Skill Up with Login Bonus 22

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 22: One job after a job

After the royal magic incident, when I went to the magician’s guild, Flame was there burning as usual.

「Good morning! I am looking forward to today’s work…..what’s wrong Kouta? You look very tired」

「No, it’s just that there always seems to be something terribly tiring every morning」

「That will not do, Umu, how about this? I think you can improve your resilience by using flame veil」

「So I would be able to not suffer for three minutes before going down」

Because the output would also double, the resilience would not be worth it.

「Also why does Flame always keep her fiery state up?」

If you always keep it on, won’t you exhaust yourself at some point?

「Training, By doing this I can instantly use Flame Veil. However, because the flames are hardly strengthen, the limit is not restricted to three minutes」

Oi, then it’s just essentially bothersome magic.
The people in the magician’s guild have on annoyed looking faces.

「Ano, if possible please repress the flames when we are inside the town or when I’m nearby, that would help a lot. It’s hot and things might catch on fire」

「Hmm, I see, I did not notice because I have always traveled alone until now, but if you think so then I will make an exception」

Have you been traveling alone with this magic? That’s impressive.

「Well, even if I can’t use flame veil, there are several Rebaitein escape skills! It is easy to get away from monsters!」

「Ah, so the priority is to run away」

In all, it will be difficult to properly utilize her, this magic swordsman.
But to earn money easily alone is difficult to do.

「Mu……just now, the face of Kouta, seems to be saying of wanting to earn money easily」

「……It’s just your imagination」

It is troublesome that her intuition is sharp, this magic swordsman.

「……Well, that is fine. What do you want to do about today’s work?」

「Ah……what to do」

Because I am already worn out, I actually really don’t want to do anything.

「Nhh, can I take a day off today?」

「Hmm, it might be a good idea seeing how tired Kouta is. However, that’s right …… Kouta. If you do not mind, why don’t you attend my practice?」

「Practice? You mean Flame veil?」

「Umu, since you learned the magic of the Rebatein house, you are somewhat connected to the family now. It will be less tiring than fighting, and it will be good to practice a little」

「…..Ma, that is right」

It is a magic that I ended up learning so I should try to practice as much as I can.

「Well in that case, let’s change places!」

Following Flame, I was brought to the forest located a bit from town.

This was the place I visited with Media the other day and caused many trees to be destroyed. Then.

「This place is where Minotaurs usually are, isn’t it dangerous?」

「No, this place was a preferred hunting ground of the Minotaurs, but there was a terrible explosion the other day, and ever since the Minotaurs are scarcely emerging. There is a rumor in the adventurer guild, that it is possibly a demon or the work of a demon.


It is fortunate that the facts have not been leaked.
As I thought that, Soulas who had turned into her human form laughed, and patted my shoulders.

「Hehe, isn’t that good, Kouta-sa――o-o-ouch, please do not pull my cheek」

「Don’t say unnecessary things, ――So, Flame, the Minotaurs don’t come out any longer?」

「Perhaps, it is not certain. Just ever since the explosion the other day, there haven’t been any signs of appearance. Besides, normally, they do not come out unless given a stimulus or if there is a commotion out of caution. They are timid」

I cannot imagine them being with that size and look.

「Minotaur horns, axes, the rigid parts have high value. That’s why they are hunted by merchants」

「Hee, so we can sell at a high price……」

It may have been a bit wasteful that I reduce the former one to a crisp of flames.
Should I look up how much I can sell them for? Such a danger though it is something I do not want to meet again.

「Maa, that is fine, But why did we come to such a place?」

「Well, this area is nice and wide and close to the city, even if I collapse, I could be carried back immediately so I though it was good」

She says this with a bright smile, but it is me and Soulas that will be doing the carrying.
I would like it if you do not collapse if possible.

「……Well, it is probably impossible……」

Fire is already enveloping the whole body of Flame.
She has completely activated that Ultra-hero magic.

「Now, please watch, Kouta. In order to train flame veil, you raise the firepower in this way. ――Haaaa!!」

When Flame cried out, the fire enveloping her body strengthened.
It becomes stronger and larger than the one I saw earlier, and turns into one huge fire pillar.
The heat that I feel on my skin is also pretty big.

「H-Hot! It is really hot, Kouta-san!」

「I can tell by just looking」

Soulas had touched the flames out of interest, and was now blowing on her red hand.
Why would you reach your hand into fire, this grimoire.

「So, what happens when you strengthen your firepower, Flame」

「Umu, your performance will also rise. Right now, this state is strengthened even beyond twenty times and is currently up to fifty times!」

That said, Flame looked around restlessly.

「That should be good」

And when she found a sizable fallen tree of considerable thickness, she held it with both hands.

「Look, this physical ability and sharpness of movement!」

She then raised the tree, and broke it.

「……what is with that absurd power」

「Hehe, the weak point is that the physical ability becomes too high, so weapons will not be usable, but the power gained exceeds that demerit. Kouta, if you practice too, you can also come this far!」

「Well, I certainly think it’s amazing」

To be honest, I want to decline. Because…

「Mu……this is bad. It’s already time……motivation……withering……」

Flame lowers the big tree and sank down.

「……Just one minute? For fifty-fold, this is the limit…….but, compared to one year ago, I have improved」

「So you improved, wait no」

Aren’t you just decreasing the usable time?
I am saying that increasing combat strength is a problem, what are you going to do about the decreasing stability?

「Uu……sorry Kouta」

「No, it’s not like you need to apologize, but……」

The immediate problem is not this but instead…


Right now, the problem is what just appeared in front of us, the figure of an ox monster.

「K-Kouta-san! This is bad! I cannot seem to to be able to suppress it」

Soulas tried to intercept it, but is blown aside easily.
Because she is a grimoire, she is sturdy and immediately stood up.
It does not change the dangerous situation.

「……Etto, why?」

「What do you mean why, the flame pillar attracted them」

The sound of her flames burning so intensely, and the sound of destroying a big tree. It was more than enough reason, it was a stimulus.

「A-Ano, I am very sorry but……」

「Yes, yes, I understand」

So in the end it did appear, while thinking so I cleaned up with beginner magic.

Although it was rather serious, because it is the day before I have to start living independently, it is good that I managed to secure some extra income.

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