Otome Game Rokkushuume 56

Chapter 56: Any Appearance Can be Different

Usually I would wish for it to be after school as soon as possible, but today it’s the opposite. Please let it never be after school. I already lost track of how many times I tried praying for that.
Of course it didn’t come true and soon it was after school. I also felt that it was even quicker than usual.
It seems god dislikes me.
I never said anything about not believing.

「Well then, we will be going to our clubs」


「Alright, see you tomorrow」

As the two headed off to their clubs, I was waiting for Catalia-sama while suppressing the urge to return home by all means.
I really want to go back, but I couldn’t break a promise with my senior. Because I am a chicken.
During the few minutes where I spent my time in anxiety, people around me began heading off to their clubs or back home. A knock then sounded on the door closest to the staircase.

「Maria-chan, thanks for waiting」

The image of her lightly leaning on the door was very cool. I suppose I might join the appreciation club, I would like to see this person perform.

「Ready to go?」

「Yes, I’m ready」

Although my heart is anything but prepared. The excessive pressure on the heart is dreadful, it’s pounding quite rapidly. Since I’m meeting a prince my mental reaction isn’t really wrong, but I think it’s closer to an exorcist’s anxiety when confronting a demon alone. Although I have never met a demon before.

「The student council room is on the top floor of the school building」

This school can roughly be divided into four buildings.
A classroom building where our classes are held. A special building for the music room, art room, magic laboratory, and the likes. A club building for club activities. And on the top floor of the school building where the staff room and headmaster’s room are located, the faculty building. Even though the buildings weren’t separately built I don’t have any problems with calling them “buildings” since the entire school building was far too large. Just the club “building” alone is already properly a building.

And the top floor of the school building is like a castle itself……it’s a suitable place for a prince to reign from. I suppose it isn’t a place for a lowly human like myself to be at!
If you want me to spell it out clearly, I don’t want to go at all.
Although it felt like an eternity time still flowed by quickly. Even Keito’s classroom which was closer to the student council room felt very far off but soon I arrived in front of the student council room.

「Are you nervous?」

「No, ano……just a bit」

It’s a lie. I am very nervous.
But I couldn’t say it’s not because of the student council but because of Prince Runa.

「It’s alright, my friend’s face might look scary but he’s actually nice」

Now that she mentioned it, there are five people in total…..I was too preoccupied with Prince Runa that I forgot.
Since the prince became president this year they’ve been more selective about the status and origin of the other members according to Eru and the rest. Every year it seems either nobles from the upper aristocracy or royalty from other countries would be selected so I wouldn’t mind if they continued doing so.

「Julius~, are you there~?」

These words came out as she knocked on the door were definitely that of a friend.
Shouldn’t the student council room be a more intimidating place? The student council president is the representative of all students, and the other members also have powers within their own rights over everyone else correct? Although since I’ve never been here I can’t really say for sure.
But at the very least it shouldn’t be a place giving off the impression of “coming to visit a friend’s house”.

「Catalia……at least try to act more accordingly」

In response to Catalia’s voice, the door opened from inside.
A person with long dark red hair, the color of bordeaux, that went down to the neckline came out. The eyes were wine-red, and the glare was quite impressive as it formed wrinkles between the eyebrows. The voice was also low and quite scary.
Above all, is this person really middle school student? Isn’t the height too tall?
Catalia-sama is a girl so I don’t have any particular doubts even though she is a bit tall for her age, but you are a male right? Should he be going through puberty already?

「Normally there are others besides me」

「But now there isn’t right? Don’t worry, I’m keeping that part in mind」

「If you really were thinking abo……」

Hm, somehow…..he’s not as scary as I thought.
He looks somehow like Keito whenever I get too caught up with my words and actions.

「……And that first year is?」

Ah, he looked over here. If you look carefully, there is a trace like a cut on the right eyebrow.
An intimidating face along with a scar, he looks just like the classic template of a delinquent. Although he isn’t scary since I saw his demeanor when talking with Catalia-sama.

「A child I recruited, I was sad because people wouldn’t join, how is she?」

「I am Mariabell Tempest」

「I’m Julius Davanhia, a third year, I am the current vice-president」

How……is this third year the vice-president, it feels out of place for this delinquent template-san to be the vice-president.
Do I realize I’m being rude towards my upperclassmen? But…..Un, the gap is far too big.
Catalia-sama raised an amused voice in response to my stiff reaction when I saw Julius’ face.

「Julius, your face is scary, Maria-chan is petrified it seems~」

「Eh, n-……」

「This is my natural look, leave me alone」

「It’s not just his face but he also doesn’t have any sort of humor. sorry, Maria-chan」

「No, I don’t really think……Julius-sama is that scary」

As far as facial features are concerned, my classmates are also scared of me so it’s not like I have any right to talk, I’m also accustomed to unsociable people due to Keito. Besides, I have already confronted an indomitably terrifying person. Nothing is more terrifying than the smile of a yandere.
Now that I think about it, I’m afraid of Tuvalu as much as I am of the death flag……I’m not good with Sashia or Runa but at least I’m not afraid of them.



「……Eh? Ano, what’s wrong?」

I was too preoccupied with my thoughts again. It’s a bad habit of mine, I start thinking about something and end up disregarding my surroundings.
When I came back to my senses, it seems that Julius-sama had widened his eyes in surprise. Although Catalia-sama was smiling like usual, she appeared happier than before.
It’s a bit scary with those two staring at me like that. I thought I wasn’t scared a moment ago but now I want to retreat.

「……Both of you enter, talking while standing is annoying」


I was invited inside as if nothing had happened, but……in the end what was with their previous expressions.
Without answering my question, Julius-sama turned around and went inside the room.
Julius-sama had completely opened the doors after going inside, since there wasn’t a door clasp the doors began to close, but just before it could fully close Catalia-sama held it open and beckoned me to enter.

「Don’t worry about it, he is shy around others. here, come in!」

「T-thank you very much」

Shy……I know it’s rude to think that it doesn’t suit his face, but like I said the gap is far too great. I thought I knew not to judge a person by their looks since it also applied to myself but……Un, I also still have a long way to go. One should view a person with a discerning eye.
While slightly reflecting upon myself in my mind, I went through the door into the student council room.

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    1. He is close friend of the prince, so I think he is also in the StuCo. And after all of Maria’s struggle to find a club to join, she may end up being in “going home” club xD

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  1. “It seems god dislikes me.”
    No he doesn’t, he doesn’t care about you.
    Have you ever prepared countermeasures to avoid problems?

    Never, she just tried to avoid people failing in the attempt


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