Skill Up with Login Bonus 09

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Chapter 09: The Easiest Job

To become independent.

It requires funds in order to do so.

Whether it’s to eat food or to buy a house they all require money, that’s why…

「Media-san, please tell me how to earn money easily!」

For now, I decided to go to the Sage’s house and lowered my head to hear her story.

She did say that she will teach me any knowledge I don’t know.

Let’s obtain the wisdom of earnings.

「Well……when I wondered why you came without prior notice, you suddenly say that, your greed is way too direct」

Apparently Media seems to have just finished taking a morning bath and was sitting in front of me wiping her hair with a towel.

「Maa..…I did say you could depend on me, so I don’t mind telling you but if it’s you, can’t you easily earn money at the magician’s guild?」

I thought of it at first but a beginner suddenly taking guild quests is too high of a hurdle.

「Are you just going to say from hunting Minotaurs?」

「Maa, in this area that is a standard job」

Last time I was successful but I’m not sure if I will be successful a second time; so if possible, it would be great if you could teach me a safe and easy way to earn money.

「Although the soul is strong, why is it when it comes to this kind of stuff you become so careful and meticulous……」

「It is natural, so don’t worry about it. So is there a way? An easy way to earn money?」

「Stop slipping in polite words, maa..…that’s right, as a trial quest, how about you collect materials I need in my back garden? There are rarely any monsters there」

Ooh! As expected from a sage, going through all that trouble.

「What’s with the sudden flattery, ah, but one person won’t be enough」

「I need to collect that many?」

「Right, you need to gather three types of herbs, so one person won’t be able to carry it all」

I see, then 2 people will do.

Perfect timing.

「Oi, Soulas. Come out」

「Ah, yes」

Soulas came out in her human form after slightly knocking on the grimoire.

Seeing such a scene the Sage’s eyes opened wide and she stood speechlessly for a while.

「…..Hou, I’m surprised, so that grimoire can turn into a human, that’s quite rare」

「Is that so?」

The only grimoire I know is this one so I wouldn’t really know the difference.

「Umu, it’s rare because there is essentially very few to none that possess enough power to turn into a human… the way, what can that girl do?」

Even if you ask me what she can do.

「Soulas, have you ever done something like quests before?」

「There is no such thing at all. Well, because I am a grimoire I can use quite a bit of magic and fight too」

Soulas denied it while shaking her head.

It seems like she has zero experience.

「――That right」

「Fumu…..then you two should form a party, won’t that be good? As beginners, you two can learn from each other」

「Hmm, a party」

I think it will be quite unbalanced with only a human and grimoire in the party and it seems like both of us won’t be able to use magic

「It’s normal to do quests in parties for the magician’s guild, so it would be a good idea to prepare for it in advance」

Even if you say that, without the grimoire won’t I be useless since I won’t be able to use magic?

「Eh? That’s not true Kouta-san. You can use magic as long as you remembered the name, even when you don’t have me in my book form. Since your soul mastered it」


I wish you could’ve said that earlier. I’m starting to feel embarrassed for always holding the grimoire in one hand and using magic.

「I’m sorry, it was just somewhat difficult to say」

Maa, until I remember the names of the spell, I suppose it is a blessing to have the grimoire in my hand.

「Maa, whatever, it’s our first job so for now let’s earn some money」


I along with Soulas went to the mansion’s backyard to collect the herbs as instructed.

Basically, we are collecting herbs grown in the backyard forest. For now, I collect as many herbs as I can see, but Soulas is greedy and goes into the depths of the forest and has returned yet.

Maa, it should be fine since I’m collecting the required amount.

While thinking like that..


Soulas came running towards me from the depths of the forest.

「What’s wrong Soulas. Can you at least collect the herbs quietly……」

「That’s not it――! There is a really big slime in here――」

Now that she mentioned it, when I looked in her direction I saw a bloated ball-like gray mass over 2 meters high in front of us.

And it extended it’s tentacles and hurled itself at Soulas.

It seems to be hostile towards us.

Then, there is no need to hold back.

「Dodge it Soulas《Fire》! 」

This can be counted as a trial too, I chanted the magic without holding my grimoire.

The next moment…


A bullet made of blue fire shoots towards the slime.

Powerful heat hits the slime directly in the center of it’s body scattering it into 6 to 7 pieces.


「Ah, I can really use magic by myself」

What’s the point of the grimoire?

Maa, when I looked at the scattered slime, it seemed to be still moving, maybe fire was ineffective against it.



I unleashed an ice attack upon it without mercy.

——The collision made a huge impact and the slime was crushed by the ice but it is still moving.

「《Wind Shock》」

And so I chanted another magic.

The slime stopped moving after being showered with a flurry of sharp wind capable of slicing through the ground itself.

「Fuu… wasn’t defeated after one hit from the powerful magic attack, this world’s monster are quite tough huh」

Now that I think about it, it may have been the correct choice not to go do the quests, even such a slime I still had to use three shots. Or actually it seems without the grimoire I won’t be able to see the remaining bullets.

「Now that I think about it, I was the only one fighting, Soulas, can you really fight with magic? 」

「I-I canー, it’s just……I haven’t memorized many magic names yet and I was too scared to chant when I saw the slime」

Soulas is still trembling even now.

Aa, this grimoire, may be useless even in her human form.

……Is it really alright to form a party with Soulas.

It’s pretty fun being together, but this is different from that.

As I thought about it, Media came running here from the mansion.

「Oーi! Sorry, Kouta-kun! I forgot that I was raising a quite powerful monster around here…….and what? Did you defeat it?」

「Ou, if you’re talking about the slime I defeated it just now」

「A~..…you guys even can defeat this class of monster. Unn, even though it is quite high level monster」

Saying so Media’s face darkened.

Was it perhaps something I shouldn’t have defeated?

「Did we do something bad?」

「No, It’s an ancient slime that I was raising for gathering materials and as an experiment subject, so I kept one in reserve. Or I had one but….I didn’t think a beginner level party could defeat something that even I have a hard time defeating this easily… heart might break from sadness……」

It’s not that we are strong rather the magic is too strong.

Even if you say it’s a high level monster, 3 shots from beginner tier magic and it was defeated.

「Umu, it’s that, somehow it makes me feel sad….」

This loli is once again feeling sad.

Somehow, I am really sorry.

「O-Oi, for now, I should collect these materials」

「Umu, I will count on you for that……」

So, I started collecting the materials while comforting Media who was feeling down.

In the end this is still my first job in this world, so I feel fired up.

As a result, today’s reward became 10,000 gold.

Enough to stay 3 days and night in an inn without a meal.

Truly, I learned various things from my first job.

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