Skill Up with Login Bonus 06

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Chapter 06: End of the first campaign and Sage’s teachings

Due to the aftereffects of《Maximum Flare》I dragged my worn out body and managed to return back to my room.

On the way, I met the head maid and I told her of my subjugation of the Minotaur, she was really surprised, so it must’ve been a good result for a first campaign.

I received some damage but I was still able to walk home.

Just well, I feel really grateful towards the teary-eyed Media who helped me walk back to my room.

「Gusu…’s fine, since I can only do this」

「Don’t sulk, it was my bad for breaking your meticulous crafted barrier」

It seems that it really did take an entire day to cast the barrier.

「I’m not sulking, it’s just been a while since I saw such a bright soul; so I thought I would do my best to judge but ended up being easily overwhelmed」

Aa she’s feeling really depressed.

Her previous dignity has disappeared and she becomes a normal loli.

「I understand now, Kouta-kun, your magic, and grimoire are completely out of standards. Even though you only mastered 4 spells, you can already use Highest tier magic. —But, I think it is necessary to increase your knowledge and stamina」

That is what I also thought.

I know it now that I’ve used Maximum Flare.

……One mistake and it could become a suicide.

This time, we were only blasted away by the explosion but if I don’t improve my mastery it might become dangerous.

「If you want to gain experience then you should go to the guild, you can even earn some money while your at it so it’s two birds with one stone」

「When you say guild, do you mean that huge building inside the town?」

While on the way out of the town, I saw adventurers equipped with armor and swords entering and exiting the building.

「That one is an adventurer’s guild, there is a separate guild for magicians. Both oversees the quests but if you want to gain more knowledge on magic then you would need to go the magician’s guild」

「By quest you mean like hunting monsters like we did before?」

「Umu, even a normal minotaur subjugation can get you plenty of money」

I see. The subjugation of monsters may be the best method of earning money with magic.

However, it is still impossible for now.

Since with just one shot I am already like this.

「You know….if you were able to release Highest tier magic that takes hard work and dedication to learn without even feeling a bit tired, then for sure my heart will be broken, and I will acknowledge you as a monster」


「Usually after casting one, it’s not unusual for one to collapse..….but because you possess a strong soul you were still able to walk」

Is that right.

So the strength of the soul is related to the fatigue after casting magic.

「Well, anyhow since I am still practicing my magic I will wait a little more before going to the guild」

It won’t be a joke if I hastily accepted a quest and killed myself with my own magic.
I should act more cautiously.

「Is that so, if you ever need more knowledge on magic you can always come ask me since I live near your house」

「Well then, if I obtain some unknown magic then may I come ask you?」

「If it’s within my knowledge then I will do my best to teach you; but don’t come asking me about knowledge regarding Highest tier magic since I’m not sure about most of them」

Media said so while looking afar.
She looks somewhat sad but it is a fact that if I lack any knowledge on magic I can rely on her for help.

「Well then, Kouta-kun, rest your body properly」

「Ou, thanks」

Thus, the sage departs and I collapse onto my bed.
With that I slept till next morning.

『Sixth Day Login Bonus, Skill:【Increase Range】Acquired!』

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