Skill Up with Login Bonus 17

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Chapter 17: Burning companion

Immediately after talking with the red hair girl, I was released from the flame armor state and we visited the magician’s guild.
I thought about going to a place where I could talk calmly with the fiery girl so we changed places.

「My name is Flame Rebatein, Please call me Flame. I venture around as a magic swordsman」

The woman with red hair, equipped with a long sword on her waist, introduced herself.
She has a serious demeanor, but her face is very beautiful.
A very beautiful woman and aside from that she seems very cool.

「Ano…….Flame-san? Are you always in that state, it’s conspicuous, and the people in the guild seem to be rather troubled, so is it possible to control the flames?」

She was still in her fiery state and had not settled down at all.
The floor, the wall, and the table are made from stone so they are not burnt, but they are definitely burning.

The whispering voices are rising in the surroundings, and the guild staff are on standby with a bucket of water, it is very embarrassing to speak in this situation.

「Ah, how rude of me, I practice on a daily basis, so I forgot. I will calm them down now」

Saying that, Flame took a deep breath.
And immediately the flames reduced in size.

「This should be fine, Also please omit the formalities, just Flame is fine」

「O-Ou In that case, please just refer to me as Kouta. Then, Flame what were you just talking about?」

「Umu, about the magic you used earlier, that is the secret technique of the Rebatein household, outsiders should not be able to learn it. How did you come to learn of it, is what I am asking」

How you ask? I learned it from the grimoire who is currently eating lunch next to us, if only I could say that, would you believe it if I said that?

For now, let’s try to be indirect.

「Etto, if recall correctly, I learned it by chance from a grimoire somehow」

「By chance……so you are saying you did not learn it from someone? For example, like someone who has a cross-scar on the cheek?」

For a moment, Flame’s eyes became severe. I wonder if there is some connection with that cross-scarred person. Maa, I have nothing to do with it.

「There is no such thing at all」

Whether it was because of the sincerity in my voice, or because I lowered my head a little, it seemed Flame was convinced.

「Hmm… it so? In that case it is fine. I apologize for the strange inquires But for someone who learned it by chance, your aptitude for the flames is not bad, is what I was thinking」


「The technique《Lightning Flame Veil》earlier cannot be used so easily. First of all, it is necessary to receive special training from the Rebatein house and even then there can be misfire or loss of control」

Hmm, I heard somewhat disturbing words.

「Loss of control?」

「Ah, even if you were fortunate enough to activate it, it won’t stop until the flame consumes you, there are possibilities like that」

When I saw Flame in the fiery state, somehow it had settled me down, and before I realized it the fire had disappeared.

Was I perhaps in a very dangerous situation?

「That’s why, you are amazing for managing to master our technique. Even though it is another house! That talent is really enviable!」

「M-Maa, must have been the devil’s luck……」

Aah, thankfully the flames disappeared.

「Kouta-san is truly really lucky, is it notー?」


This grimoire who is talking lightly while eating next to us, I will get you back later.
Acting like it has nothing to do with you.

「But this is a problem」

「Un, what’s the problem?」

「Problem? 《Lightning Flame Veil》is our exclusive family technique, if another person were to learn it like you it would be troublesome」

Ano, why is Flame saying such a thing while pulling out her sword.
The reddish black sword is rather sinister looking and scary.

「If you spread it, it will be a problem. ……In the past, those who have leaked the technique, seem to have been executed immediately. Those that were not part of the household end up being labeled as a missing person. This sword is also one of the weapons that are said to have been used for the execution」

Uwah, it looks incredibly terrible. This long sword.
Or rather, I want to run away.

Just after I was struck by lightning, please give me a break.

……Let’s release a Highest tier magic here and then immediately run away.

As I thought that, Flame then brought the sword forward and placed it on the table.

「Maa, I think that such things are outdated. This sword isn’t really even sharpened, so it’s actually rather dull. Execution is ancient history and hardly talked about」

「Un, I think so too!」

I agreed with all my might.

「Maa, that’s why I want other methods, I have thought about various ones. So……will you employ me?」


「You know, I do not have any previous experience with a party. I was just thinking this is perfect timing. If you become a companion, and not a stranger, I can monitor whether you spread it or not. Un, isn’t that two birds with one stone?」

I see. Certainly, that’s a good proposal.
My current only companion is basically a grimoire with a body that cannot attack.

……However, this fiery girl, is somewhat scary……

Especially if I take into account the fact that her body is able to withstand that unreasonable magic on a daily basis, she is just a little…

Everyone in the guild is also giving her strange looks, so I am also worried about that

……On the other hand, I do not know any other swordsmen…….

Let’s give it a try. Let’s try becoming comrades once.

「That’s right, It certainly will be a good balance as a party, so it might be good」

「What a relief! I am indebted to you!」

Flame touches her chest as if relieved, after that, she immediately turns towards the bulletin board with the posted requests.

「Well then, let’s go with an easy request. Even simple tasks can show my power」

「Ou, is that so」

And so, I along with my new companion headed for work.

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