Skill Up with Login Bonus 07

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Chapter 07: To think is to be strong

After sleeping through the night after my first expedition, I saw a new login bonus in the grimoire.

But, it wasn’t a magic rather a 『Skill:【Increase range】』

「Skill, hee」

Since it was my first time seeing it, I wanted to ask Soulas about it, so I knocked on the book lightly.

「Ooi, Soulas, are you there?」

Suddenly, the grimoire started shaking. Then, it lightly shined.

「Haai, I’m over he~~re」

She took on a human form. Lately, Soulas’s been changing to her human form whenever she explains stuff to me.
I don’t really mind her being a book as long as she is able to explain it to me.


Soulas wears really revealing clothes so I don’t know where to look.
I even sometimes can’t help but look at that big breast. I can’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable.

「? Kouta-san? Where are you looking at?」

「Nn, Iya, I’m not looking at anywhere. Right, I wanted to ask about the Skill」

「Ah, Hai. Skill is an ability which resides in a person」

「And I can get that from the grimoire?」

Oh right, she said something about getting things other than magic before.

「If you generalize skill as magic it is also part of it. It’s just that there are too many varieties so they ended up with their own separate names」


Now that I think about it I even got a wife in my first bonus.
So the things I can get from Bonus must be really wide in range.

「So, what’s the effect?」

「It increases the effect range of the magic」

「…I knew it was something like that but, haa」

「Wha-, why do you look so down! 」

What can I say, this will make anyone regretful.

「Normal magic already has a stupidly wide effect range, and if it further increases it then, won’t it make it harder to use?」

「I-It will be fine. It won’t be active all the time! ….Maybe」

That maybe is really scary.
Why don’t you even know that?

「Because, technically speaking the one who is mastering it is Kouta-san…..」

「In the end, I am the only one who can try it haa」
I sighed lightly.

But I shouldn’t shoot my magic in the garden.
I was thinking what to do,

「Aa, that’s it」

I thought of one idea.
To execute the plan I ran out of my room.

「Then, you came to my place, so that you can ask me to cast a barrier」

「Ou, I’m counting on you Media」

I showed up in Media’s Library.

The library was in a place a bit far from my home and it was an old residence. There are no houses around the place so the mansion’s garden is quite wide.

A perfect size for a little magic experiment.

「I’ve told you that I would teach you some knowledge but what kind of a person are you to learn a skill in a single day. What kind of power does your grimoire and your soul have..」

「Iyaa, how do I say it, I’m sorry」

「Sheesh……just wait for a moment I will cast a barrier」

While mumbling complaints, Media casts the barrier.
The surrounding space got isolated.

「Maa, It’s kind of fun looking at your condition and all. But next time make an appointment before coming」

「Ouu, I will do that next time」

Saying so I opened my grimoire.
First, as a trial I will shoot out normally.

Target is the tree that Media prepared for me.

「《Create Fire》!」

As always when I chanted the magic the magic ball came out of my palm.
And the power is the same as usual. It blasted the tree into pieces.

「Oo, You can also use beginner tier magic. I feel a little at ease」

It really is a beginner tier magic since Media also said so.
But I think there is really something wrong with the power or is it just my imagination.

「Maa, this time, I will use the skill……」

Soulas said that the chant is the same way as the magic one.
The target is the boulder right next to the tree.

「【Increase Range】《Create Fire》」

I activated both the magic and skill at the same time.
The blue flame in the shape of the bullet, after being shot split into several parts.


It landed on the rock as if a missile from a tank was shot.
Then, even though it became small the power is still high so the rock and the surrounding became full of holes.


High powered magic became a slaughter type magic.
Media approached me while I was feeling at a loss while looking at the smoke coming out of the craters.
And she looked at me with a really curious gaze.

「You are really amazing. The skill you said you mastered was [Increase range]!」

「Eh? Is this skill really that amazing or something?」

「Umu, it is a really marvelous and strong skill. You need to train for several years so there are few people who mastered the skill」

Hee, it’s a rare skill. I guess I got lucky this time.
I always thought of myself as an unlucky guy but maybe I am lucky.

「Even though it is strong….whenever you are in a party or a group, you might accidentally friendly fire and kill someone. So the magicians who mastered the skill is usually called a “Comrade Killer”」

「Aa, unn. It’s the bad kind of rare skill」

I take back what I said before.
I guess my luck is really bad.

「Iya, it’s strong you know? If doesn’t include the devastation it may cause on the surrounding」

「The magic in this world is always something like this!」

Ma, at least I understand that it is strong.

It’s just hard to use.

「Unn, it was a good thing that I was able to try it today. There may be little to no chance of me using it but it’s not like it is impossible to use」

「I see. If you were able to gain the experience, then it was worth my time」

……For now, if I ever am going to shoot the highest tier magic than I must be sure not to use the Increase range.

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  1. He gets depressed for nothing. Instead of his nonstop complains,
    what about he starts to train? Specially his body, because the skills
    highly depends on his stamina duhh.


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