Skill Up with Login Bonus 37

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 37: Replenishing Magic Like Usual

Since I was finished experimenting with the new skill, I decided to enter my usual daily routine.

「Now then, Media let me replenish today as well」

「Umu, pay me the fee later」

Ever since I learned Curse, I had been replenishing my magic from Media.

The amount gained from her barrier magic could be paid back with money so she was perfect for replenishment.
She also has resistance against the magic so she’s the best option.

「Well then, I will start the absorption, 《Curse》」

「Alright come, 《Barrier: Resist》」

Media erected a thin transparent wall and the black light of curse passed through her before returning back to me.
And when I opened my grimoire.

「Alright, fire has increased by one」

「Yes, just like usual and nothing more」

Each use of “Curse” replenished one round.
I have been replenishing my magic like this every single day.

Since I was doing this several times a day, it became possible to use fire stably.
Although the number of Media’s barrier magic decreases, I pay her back with money so there wasn’t a problem.

……With elemental magic we would be able to earn up to a certain degree.

So as long as I could keep increasing the magic I was fine with some expenses.
Also even if there was a problem with this replenishment method it would be the physical strength of the elderly Media.

「I will go again, are you alright?」

「Mhm! There is no problem, hurry up already」

Perhaps she thought it was interesting to see dark magic as she was still cheerful.
But thanks to that I didn’t need to hesitate on the replenishment.
While expressing my gratitude in my mind, I unleashed another curse upon her.

「……By the way, I wonder how many times can Kouta-kun’s curse replenish the number of other magic?」

Media suddenly murmured.

「How many times you say……?」

「Umu, everyday you use it to replenish “fire” five or six times, but I thought it might be more efficient to increase the amount we replenish」

「Ah, yes, that’s right」

Currently, there is one “fire” left, three “ice” left, and four “windshock” left.
For now, I am hoping to keep all of them within the two-digit range. However…

「But wouldn’t that cause a heavy burden on Media?」

「Umu, but I don’t really mind you know? Well, since it’s dark magic, I still think that it would be best to use it more carefully. It would be bad if there are any side effects after all」

「Yeah, but aside from fatigue are there any other demerits?」

I have used it dozens of times already but there doesn’t seem to be any demerits aside from body fatigue.

「It doesn’t appear so, ――it’s just well, I quite like experimenting with the magic I encounter, it’s fun being a test subject so you can keep on attacking me」

「This is sort of late, but Media is rather crazy……」

If it were me I wouldn’t want to be a magic test subject.
I usually end up pulling strange magic from the login bonuses so it’s not exactly alluring either.

「I am just genuinely curious, aside from me there are many magicians that do experiments like breaking, rearranging, or replacing their spirits」

I wonder which is worse, it’s quite scary.

「Well, it’s fine, since we don’t have any quests for today, let’s try to maximize the efficiency of our magic replenishment!」

「Umu, come at me!」

Thus, I continued my onslaught with “curse”.
Although the fatigue started to build with each shot, after taking a break we could keep on going.

「Alright! Each elemental magic has increased by five!」

After a while, all my elemental magic were replenished to a suitable number.
We will be able to fight somewhat stably with this.

「I can still continue for much longer! You can keep on coming, Kouta-kun! 」

Media has a rather strange tension about her, but since she said it was alright it should be fine.
I will take you up on your offer and continue then.

「Alright, let’s go again then!」

「Umu! I will accompany you so keep at it for as long as you want!」

With that sort of atmosphere, Media and I continued on with our “research of curse” while replenishing my magic.
Thanks to that, I am now able to use each elemental magic another ten times.

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