Skill Up with Login Bonus 16

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Editor: Oracle

Chapter 16: Burning girl

Before getting a quest with the magician’s guild, I open the grimoire and check today’s login bonus.

That is my daily routine.

「――So, what is with this magic, Inheritance magic, where did you steal this from?」

「Nu, I did not steal it! Because it is random, it just ended up getting mixed in there!!」

A grimoire that can just mix in inheritance magic, to be honest, I want you to stop it

「So anyways, what is this Rebatein house?」

「Who knows? It is probably some kind of family line, but it’s not like I would know what kind of magic each lineage has」

So useful this grimoire. Doesn’t even remember where it’s own magic comes from.

「Because Kouta-san’s luck is good, I think that’s why it is like this」

「Is it possible to say that this is lucky?」

Maa, it’s fine.

「Also there is no limit on the number of times」
I can only remember it is a special type of magic, there are magic without limits. Maa, the magic itself I can only remember what is specified in the grimoire, so that’s why I only remember it as a special type of magic, especially since there are conditions」

Hmm, I understand. Should I consider this magic as one that can be used indefinitely for the time being?

「Anyways since it’s a new magic, I’d like to try it somewhere……」

I do not want to be arrested for releasing a strange magic, so I want to do it in a wide place.

Then there is only one place to go.

「So, because you want to practice your new magic, you came to my place」

「Ou, thanks for having me」

「Every time, I said to contact me beforehand……」

We were in the garden of Media who was recovering from the past incident.

「I do not care about magic trials, but if you can, I would like you to do it at the magician’s guild practice area」

Is there such a convenient place? This is the first time I have heard of it. Let‘s use it next time.
However, the reason I came here was not just for testing my magic.

「Anyhow, Media do you know anything about the Rebatein house?」

「Un? If I recall the Rebatein house, have a territory that is close to the home country, they are a famous noble lineage. Anyways red hair seems to be one of their characteristics」

As expected of a sage. Not only is she rich in knowledge of this country but also of the world.
Quite different from a certain grimoire.

「That aside, you are here for an experiment correct? Please speak out when you are finishedー」

That said, Media went back to the mansion.

Only me and Soulas remain.

「So it is a noble’s inheritance magic, it sounds very strong Kouta-san! Let’s hurry up and try it out!」

「Iya, but I have a feeling that this might become troublesome……」

However, it is also troublesome if I don’t understand what this magic is.
It’s like holding a bomb.

……Should I just give it one try?

Thinking that way, I cast the magic.

「《Lightning Flame Veil》」

At the moment, a whitish fire came out from my whole body and enveloped it.

……Oh? Is this flame armor?

A knight-like armor made of flames covered my body.
I may actually look pretty cool in this.

「Moreover, it’s easy to move in」

I feel like I’m lighter.
To test it out, I tried swinging my hands and feet, and I moved faster than usual.

「Magic that boosts physical movements? Or at least that’s the feeling」

「Heh, so this is what it’s like when activated」

Perhaps I actually obtained a useful magic.

――Just as I thought that.

I noticed discomfort in my whole body.

「H-hot, ahahaaaah――!!」

「W-Wait, Kouta-san?!」

「W-What’s with this magic. it became extremely hot all of a sudden」

Like I was stuck in some scorching dessert my whole body became hot, the heat was extremely unpleasant.

「Nuoo, moreover, even if I roll on the ground, it will not disappear, this!」

Even after rolling all over the ground, the flame does not disappear at all.
Or actually, I feel like I am burning.

「Wha-, what is with this fire magic. Just what is it useful for?」

「No, no, but when you activated it! The movements of Kouta-san became slightly faster. Your rolling speed was about twice your normal speed」

Is that not just because I was trying to put out the flames and was desperately rolling around?
No, I did certainly feel like my limbs are lighter.

「In exchange for a boost in physical movement you have to suffer this heat, isn’t this just stupid…….」

Also, it stands out very much.
On the head the fire rises out like a fire pillar.

「Eh, that sage in the garden, I remember there was a strange magic……」

Outside the garden, something like that, there were rumors.
This magic is painful. It is painful in many ways.

「I was thinking how I can even learn the inheritance magic of another house, I was foolish for even getting happy for a moment……」

「K-Kouta-san, please do not let it get you down. H-Here, some waterー」

Soulas brought water and dumped it on me.
But it does not disappear. What is with these sticky flames.
When will this magic disappear?

「Maa, this is probably because there is a time limit, so it’s better to wait patiently」

Do I have to be in this fire state until then? That’s painful in it’s own way.
My eyes began to have a far away look. At that time.

「Sorry! But can I talk to you for just a bit !?」

A big voice sounded from outside the garden.


Looking towards the voice, a girl with red hair grasped the fence of the garden firmly and was looking over here.
With her whole body on fire.

「Eh? What, burning suicide?」

「Huh? Where did you learn to do that?」

I wonder if this person understands the concept of minding your own matters.
When I look closely, the color of her flames is the same as the ones I am using.
And red hair.

……Ah, I feel like this is not good.

If I compare her to the previous story, this girl who is enveloped with flames is definitely one of them.

「That is my house’s family technique, how did you learn it, can you tell me? Depending on the case, it might just become a very serious matter. Therefore, please tell me! From whom did you learn it from!?」

Apparently, the troublesome matter seems to have come in the end after all.

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