Skill Up with Login Bonus 14

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Editor: Neo

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Chapter 14: vs Haunted House

It is fifteen minutes on foot from the city.

There was a huge Western-style building in a place that should be called out of town.

「Did this use to be the house of a noble family?」

I was brought along by the real estate agent and slowly approached the mansion. Then.

「Did you come again, you trash commoners!! Get lost and die!」

A semi-transparent incredibly fat man with evil looking eyes came through the wall of the Western-style building and shouted.

「That is?」

「The shadow of the former tenant, he was a magician」

「Get lost now! If you bring a young woman’s underwear, I might let you stay a little longer!! AHAHAHA」

After laughing loudly, the fat man went back into the Western-style building.

「What’s with him?」

「During his lifetime, it seems he was a nobleman who would steal the clothing of female employees」

「Ah, yes, I see, a pervert」

What to say, how terrible. The house was lent to such a guy?

「Yes, but one day, that noble died, and became a ghost and settled down」

「Did you not drive him out?」

「Even when priests tried to cleanse him it did not work at all. And even when trying to destroy the house, it seems that noble’s ghost would protect it with magic, it would not budge」

If anything, the noble seems to be a somewhat skilled magician it seems.
Because it is said to be protected using various kinds of barriers.
The hammer and saw have no effect.

「So, you called me」

「Yes, I was thinking that if it was Highest tier magic」

Fumufumu, I do not know what to do.
Ever since I came to this place, I have never shot at a building before.

……Just well, that’s right.

If the ghost was a pretty girl, I was thinking about negotiation by persuasion.

「But it’s okay if the opponent is him, everyone, stay away――」

I breathe in and held a hand forward with the grimoire in the other. I checked the remaining bullets first.
Thirty six shots. Un, that’s enough.
Just like that, I begin preparing magic.

The second floor of the Western-style building.
There was a suspicious glowing black magic formation drawn there.

「Guhehe, the town is almost nearing here……」

A nobleman slowly traces the magic formation.
It is a cursed ceremonial magic which he continued to build even after dying.
It will be completed soon.

「In this world the demons gather, it should become a world of the demons. In turn, serve the devil, among other things……the underwear of this town, would be a bonus……」

The noble whose body had become a ghost, with a bottle of black liquid in hand spills it on the floor.

「I will complete this curse, and carry out, even with this body, I will take it and be a prime candidate. I build it according to the instructions of Erigos-sama……nothing will stop me!」

He had prepared it for several months, but that effort will bear fruit soon.
It will be completed after a day.
Once the demon dominates this town, he can also do as he likes.

「Wahahaha, I’m looking forward to tomorrow! The remaining collections will increase again!」

As he continued to spill liquid while laughing, suddenly he heard a voice outside.

「Stay away――!!」

「……Hmm? Those humans are still there?」

However, this mansion is protected by advanced magic, and physical attack does not work.

Furthermore, due to the special boundary made by the demon even an advance magical attack would be blocked.
The defense was nothing to be scoffed at.

Even if a sage comes they would not be able to break through it.

「Hurry up and get lost, and await for tomorrow’s despair」

While blurting out such things, the noble tried to keep drawing the magic formation.


「《Maximum Flare》!!」


At that moment, the mansion was instantly destroyed on the spot.

The nobleman was also forcibly eradicated with one blow from the Highest tier magic.

The mansion was blown away by a single Highest tier magic.

All traces disappeared, just a completely scorched earth remained.

「Fuu, so you can do something like this」

「Ouー, Amazing boy! 一In a complete instant」

「Really thank you very much! This issue was an exceptional bad debt, but you solved it in the blink of an eye……!!」

The real estate agent and construction men raised cheers.
It was that troublesome I suppose. Maa, this is nice.

「Well then, my job is over. You said that the reward will be great, but how much will you give me?」

「That is correct, I have money ready……but if you can use this much magic, there was one property, I wanted to recommend. It is the same amount as the reward, would you let me transfer it?」

The other reward is a building.
Would it be worth more than gold?

「It’s not that big, but I think it’s a nice house」

「Can I have the house?」

It is very attractive as a person who has decided to live alone.

Because I was prepared for lodging for a while, but with that the problem disappears.


「I just destroyed this mansion, is it fine to give me something so good?」

They exchanged glances.

「Do not say that boy! Because you did what everyone here could not do, it’s really amazing! It will also be a good story to tell, I will treat you to sake next time」

The old guys said so.

「Yes, this place would be unusable if it weren’t for you. Therefore, there is no way that the price is too big」

The real estate agent nodded and smiled.

「Is that so, then I will take your word on it」

That my previously unusable Highest tier magic could be so useful, I am very pleased.

『Please do not say that it was unusable……』

Let’s correct it then.
The fact that my magic, grimoire, and bad luck are too useful, I’m really happy.

『Hiii……Kouta-san is such a bully……』

The grimoire complained but I ignored it.

「Well then, after this, we will guide you to the property. Please wait a little」

「Ou, then I’ll rely on you」

In this way, I got one property as a reward for demolition of a property.

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