Otome Game Rokkushuume 46

Chapter 46: Words That Freeze My Insides


This is bad, my voice was a bit shrill.
Because I answered on reflex I didn’t have time to hide my actual self. Even though I mentioned how important the first impression is.


「I’m sorry, it’s nothing」

As expected, she gave me a blank look. Although I smiled to distract her.
I slowly exhaled to calm myself and looked towards her.
Long blonde hair with three braids on the side with a cute looking butterfly pin attached. She had round dark brown eyes which slanted downwards, a fresh new student. She was dressed rather ordinarily wearing the standard uniform and blouse with a bright green cardigan around the skirt.
It wasn’t very gaudy but it was still nice, the ideal words describing her would be neat, tidy, and cute.

……Those were my honest thoughts. And I also felt very relieved.
I was just thinking what I should do if she turned out to be someone very flashy and luxurious like Mariabell.
If I handled this poorly it would turn out just like the game. So far it seems there is nothing to worry about……unless she is the type that is different from how she appears.
The first impression is important, but it is not always right. Including me.

……Hm, did she just call me by my name?



「How did you know my name……?」

I haven’t introduced myself yet have I?

「Oh……because they called out everyone’s name at yesterday’s entrance ceremony, that’s why」

Eh, lies, I don’t remember. Because I was too focused on Sashia the entire entrance ceremony……
What should I do? I don’t remember this child’s name.

「Is that so……I am sorry, I do not remember your name」

I wanted to pretend that I knew her name, but there aren’t any name tags on the school uniforms and she didn’t have one attached to her bag so I gave up.
It was rather rude but…..it was still better than lying about it and making things worse.

「No, I did try to remember everyone’s name but……Mariabell-sama is famous after all」


Famous? Eh, I didn’t hear anything about this. I would like to stay plain and simple so that I can spend my school life peacefully.

「You discovered the dormant attributes of two people after all」

That is…..w-!!!
Yes, that is quite conspicuous. I was involved with two people who both previously didn’t show any signs of attributes! But it’s not like I purposely discovered them it was one-hundred percent total coincidence!

「No, I……」

「In addition, you were even selected as a fiancee candidate for Prince Runa, everyone has been paying attention to you」

「That is, I am……w-」

Hm? What? Wait what!?
I do apologize but there was a word which I didn’t really understand.
Fi-an-cee ca-nid-ate? Eh, sorry I don’t know the meaning of that word. Rather, I don’t want to know.
I would like to activate my pointless ignoring skill. But if I do that it would leave a rather troubling impression.

「Etto……it’s true that I was selected as a candidate before, but I believe I’ve already been removed though?」

So please don’t make any strange misunderstandings.

「Prince Runa has plenty of fiancee candidates, I was only just barely selected as one of them」

「Is that so?」


Alright, I managed to convince one person for the time being. I would be happy if this rumor started spreading out from this point.
It would be counterproductive to prolong this any further, so let’s end this discussion right here.
Above all I would like to learn this child’s name soon.

「Etto……so, what is your name?」

Even I think this is quite awkward myself.
I don’t really think I am a shy type of person, it’s just that I am not use to talking with people.
Hm, doesn’t that mean I am shy? When compared with the capture targets everyone here isn’t that scary, or at least that’s what I first thought but……rather isn’t it strange to be comparing them with the capture targets in the first place?

「Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Primera Elga」

「Primera..-sama……I will be in your care from here on out」

Anyhow, I managed to obtain my seat neighbor’s name.

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  1. The name of compañera san is in Spanish, since I read this in Spanish, thanks to the automatic translator, I can not help but laugh when I hear that it’s called Primera, it’s like it’s called First


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