Skill Up with Login Bonus 15

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 15: Acquiring a home and a new bonus

The house I got from the real estate agent was a large house located in the outskirts of the town.

One big living room, four vacant rooms.
The bare minimum furniture such as beds and sofas are also equipped.
It is a house that is too wide to live in alone.

「Wow, it looks expensive, is it really okay to give to me?」

After touring the house I asked the real estate agent.
I have to walk a bit to get to town, but it’s still a nice house. Even if it was sold at a considerable price, I wonder if I would have been able to buy it by just working.

「Yes, 『I want you to pass this house to someone who can use strong magic』 was what the original owner said. You are the only one that would fit that criteria」

「Original owner?」

「This was the former property of a female magician, when that woman left this town, it fell into our possession」

Hmm, so this house had such a backstory.
The cleaning is perfect, it can be easily understood that it was carefully managed.

「You can use the forest outside as you like. If you need firewood for the fireplace, you can get it from there」

「Ou, got it」

It is nearing the season where the temperature starts to drop.
The fireplace will be effectively utilized at that time.

「In that case, I have finished explaining this property, so I will return to the construction site. If there is something you do not understand, please ask the head office of the town」

「Ou, thank you for everything」

「Well then, thank you for your continued support」

With that the real estate agent departed from the house.

After seeing her off outside I returned to the living room. At that moment.

「Kouta-san, this is such a lovely residenceー!」

Sitting comfortably on the sofa was Soulas.

「Oi, what are you doing?」

「Nothing, just marking my special seat」

「Are you a dog or something? Also, do not decide on your own」

「Ehー, does Kouta-san also want to sit here? But it is no use. It’s a first come first serve basisー」

When I see Soulas sinking her body into the sofa like that, it makes me doubt if she really is a great grimoire.

「Maa, it’s fine. Because it’s already night, we will return once we look around the house a bit more. I have to tell the head maid, I’d like to gather my personal items tomorrow」

「Fuwa, understoodー」

And after grasping the layout of the house, we returned to my parents’ house.

「I-Impossible, Kouta-sama! You already obtain your own house!?」

Before bedtime. After reporting my acquisition of the house to the head maid who came for a diagnose of my body, she jumped up in surprise.

「How many years is the loan for that house……?」

「No, it’s a reward. Because I received it, I do not have to pay any money」

「Then that really means……Kouta-sama has obtained his own private quarters…….the current head also obtained his early, but to obtain one this quick」

「Un? Is it really that early?」

「To obtain a house before beginning your independence, it is the fastest record in history! In the entire history of the Vales household, you have the most talent……!!」

It is a bit embarrassing as the head maid compliments me.
And, to be exact, this not my first time beginning independence.

「Well, you know, because I was sleeping due to the lightning strike injury」

「Even so, originally it takes more than half a year, but in only a few weeks. That is unheard of…….!!」

While the head maid is impressed, she observes my body.

「And the recovery ability is also outstanding, it is truly amazing. Most of the body is healed」

「O-Ou, is that so?」

「However, the doctor said it would be better to observe the state for two weeks after the lightning incident, So you will have to wait a few more days before you can become independent……but you are already such a fine adult……」

And the head maid begins shedding tears.

「There is nothing more I can teach you. It is sad, but I will stop my tears, I intend to wait for the day to see off Kouta-san. ――Well then, please have a good night」

Then the head maid who finished my examination went out of the room with tears.

Slightly, although the reaction is exaggerated, after all that, I am forced to be conscious that my time of independence is nearing.

……to become independent, just a little more.

I have to earn money in town tomorrow, so I should go to bed early.

……Today, I feel like I will obtain something good.

While thinking so, I fell asleep.

『Login bonus! Rebatein House Inheritance Magic 【Lightning Flame Veil】obtained!!

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