Otome Game Rokkushuume 45

Chapter 45: I Don’t Need a 100, But at Least One or Two People!

The next day, I sat alone at my seat while observing my classmates. Even though it’s still only the second day everyone is going on about how they should customize their uniform, as expected clothes define personality. I am just following my mother’s tastes though.

In the first place, I have never been one to go about actively making friends. There was only Keito and Niel.
Yes, they are both boys. I don’t have any female friends.

How would I go about making a female friend? I have little energy to even make any friends in the first place let alone a female one. There are other reasons of course.

「Mariabell-sama, good morning–!」

「Gokigen’yo, Sashia-sama」

「Morning Sashaー」

The person sitting next to me is quite popular……people immediately gathered around in response to the voice greeting me.
Everyone is so lively……the mentally old me is unable to keep up. Keito treats me like a child though, but this and that are different matters.
Especially since I know absolutely nothing about how middle school girls are. I just think boys are easier to understand. Or rather for me, just when comparing males to females.

What to do…..I wonder.

There’s just really no other way to make friends! Or at least I can’t think of any other way. During the time when I was trying to become friends with Niel, I did say several times that it’s important to be able to talk with others.
It’s just that there is one slight problem.

I…..I think I might be a little scared.

There’s about four years left until the start of the game scenario.
Considering the growth rate of females, it seems that my appearance is slowly becoming that of “the villainess Mariabell”.

A mature beautiful looking girl. Though in reality, she has a bewitchingly attractive face unsuited for her age with naturally sharp glaringly eyes that combines both beauty and evilness.
The difference between the former and latter is rather amazing, but it’s the truth. Anyhow, it won’t be long before I reach that point.
I also knew how others thought of me due to the experiences from the past five rounds.

Whenever I think about that it makes me not want to speak out too carelessly.
The beginning is critical, first impressions are very important after all. I’m already losing points due to my appearance so I have to recover them through other areas.

It would be the most easiest to just talk with the person sitting next to me but……it goes without saying that is instantly rejected.
My seat is in the middle of six rows. One side is Sashia, but on the other side is another person. Moreover, a girl!
She’s not here yet, but let’s first start off with a greeting and see how it goes from there. Because I was distracted by Sashia yesterday I don’t remember what kind of girl she was…..it would be nice if she isn’t the really assertive type though. I would be at a loss if someone like Francia-sama were to come.

Bearing expectations and anxiety, after a few minutes of waiting in slight desperation.

「Gokigen’yo, Mariabell-sama」

A voice came from beside me.
From the side opposite of Sashia, a cute girl’s voice sounded out.

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  1. Thx for the chapters! Glad to see to site up and running.?
    Kind of surprised she mentioned Francia, that rude small fry from like 20 chapters ago. I didn’t remember who she was and had to go back to check, lol.


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