Skill Up with Login Bonus 18

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Editor: Oracle

Chapter 18: Burned-out girl

We came to the forest where Troll lives.
It neighbors the forest where the slimes are breeding.

「Leave it to me! Whether it’s one or two trolls, I will defeat them」

Because she said it, I will trust her for the time being. And there is a troll in front of us.


「There are three of them, can you handle it?」

A large green monster around the same size as the club it was wielding, was knocking down the forest trees.
It has a terribly absurd amount of power. It is a weaker monster than the Minotaur, but it looks strong enough.

「Hehe, it’s a bit tough but it’s a perfect opportunity to show my power. Please observe!!」

That said, Flame pulls out the sword and casts more magic.

「《Lightning Flame Veil》!」

The body of Flame is wrapped in white flames.
I used it earlier, it is a magic that covers your entire body with unbearable heat while increasing physical abilities.

「Is that about two times the normal physical ability?」

「Hehe, naive Kouta, though there is no helping it because you are not an expert yet」

She proclaimed this triumphantly.
No, maa, actually I am lacking in overall proficiency.

「Well then, let’s go」

Then Flame plunged into the Troll.

「Oi oi, that’s dangerous」

Naturally, the Troll swings the club and attempts to intercept Flame.

「Do not worry!」

Flame caught the club with her sword.


Although she is tall, she had a feminine figure and her limbs were thin, but it was stopped easily.
The law of physics was also supposed to come into play.

「How are you doing?」

「Hehe, this is the power of《Flame Veil》 The effect is not merely two times, it can push your physical ability up to 20 times! ――Like this!」

Flame let out a roar and at the same time threw up the club of the troll.

「Ou, wow, amazing!」

「I’m not done yet」

After that, she lifted the entire body of the troll likely to be over 100kg with the blade of her sword.



And sent the troll flying.
The troll’s head collided with the trees and fainted on the spot.
However, Flame does not stop, the second and third get blown away, one after another, after another, after another.


Apparently, I seemed to have pulled an ace. I came to this world, and had various misfortunes, but this one supersedes all. A dependable yet scary comrade.

Even more trolls came from the back of the forest, but it’s completely fine at this rate.

「Go for it, Flame ……!」

And the moment I cheered Flame.

「Ah, this is bad」


「Three minutes already」

As she said that, the fire enveloped around Flame died down.


Or rather, there is smoke coming from the body and mouth of Flame.
How should I say this, after burning out, she seemed burned out.

「……What are you doing?」

「The physical ability is twenty times. So, consumption will also be twenty times……」

With that Flame collapse on her knees and turned pale white.

「Therefore, fatigue also comes 20 times earlier. I felt that my fighting spirit and energy were also consumed twenty times……honestly……I feel like I’m dying here」

「Ano, we still have enemies」

「Ah……I can take up to two, I can still manage up to three, but I am sorry……」

And then Flame went completely limp.
The monsters seem to be on the lookout, but it’s just a matter of time.

「Kouta ……I entrust the rest to you」


In the end, my attribute magic decreased by a considerable amount.

When returning home, Flame was looking at me with sparkling eyes.

「……Amazing, Kouta, you can fight with so many different attributes」

「You are welcome」

But what is with this three-minute swordsman?
An Ultra transforming hero or something? (ED: I believe is referring to Ultraman)

「Ano, that magic’s effect time, can you not extend it?」

「It is impossible for now, It will be necessary to practice for several months」

「Can you fight without using magic?」

「I think that my strength is reasonable and I have knowledge of some skills, but I will be overwhelmed by monsters」

In other words, she would be a questionable vanguard in her normal mode.
No, I can count on her for three minutes, but after…she essentially can only cheer weakly from the sidelines.

「Iya, but you really saved me there, Kouta, Soulas. Thank you for making me your companion. If this proposal was not accepted, I do not know what kind of other means would have befallen upon you who possess the magic of the Rebatein family!」

However, when I saw her saying that with a smile, I could not say anything back.
I am a bit scared of the sword clattering around on her waist.
I want to pray that she does become a threat, but for risk management it would be better to keep her as our companion.

「Well then, how should I say this? I will continue to depend on you」

Maybe she is a good person deep down. I know that. I understand.

……It looks like I must do my best…….

So, for the time being, I got a new companion.

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