Skill Up with Login Bonus 19

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 19: Royal magic

In the morning, I was praying with all the strength in front of the grimoire.

「Please, let me have normal magic……!」

「Uwah, please do not worship me! It makes me feel strange somehow!」

As if objecting Soulas turned into her human form, but I guess it can’t be helped.

「Our current fighting strength, it’s too little……! Do you even understand our current situation…….?」

We have a vanguard who can only fight for three minutes.
A grimoire who cannot use magic properly.
And there’s me who possesses almost only suicide magic.

We are unable to do battle for a long time before we become completely dysfunction.

「I cannot see the future at all……」

Even though starting tomorrow I have to live independently.
It will be bad if things continue as it is.

「A-Ano, why not try thinking a bit more on the positive side? For example, Kouta-san, you can learn as much magic as you want」

「To say as much as I want, but don’t you remember?」

As you see, I currently have three types of beginner magic, suicide magic, unusable inheritance magic, only five in total.
So I was praying!

「A-Ano……somehow, sorry」

「No, it’s fine, because I understand my own luck the best」

But I guess it’s going to be bad soon. If I go at it with my expectations low, I wonder if a slightly usable magic will come.

With that thought, I decided to prepare.

「Alright Soulas become a book!」

「Wa, yes」

Take a deep breath and do not be surprised no matter what today’s magic is. I will not despair even if it is bad, with that mindset I open the grimoire.
Then, at that moment――

『Sixth Day Login Bonus!《Royal Teleport》Obtained! 』

「……absolutely useless magic came, this is definitely useless……」

That is a name that you cannot use obviously, the royal family.
The fact that the number is not written means it is probably infinite, I would very much like to use it if it weren’t for the name.

「I will probably be hauled in the moment I use this……」

「Iya, how could you know for sure without using it first? Is it not just a local town here? There does not seem to be anyone connected to the royal family here」

「Maa……that is reasonable」

The other day I met Flame, who is a noble, but that was by coincidence and because of considerable bad luck.
However, this time is different.

Here is definitely a local town. It is an area that is far away from the center of the country.
There could not possibly be anyone related to the royal family in such an area.

「But just in case I must be extremely cautious. If I do not collect information properly, I might meet a terrible outcome, so first we need to find out more about Royal Magic」

「Yes! 」

「I said please contact me beforehand……mou, even if I say it you will not listen」

「Iya, thank you, Media」

I decided to ask Media knowledge regarding magic as usual.

「So what did you two want to ask about?」

「Do you know about Royal Magic?」

When listening, Media stopped moving for a few seconds.

「Of course, But where did you hear of such a thing? It is a secret of the royal family……don’t tell me, you end up learning it?」

「No, that couldn’t possibly be it……but is that bad?」

Media hesitated for a few seconds then said.

「Honestly, your adventurer life may as well end here……」

「Don’t say something so scary all of a sudden!?」

「Royal Magic is a magic exclusive to the royal family or can only be taught to the princess’s fiancé, it is a magic of extreme difficulty. Usually can only learn after training for about ten years, but……」

「But I end up learning it?」

This situation is growing more and more severe, will I be killed or not?
It should be alright?

「Are you going to the kingdom or something? It might be a problem if that is the case」

「There is no way I would」

I have no plans of leaving this local town.

「Then it’s fine, Maa, there shouldn’t be a person who would recognize that magic is royal magic in a place like this, so in the end you should not have to worry about it, I suppose?」

Though she says it with an uneasy laugh, her thoughts are the same as this grimoire.
However, I unfortunately cannot take such risks.

「The fertilizer for this grimoire increased yet again, dang it……」

Around half a page of this grimoire seems to be made up of unusable magic.
Maa, if I think of it as getting off with little damage this time, I suppose it is good.

「Fertilizer? Royal Magic if I recall seems to have an automatic invocation?」

「……What? 」

She just said some inexcusable things, this sage.

「Once placed in the grimoire it is inevitably activated, if I recall it is activated in an hour after learning it」


I wonder how long has it been since I learned it? Since early in the morning if you count from there it has long been past an hour.
However, if you start counting from when I learned it after opening the grimoire, it is an hour later.


At that moment I instantly teleported somewhere.

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