Otome Game Rokkushuume 47

Chapter 47: Thank You Greas-sensei!

Primera Elga-chan. My seat neighbor and friend…candidate.
I managed to learn her name somehow, but from here on out is the real fight.

Well then, how do I become friends with her?

I don’t really have any various topics to talk about. If I recall correctly she didn’t appear in the game either.
In the game, the friends of Mariabell were essentially just simple and plain “henchmen of the villainess”.
Their appearances and status were all inferior to Mariabell’s. However, they were more flashy than all the other average students, they moved in a collective group fashion and upheld absolute hierarchy order. They have essentially no individuality other than standing out from their leader.

And above all, they were people who would utilize the powers of those above themselves to throw their weight around until something goes wrong.
At the end of the game as soon as Mariabell had fallen to ruin, they started screaming that all the cruel actions they had done until now were all under the “orders of Mariabell”, her dozen or more so friends all brilliantly gave her the backhand.

They are truly a unique sort of friends. Mariabell is without exception a scum but I think her so-called friends are also no better.  At the very least, it made me not want to make any friends until the sixth round, none at all!
I don’t remember all of them because there were so many people, but for the time being it seems her former friends that I do remember aren’t in the same class. I’ve only attended three classes thus far so maybe I just haven’t recognized them yet.

Well then, after reviewing all the past rounds up to now.
I wonder what I should do……now that I think about it I’ve never actually tried making friends on my own before…as Mariabell. Up till now a follower would always just arbitrarily come forth.



Hm……she is staring quite intensely at me isn’t she?

「……Ano, is there something you need?」

「Eh, ah……um」

It seems that she only just noticed after I told her. She jumped and had a startled expression.
Rather than saying she was staring at me……was she staring at my back.

「I-I’m sorry, that was impolite of me……」

「It’s alright, I don’t mind. I was just wondering if there was something on me」

Was I perhaps too preoccupied with my thoughts and had a strange atmosphere about me?

「No, it’s not that……ano, the hair ornament」


I instinctively thought of imo-kenpi, but I immediately dispelled that distraction. Imo-kenpi didn’t exist in this world after all, probably.
The hair ornament I’m wearing today is the sweet pea barrette I received from Greas-sensei yesterday. I have my stubborn naturally curly hair half up today so it felt maintained a bit. Or that’s just how I felt.

「It’s just really cute so it caught my attention」

「Oh…..thank you very much」

「It’s a sweet pea, isn’t it? If I recall in the language of the flowers it means……departure」

「Yes, I received this as a celebration of my admission from an acquaintance of mine」

A girl’s talk, I am having a girl’s talk!
It also feels fresh because the other party isn’t Keito.
……Hm, but didn’t I also talk with Keito about flowers as well? It was for studying reasons but Keito also likes gardening himself.

「Primera-sama seems familiar with flowers」

「N-Not at all, I am not that familiar……!」

No, no, you were familiar enough that you knew about the flower’s language. I wouldn’t have even known that this flower is a sweet pea if it weren’t for Keito.

I just like hair ornaments and other types of accessories……I also make some myself」

「Oh my, that’s impressive!」

She actually does look like she might be the type to be good at sewing and the likes……rather than the traits of a girl it seems more like the traits of a housewife, she might even be good with cooking too.

But there are actually very few people in this school that are like that. The daughters of nobles along with daughters of rich commoners, there are many girl’s that use servants to masquerade their inability in these sorts of areas.
Though in my case it’s a bit special……which in turn also makes it actually not special. Even so I would still count as one of the few people in this school who can do such things.

Ah, of course Mariabell is definitely not one of them. She wouldn’t even be able to make disgusting-tasting food, as her feminine traits in this area is at the point where she wouldn’t even touch the ingredients in the first place.

「Are you perhaps wearing a self-made accessory today?」

「Well, to be honest……it’s quite bad so I am rather embarrassed」

「No need to be so modest, it’s very cute that it could even be sold」

When I looked more closely at it, it’s actually very well-made.
A butterfly made of stained glass with black borders around it’s wings, every time the angle is changed it also shimmers very beautifully. When I thought of how a middle school student was the one to make this, the word talented appeared in my mind.

「Did you perhaps make others besides that hair ornament?」

「I actually did, next would be this necklace……」

Afterwards a conversation was strike up to my surprise and it continued on until the teacher arrived. The conversation started with handicrafts and diverted midway, I believe she opened up to me quite a bit towards the end, probably.
I have to thank Greas-sensei later for giving me this conversation starter.

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  1. I’m so happy she has a girl friend! I hope Primera stays as cute and innocent as she seems now.

    Thank you all for this chapter! I look forward to the next one. 😀


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