Skill Up with Login Bonus 12

Translator: LP

Neo gave me permission to start translating any series I wanted since the other translators are out, because I usually don’t do translations and this is self-edited please bear with me.

Chapter 12: Beginner Quest (2 victims)

We were in the forest near the city.

There multiple colored slime quivered about.
Because the size is about 3 meters each, there is moderate power. Then.

「Oi look at this」

Seeping out of the soil, were fluids of various color, giving off a disgusting feeling.

「You, is this your first time seeing a slime?」

While knitting her eyebrows, Media hit my back.
She seemed to be having fun, and we followed.

「While you are eagerly sightseeing, I will be taking a drink」

「……didn’t you come to support us?」

「Well, I actually just came because I was free」

That being said, she really did start drinking.
Even though there is a slime right in front of me, this sage.

「You guys will be able to beat it, it’s a low-level monster」

「Low level, but the slime are breeding like this though」

「It’s a magical creature after all. They grow from the magical power in the soil, and come out」

I see. I had never cared about the ecology of slime, but they came out of the soil.

Since they grow up in the ground, they are unexpectedly delicious, kind of looks like a drinkable vegetable」

「Eh, the solution obtained from them, are they used like that!?」

Slime apparently can be drunk. This is the first time I have heard of it.

「I see」

Appreciating the explanation, I give a nod towards Media.

「Eto, can we defeat them by shooting magic?」

「Ah, wait a moment Kouta-kun, let me help you」

Media said that and left her drink.

「I will put up a barrier, accept it, then attack with magic」

And then Media put forth both hands.


In an instant in front of us, a wall-shaped barrier appeared.
Blocked by the transparent wall, the slime stops moving.


「Maa, it’s a simple barrier. ――Well then, get going. Because I made gaps in the barrier, you should be able to shoot magic from there」

There were some rectangular holes on the transparent wall when I took a closer look.
A small fortress by magic seems to have been completed.
All that’s left is to shoot magic at monsters whose movement has stopped.

「In that case, is any kind of magic fine?」

「Remember I said these guys are lower level monsters? They are not on the level as the previous Ancient Slime, so you can beat them with ordinary attribute magic」

Is that right.
Well, let’s get a little closer, then I will be able to defeat it surely.
Attribute magic is very powerful, it would be bad if a slight explosion was made.
Carefully, think about the risks and then move. Thinking that way.

「Eeeー, this should be good enough, the performance of Media-san’s barrier is rather splendid」

Soulas looked over at the monster through the barrier.

「Oi, is this okay?」

「It’s alright, hora, it will not come over here」

The monsters blocked by the barrier are trying to move forward, but instead end up rubbing up against the barrier only.
However, the barrier does not budge a bit.

「Media-san really is an amazing person!」

「What, were you expecting, I am a sage after all! Un, you can praise me more!」

Media and Soulas were chatting in front of the monsters.
……It’s a nice atmosphere.

While thinking so I fired a flame shot at a slime.

At that time the slime jumped.
Like a spring it jumped high up.
And right over the transparent barrier wall just like that.

「……what kind of dynamics」

For a mere slime that is too much mobility.
And the weirdly dynamic slime hits Media and Solas,

「Eh? Eh? Wai-, isn’t this unappetizing, Media-sa――gubo……」

「Uuuuu! I-I am specialized in long range combat, short distance is impossible….help――gubo!!」

「……Ah, un, carelessness is our greatest enemy, for now let’s defeat it」

After that, to the slime that engulfed Media, I carefully used beginner class magic and defeated it.
Un, you shouldn’t let your guard down just because it is a lower level monster.

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