Skill Up with Login Bonus 03

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Chapter 03: Growth After Lightning

『Fourth day login bonus – Wind type beginner magic – 40 shots acquired!』

When I opened the grimoire on the fourth morning day, there were these words added it.

「Haa, the magic is increasing again….」

Magic is being accumulated quickly inside my grimoire.

My grimoire’s first page is already full with the login bonus magic.

But, without any stamina or practice, it will be hard to use. That’s why I am doing push-ups and pull ups right now so that I could have a good amount of stamina.

「Waa, another good magic. Congratulation!」

「Unn, It’s good that it is a strong magic, but the grimoire’s page is getting full. Is it okay like this?」

「If it’s only the first page than it is fine. It will be added to the next page」

Fumu, if that is so, then there is something I am curious about.

「Does this thing have like a limit to its accumulation?」

「So far as it goes, there is a limit. If all the pages in the grimoire are filled, then you can’t acquire more than that」

Ah, I guess it wasn’t unlimited.

Oh well, the grimoire is really thick, and there are more than hundreds of pages so I should be safe for a while.

「So it’s best if I practice and use the magic」

「Hai, some of them requires great mastery level so it will be a lot easier if you use it frequently」

I see. Then I should practice.

The target is the rock which got reduced to half its original size.

The magic I’m going to use is《Create Ice》If I have some spare power than I will use《Wind Shock》

…..Most likely create ice would be similar to create fire and will create an ice-like bullet from my palm, with a strong power…….

If I aim properly, there should be no danger, maybe. Thinking so I shot.

「《Create Ice》」

Next moment, ice about the size of 2 meters was shot out from my palm.

And then..


It pierced through the window frame and boulder along with the ground beneath it.


「Unn, you can also use ice type magic with ease. The power is strong enough too! It’s amazing Kouta-san」

I don’t think this is a problem of whether or not this is amazing.

Is this really a beginner level magic?

How excessive is the power of the magic in this world?

「Iya, it is really hard to learn it you know? If it was a common grimoire」

「Aa, I see….」

Rather, what should I do, I destroyed part of the room.

Thinking so..

「Kouta-sama!? I heard a deafening sound, are you alright!?」

The wet nurse barged into the room looking panicked.

And then her eyes became wide open as she saw the grimoire in my hand and the dregs of ice on my other hand.

「Eh, that is, did you just use magic!? Kouta-sama did that!?」

「Eh? Aa, un, yes I was the one」

When I said that the wet nurse looking excited held onto my hand.

I’m probably going to get scolded, so I should be prepared for it. But..

「Amazing! Kouta-sama’s power awakened now– This is a miracle!」


She got emotionally moved to the point of crying.

「And you even already contracted with a grimoire, this is the miracle like talent’s way of awakening! Was it Kouta-sama who destroyed the strengthened rock yesterday…?」


Right, I destroyed it. And then I smashed the window frame too; I am very sorry.

When I nodded to her question, the wet nurse placed her hand on her forehead and leaned against the wall.

「What kind of thing…….a miracle indeed happened…..this miracle is a significant matter to the Vales family! Please wait a moment! I will call the Sage!!」


Who is that?

「The Sage is a wise mentor that serves our Vales household, the sage was the one who judged Kouta-sama to have no talent in magic! We must have that statement retracted immediately and have a new judgment made!」

The head maid rushed out of the room saying so.

「Sage, huh. There was someone like that….」

While I was thinking, I fell onto my bed.
I was happy that there was a slight improvement since I wasn’t that tired from using magic.

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