Skill Up with Login Bonus 10

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Chapter 10: My new workplace and Login Bonus resets

『First day login bonus! Beginner tier Ice magic, 10 bullets acquired!』

When I woke up in the morning and checked my grimoire, this was written.

「It’s been eight days since I’ve came here but, I didn’t know it would be written as 1st day」

This means that.
The day count resets every week.

「Hai. And so, every one week the acquisition of normal bonus magic restarts again」

Soulas taught me a good thing.
Since it’s like that, so after another week that three choice option will appear again.

This is really good news.

…Since fundamentally my luck is horrible.

Even though there are hundreds of magic, my beginner tier ice magic overlapped, this is a perfect example.

But it will be different when I get a chance to choose at that time, I can at least have some say regarding the choice.

「Unn, I’m starting to see hope. I thought I will forever be able to only learn beginner tier and highest tier magic, but there is still a chance」

「That’s right when Kouta-san is happy I’m happy too!」

Yoshi now that I’m feeling better I should just head out to that sage’s place and earn some easy money.


And so I along with Soulas in her human home visited Media’s house but……

「Media, give me a jo——hm?」

「Oya, hello」

Media was not the only one in the mansion.
There was also a slightly tall old man with a unique beard.
Who might this man be? I’ve never seen him before.

「Etto…are you Media’s boyfriend or something?」

「Wahahaha, unfortunately, there is no such thing. First of all, this sage is way out of my age range for being my lover. I prefer someone a bit more voluptuous」

「Hey old man, who are you calling a grandma?」

Media glared at the laughing old man.
Is seems their relationship is quite friendly?

「He is just someone I use to work with a long time ago」

「Fumu, Sage-sama so this child is the one you were talking about?」

The old man looked at me with narrowed eyes while saying so.
The eye color is very deep to the point of making me feel like I’m being sucked in.

「Aa, he is Kouta-kun, that soul is good right?」

「Truly, I’ve never seen such one so bright」

I don’t get it but the two seemed to be excited over something.

「I was doubtful when you told me about him, a child powerful enough to catch the eye of Sage-sama, but now I understand」

「Well, it’s way beyond my scope of understanding though…..」

「He has that much talent」

Fumu, the old man while touching his beard looked directly at my eyes.

「Kouta-kun, there is a little something I would like to talk about, but why not come to the magician’s guild?」


「I am the Guild Master of the magician’s guild and the town’s mayor. I am very curious about you, so if possible I want you to come to my place. You even have Sage-sama’s recommendation so I will even give you some extra service, and if you need a job I can introduce you to many」

It seems like I was somehow able to obtain a job…..

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