous formality.
Then I heard footsteps approaching from behind and when I turned around to look.

「Maria, sorry I made you wait……Greas-sesei?」

「……Keito-kun? You’re Kaito-san’s son correct?」

「Yes, it’s been a while」

「Yes, it has been quite long, you seem to have grown a lot bigger」

Because we were meeting it seems like Keito had rushed over in a hurry.
Contrary to Keito’s dumbfounded expression to meeting an unexpected person, Greas-sensei had only widened his eyes in surprise for a moment even though Keito was also here at the academy.
But Greas-sensei knows that Keito is a commoner and not from a wealthy family…….

「Both Maria and Keito-kun’s admission were written in the letter」

As if he had already knew my doubts, Greas-sensei answered my question before I even asked.
I see so that’s why.
My father loves me but he also likes my childhood friend Keito very much too. Unlike nobles like me that have been prepared to enter this school since birth, Keito’s decision to enter was rather abrupt, it’s even more worrying since Keito also decided to live at the dormitories.
Even though Greas-sensei was still a trainee, father probably felt more relieved with him being here to check up on things. Though whether Keito himself really agreed to this is another story.

「What will you two be doing?」

「Let’s go explore around the school a little, I was fine with going alone but since Keito is also here let’s go together」

「I am also unfamiliar with the school since I just enrolled by the way」

「I see you two are close as usual」

Greas-sensei had resigned as my tutor…….about five years ago?
Apparently the relationship between me and Keito seems unchanged even after five years. It is true there isn’t really much change.
Ah, but recently Niel also joined our group so there should be some change.

「Well then since I have fulfilled my purpose, I suppose I will be going」

「Are you leaving already?」

「I was initially just planning on giving Maria the entrance celebration gift after all. Besides it’s not good for trainees to wander around on their own too much」

The security at Avantor Academy is quite strict since many important bloodlines regardless of their status are gathered here.
Upon entering the academy, unless your the prince you are not allowed to have any escorts. Since the academy has both a high school and middle school division, and most of the students live in the dormitories, the teachers cannot monitor everyone. There is the option to hire more personnel but if too many people enter and exit the academy security will end up being hindered.

For that reason, Avantor Academy is designed so everything can be done within the school premises.
In the premises of the school aside from the academy there is also a town where items necessary for daily life are available, it would be easier to understand if you imagine an entire district surrounded by castle walls. Incidentally the name of the town is called “Oztown.”
It seems the purpose was to reduce the risk of kidnapping by eliminating the need for students to go outside the school grounds.

Thus due to this design the newcomer trainees are the ones that security are most vigilant of. Rather than becoming teachers for the sake of the school, there seems to be quite a few people who try to become teachers just to cause a commotion.
For that reason, there are restrictions placed on the trainees and they are not allowed to go wherever they want. Of course this isn’t severely enforced but one would usually not try to do anything too conspicuous that would upset their superiors.

「Well then, I will be seeing you two later」

「Yes, see you later」

「Thank you very much for the gift, let’s meet again」

I waved goodbye to Greas-sensei who also waved back in return.
I wonder when’s the next time we will meet again……even if he couldn’t come to the middle school too often we could still meet at Oztown, at that time I will have to express my gratitude.

「This is?」

「Greas-sensei gave this to me just a while ago」

That said, I showed Keito the barrette on the palm of my hand.
The flowers made with red, pink, yellow, and orange stones of various colors shine brilliantly just by changing the angle slightly, it is very beautiful and cute.
Imagining Greas-sensei picking out items that a girl may like is a somewhat interesting scene, because it also suits it’s even more so.

「It’s a sweet pea」


「That flower, it’s a sweet pea」

Keito pointed at my palm, or to be precise the flower on the barrette in my palm. The shape of the petals looked like a butterfly and was very cute.
Apparently sweet pea seems to be the name of this flower.
I also know the name but I didn’t know the actual flower itself because I never saw one before.

「Sweet pea……」

In the floral language it means “departure” so it’s perfect for an entrance celebration. It also stands for “blissful pleasure” and “lovely memories”.

「That’s right」

Keito’s father is a gardener and I also studied with him before so knowing about flowers is rather nice. I have known him for a long time so it’s not surprising.
But I think a male middle school student who knows so much about flowers is actually quite rare.

「As expected of Keito, you did study to become a gardener after all」

「Though now I am studying magic, but knowing the flower and it’s meaning makes it easier for me to produce them」

「I see」

He has a promising and happy future.
But in truth he’s supposed to just be an apprentice gardener at home. It makes me wonder a bit after thinking that. Though there’s no point in telling Keito this as there’s no reason for him to worry about it.
Greas-sensei aside, Keito’s situation seems to have been completely due to me……..



「Are we going?」

「Ah……yes, let’s go」

This won’t do I nearly became too absorbed in my thoughts. Our goal is to explore the school, and still have enough time to head back so we cannot be too leisurely.
We left the dining hall with a simple map on the student notebook in hand. I didn’t completely finish my milk tea but…….I’m sorry it was delicious.

「There doesn’t seem to be as many unique classrooms as I thought」

Compared to the size of the academy, the number of classrooms on the map feels quite low.
No, considering that there are separate high school buildings, aren’t the buildings a bit too large?

「Aren’t the sizes larger than the actual space needed?」

「……I see」

It’s true that the classrooms were large. Though it’s not really a problem since the seats and desks were very luxurious and the kind that took up a lot of space.
Since I came from a noble household somehow it is easier for Keito who came from a commoner household to notice these types of things.
Anyways, I do appreciate the lower amount of buildings, less work for us.
With the student handbook’s map in hand me and Keito headed towards the areas with unique classrooms.

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  1. Wow for once an mc that has become use to nobility and missed the luxuriously large furniture for the wealthy. Usually they always complain, act and/or aim for the goal of being poor or commoner. I mean sure if they didn’t want to be forced into marriage or something, but usually it’s complaining “I can’t take this wealthy lifestyle”. This might be the first time that I’ve seen a mc that has become accustomed to nobility.


    1. Reika-sama went tsun tsun and complain about her wealthy lifestyle at first, craving for junk food and commoner goods. Now though, she all dere dere for the high class cuisine, partake in only the finest.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!! …So he knows the language of flowers huh… Wonder if he knew the meaning of the flowers in that bouquet… Fufufu…


  3. Even though Greas-sensei was still a trainee father probably felt more relieved with him being here to check up on things.

    Can you put a comma between trainee and father???
    If you don’t want to that is okay…
    Imagining Greas as a trainee father is funny for me xD


  4. Thank you for the amazing chapter!!! I really like Keito, O think I ill cry if they don’t end up together o_ó


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