Skill Up with Login Bonus 23

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 23: Second week after lightning strike

In the morning, I was in my room with my whole body equipped neatly.

「This day has finally come」

「That is right, Kouta-san」

In front of me, Soulas is also wearing her equipment.

「We have come a long way since then」

「I agree. But at last」

Yes, just as Soulas said, finally――

「――The day where you have to start living independently」

「No! I meant it’s a different login bonus day!」

Apparently it seems me and Soulas were not thinking along the same lines.


「Oi, why are you looking at me with such a stunned expression?」

「Well, usually wouldn’t you think about how we have to living by ourselves today?」

「For me, the consecutive login bonus of the week is more important」

It is not a big deal to live independently.
There is no extravagant things like a ceremony, I will only just be leaving this room.

I have a house, and I can come back whenever I want to visit the head maid.
It is not really anything to get fired up for.

「I-Is that so….. I thought there would be a more grand ceremony to send you off perhaps」

「Even if there was such a ceremony, wouldn’t you pay more attention to the『Bonus Choice』that is directly connected to our future stability?」

「……I sometimes think this, but Kouta-san seems to be a rather materialistic person」

What is wrong with being a bit materialistic? I just do not want to miss such opportunities.
Anyways, I only get to have bit of choice once every seventh day for the magic I get to learn.

「So anyways, Soulas show me」

「Uu, I feel that my treatment is getting sloppy――but it cannot be helped. 《Transform》」

After saying that Soulas takes a deep breath and changes into a book.
As expected three different spells were displayed on the page.

『One week consecutive login bonus! Choose one of the following three!!
・Highest Tier Magic: Maximum Flare x1
・Raigeiki: Shock
・Fire type magic: Create Fire x5

「Ou, there is one new magic」

Moreover, it is a magic that does not display a limit. And, judging from the name it does not seem to be weak.

Highest tier magic is out of the question but fire, it is hard to abandon one of the known usable types. But…

「If I am seeking stability, I should bet on this」

I chose Shock, I don’t have really have a fondness for lighting, but this much should be fine.
That’s why I chose it.


「Media, I learned a new magic!」

「Again! How are you able to master so many types of magic so easily like it is nothing」

That can’t be helped.
It is one of the only positives of my grimoire.

「W-Wait a minute, Kouta-san! Aren’t I a little bit more useful than that!?」

「For example?」

「Eh? Etto…..that is……」

「So you are saying that how you steal my food, turn into your human form and crawl into my bed, and then kick me out is considered useful?」

「A-Ano……I’m sorry……」

Since you apologized, I will let it go. What is important now is to ask about the magic.

「Well, what did you learn?」

「Ah, a magic called shock, is this one of the types that can be used an unlimited amount of times?」

「Shock……? Ah, ah, well it is unlimited」

Alright, just as I thought. This can increase my stability.
A lightning type that can be used without limit, this is the best, was what I thought.

「That’s right… you learned a daily use magic…..」


The reaction from Media was not as good as I thought.
Or actually what is Daily use magic?

「Isn’t shock a lightning attribute magic?」

「Well……that’s right, you should try it here」

That being said, Media placed a small lantern on the table.

「Etto? How am I suppose to use it?」

「Well, approach this oil part, and try it」

「An electric shock to oil? Isn’t that dangerous?」

I felt that it would break the lantern and caused the entire thing to catch on fire.

「Once you try it you will understand」

「Well then, shock!」

The moment I chanted, my hand shone faintly. Then――


And a small fire lit inside the lantern.

「……Ano, what is this?」

「Daily use magic? In exchange for it’s practical usage, it’s a rather weak magic. Shock really only releases a small amount of electricity, it is pretty useful for daily life needs, but…… is not really meant to be used for battle」


This can’t be used for battle?

「Just how weak it is, if you try it on your own body, you will understand」


As she told me, I tried it on my arm. Then..

「……This is, un, it’s rather」

Around the same feeling of getting shocked by static electricity, but just a bit bigger.


Ou, you can do it repeatedly. My arms started to tingle.
But that was it.


Even when I chanted it with all my might, at best, the elbow also started to tingle, and the hand became numb.
I was imagining a stun gun like magic that could make an opponent faint by just hitting them, but it was weak beyond imagination.

「This, other than kitchen uses or lighting lanterns, what else could it possibly be used for?」

Oi oi, even a sage seems to have given up hope for this magic.

「There is no magician that would try to learn such a magic in the first place. The last magician I remembered is about a hundred years ago, the words left behind at the time of death『If the magic shock was only not so limited』was what was said. Other than that magician, I do not remember any others」

It seems that it was said because it was hilarious.
Even though shock is a proper magic.

「Well, in terms of useless magic rankings, it would be countable within ten fingers」

「…… Damn it! 」

I should not have chosen Raigeiki!
That’s right, lightning was the reason why my life ended, I should not have gotten involved with it.

「W-Well, if you find a usage method for it, won’t that be really amazing? It would be a major discovery. That’s why do not despair. I will cooperate with you」

「A usage method you say, other than making myself tingle with this magic what else could you possible do――」

When I was told that, and after I said that, an idea suddenly came to mind.

「This, can be used repeatedly……」

「Umu, it would seem so」

「Then, I wonder if it might be possible……」

I do not really want to do it, but since I thought of one thing.

「W-What, it’s been over a hundred years, but is it possible that you have found a usage method for the useless shock!?」

「That is……I wonder. Even I am reluctant, but well just a little, let me make sure」

――And a few minutes later.
Under the cooperation of Media, I decided to create my own way of usage. That is…



「《Shock》! ……How is it Media?」

「Ah~……it feels good……」

Electric shock, or rather a low-frequency therapy device.
I touch the body of Media and move the muscles moderately.
Just that alone, her expression melts away as if saying it feels good.


「Ah~……this is the best…….for there to be such a use」

「Well..thank you」

I do not feel like being praised at all. With dead eyes, I’m just applying shock on the lying Media.
Media seems very happy from the tingling sensation sent throughout her body but…

「Hi~yaa~…… this is too good……it may be impossible to move for a while. Kouta-kun, that’s it. This is a revolutionary discovery for the daily use magic industry. No one has ever been able to come up with this……aah, there, n-…….!!」

She let out a ero sounding voice, but I am not pleased at all.

…….I, should I just stop being a magician, and become a massager instead?

In its own right, it does grant me a job but….
Apparently electric types and I do not have much compatibility, I seemed to have yet again obtain a delicate type of magic.

Well, it was a magic that leads to a means of eating, even if it is bad it is also not so bad.

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