Otome Game Rokkushuume 55

Chapter 55: The Headmaster’s Speech Made Me Sleepy

Eh, where did this suddenly came from?
We were just talking about clubs right? Why did she suddenly bring up student council? Above all I just enrolled, I’m a brand new first year you know? Even my uniform gives off a new impression…….though that really isn’t due to grade level but rather wealth.
Anyhow, the top of the students the “student council” I don’t really think I’m suitable for such a high level position. No, in the first place even if I did want to join the student council, it’s not something I can just up and join.

「Catalia-sama, I don’t really understand what……」

「Ahh, sorry! That’s right」

「No, ano, what did you mean by student council?」

「My friend is in the student council, but they are short on hands……」

Currently the student council consists of the president, vice-president, two treasurers, and one secretary for a total of five people.
Although it seems small, it’s usually sufficient since an executive committee is elected from each class grade for events. However, it seems originally there should be one more secretary.

「But aren’t student council members usually decided by an election…..?」

「Election……? No, the top nobles are selected for the positions every year?」

Could it be that there weren’t any elections in this world……!
But then again, if you think about it the positions of the king and nobles are also hereditary. So there really isn’t any need for elections.

「But I’m still just a first-year who just enrolled. Instead of choosing me shouldn’t the upperclassmen be chosen instead……」

「Up to now, all the third years have been refusing the invitation to join for the past year, although even if I say that now it cannot be helped」

「I see」

If there was a person that wanted to join they would already essentially. Since there is no election it’s just based on potential candidates, and if that wasn’t enough then the student council members or teachers would just head out for solicitation themselves.
The student council seems troublesome. Mariabell is from the upper aristocracy but she was never invited before in the past rounds, as expected it must be because of her bad impression and personality.

「So then……how about it? You don’t have to decide right away but could you give it a try?」

「Is it really alright to join the student council so halfheartedly?」

Going from experience……the student council is the representative of all students right? It would be bad to go about it like this.
It’s difficult to refuse her since her eyes are full of expectations……and since I’m originally bad at refusing to begin with.


「For now please just give it a try……or is it really no good?」

Is it really possible to win against a dejected beautiful face?
At the very least, I can’t!

「……If it’s just a try then」

「Really!? Thank you Maria-chan~!!」

Where did her previous dejected expression go? A cheerful looking Catalia-sama grabbed my hands while smiling.
Her change was quite fast, though I was expecting it. Even though I knew it would turn out like this I still ended up being deceived. Catalia-sama the prince of the theater club, a normal person like me can’t see through her I suppose.
One of my core mottoes “Resignation is fundamental”.

「Sorry for taking up your time, I will pick you up after school」

「Catalia-sama will do so?」

「Yes, I will escort you since I’m the person who asked of this」

「But your club……」

「The script for today isn’t finished yet so it’s self-training day」

Then essentially it would get in the way of her self-training…….ah, but in the first place it was Catalia-sama who invited me. Alright, I won’t mind then.

「Well then, good luck with your class」


She was also beautiful when she walked away with a simple wave.
I heard a person’s growth would influence their beauty, but for this case the facial features are the most prominent.
After seeing Catalia-sama off, when I returned to the classroom Eru was sitting in my seat as she was talking together with Primera and Sashia.
I was expecting Sashia to go somewhere else but…..when I think about it his seat is right next to mine.

「Welcome back~」

「Welcome back」

「I’m back」

「Who was it? Keito-san?」

「No, it was Catalia-sama」

It’s strange hearing Keito’s name from another person. Since I was older I didn’t really use any honorifics, but then I remembered he was actually now older.
As Eru returned my seat to me, I sat back down and began preparing for the next class. What was next again, math?

「Catalia-sama……so that means Maria-chan is joining the theater club?」

「I was invited to join the student council not theater club」

「Student council……?」

I could understand the feelings of the two who tilted their heads in confusion to what I said. After all why would an upperclassmen from the theater club be inviting me to join the student council.
Catalia-sama is famous even among the first-years so it was perhaps difficult to grasp just how the two were related. They were even surprised when they heard that I was acquainted with Catalia-sama.

「It seems that the student council is lacking in members, and Catalia-sama’s friend is one of the members」

「Ahh, that’s why……it’s true that this year would be quite difficult」


Eh, I didn’t hear anything about this. Catalia-sama also didn’t say anything!?

「Prince Runa is the student council president this year, so it seems even the other members will be troubled in various ways」

「……Eh? 」

A sudden bomb was dropped.
Eh? Eru who did you just was the student council president?

「Prince Runa is still only a second-year……」

「Royal family members are made vice-president in their first year, and president in their second year though?」

Eh, is that right? Apparently it seems to be common knowledge but I didn’t know of this. What kind of royal amendment is that? It’s rather troubling so please abolish it immediately right now. If you’re advocating for equality between nobles and commoners please follow through with it! It was lovely since parents couldn’t appeal for more favoritism! Making exceptions just because the person is royalty instead of nobility, what a joke!
Rather even if Catalia-sama asked of me I refuse……!

「He even gave a greeting during the entrance ceremony」

「……Is that right」

It seems to be my own fault for not remembering.
I was distracted by Sashia after all……and the entrance ceremony speech was so boring that I didn’t pay attention.

After school……what do I do?


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  1. thabks for the update… lol having repeating the run a couple of times… makes it wonder how the hell did she forgot tha prince is a student council member…

    the text color is just fine… i read WN/LN with my phone in the dark. the text and the background makes it easy for the eyes… except the colored text.. (its kinda dark in color)

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  2. I think the background color is fine, but the text color is a bit dark, how about changing it to a lighter shade of grey?

    Anyway, the name of the handsome female upperclassman from theatre club changed half way from Catorea => Katorea => Cattleya. I suggest using only one to prevent confusion.


  3. Tch, so Runa is vp and has dibs on president too.😔 The open secretary position still looks pretty lucrative tho. Maria could vastly improve her reputation just by joining the stuco. If she spreads her positive image campus-wide, it’d be harder to pin her as a bad guy and activate death flags. Although, knowing Runa will be there makes Sashia’s offer, suddenly, a lot more enticing.😅
    Thanq 4 the update! The site theme looks great! Can’t speak for ppl on desktop, but reading is easy on mobile. Never really thought myself a fan of purple, but I really dig this scheme. It makes my eyes happy.💜👍💜

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  4. “They were even surprised when they heard that I was acquainted with Catalia-sama.”

    But she only said hi that time……also this girl is stupid for someone who lived 5 times the same life


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