Otome Game Rokkushuume 67

Chapter 67: A Deceived Feeling

How did this happen? Although I asked there’s no meaning in answering. It’s quite obvious how it ended up like “this”, and I also understood the reason too.
That’s why in this situation rather than “how” it would simply be better to ask “why”.

「Everyone finished drawing lots yet~?」

「We’re all done over here」

「Same here, we’re also all done」

To my surprise there were several boys and girls of my class gathered together. The girl who came to my room earlier appears to have just been asked to be the messenger.
The actual mastermind was currently nodding in satisfaction as he saw the two empty boxes with a dazzling smile as bright as the sun itself.

「Alright! In that case, everyone now check the lots they drewー!」

Him……everyone slowly began checking in response to Sashia’s voice. It seems there were also some students from other classes mixed in too as the class size appeared a bit larger than usual.

If I knew it would’ve turned out like this I would’ve declined. Ah, but Eru and Primera were both interested so in the end I probably would’ve been dragged along anyways.

As you may have noticed, I am currently not in the single bedroom that I am staying in for the duration of this trip.
The previous girl’s pajama party that we were happily enjoying a while ago now seemed like a mere lie, after changing out of our pajamas, Eru, Primera, and I all headed outside the hotel following the girl who came to my room earlier.
As soon as we exited and went around to the back of the building, we saw a group of people gathered around near the forest entrance, which was our destination and current location.

Although I had a bad feeling about the situation, everyone except me appears to be having fun. There were some girls who looked a bit uneasy but were gradually starting to smile from the surrounding fun.

「Well then, I’ll begin explaining the rules for the test of courage!」

A training camp, a test of courage in the forest at night.
I wasn’t actually expecting myself to experience one of the key main events of otome games. Moreover, it’s even in an actual forest instead of a constructed setting, isn’t this a lot more dangerous compared to the test of courage the heroine had in the haunted house during the cultural festival?

Although ghosts won’t appear just looking at the vast forest is already an eyesore.
Of course the proposer of this idea did obtain the teacher’s permission so considering that…

「Pair up with the person with the same lot number, then head towards the back of the forest and pick a flower from the flower field there before returning back here. Since maps will be distributed by pair, everyone pair up first!~!」

I checked my slip of paper as told.
Eru and Primera also showed me their lots but all three of us had different numbers. I already expected this due to the number of people, but it was still a bit disappointing.

「Number 3ー!」

Eru seems to be having fun……although her liveliness isn’t something new. She glanced around before rushing into the crowd while assertively raising her hand, it would seem her “fear” from this test of courage was overridden by enthusiasm.

「I am number 7……」

「……Primera, are you alright?」

「Y-Yes……I am just a bit nervous」

She then gave a forced-smile.
She appears alright since she hasn’t ran away yet, but it seems her pairing will determine her fate. I’m a bit worried she might injure herself out of fear……but everyone else also seems rather tense so it should be fine.

「I am number 12……」

I glanced about but I still haven’t found the person I’m paired up with yet. It seems that there are more male and female pairs, but it’s also quite cute how the frightened girl groups are sticking close together.

To be honest, I’m actually fine.
It’s a test of courage, so there’s no point thinking that I’ll be harvested by a certain “light blue haired” grim reaper. It’s also trivial when compared to the dark times of wandering about aimlessly with no food or water when exiled from the country.

There is one person I’d like to avoid though, but with this many people the probability of pairing is quite low. So I should be fine unless my luck in lot drawing is rock-bottom.
Also there’s even the possibility that Sashia won’t even be participating. Somehow he seems too busy with coordinating work, I could easily imagine him staying behind as coordinator.

Anyhow, either way these concerns will disappear the sooner I find my pair.

「Excuse me, who has number 12──」


When I raised my lot with the number written, I heard a voice interrupt me and my wrist was grasped.
When I turned around in surprise, a girl with dark brown pigtails stood there with a red face.
Probably a classmate, I don’t know her name, but I’ve seen her around before.

「Etto……are you my pair?」

「N-No, I……」


She looked flustered or rather troubled or perhaps……ah, resolved, or something like that. She had a bright red face that made me worry whether she had a cold or something, her eyes were also a bit teary. Rather than participating in this test of courage I wanted to tell her that it might be better to rest up in her room, but it seems she was completely determined.

「I-I……have a favor to ask!!」

Her voice was frantic and raised, but her agitated demeanor of requesting was on the contrary very cute.
Although we were classmates, I was deeply charmed so I have no problems accepting without hesitation.

「Maria-san, over here! Thanks for asking for meー」

The appearance of a brightly smiling Sashia coming forth made me remember the feeling of having a heart shattered into pieces, this has to be an illusion.

I had no problems.

Until just now, I never meant for it to be in past tense though.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    “I’ll be harvested by a certain “light blue haired” grim reaper.” Hahahahahaha! If only Tuvalu knew what she thought of him.

    Yeeep, she would have the worst luck. Or best luck, depending on your POV.


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