Skill Up with Login Bonus 24

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 24: A lot of customers

In the afternoon, a line had formed in the dining room of the magician’s guild.

「Nii-chan, please do it to me too!!」

「Oi, do not interrupt, I was in line first」

Hefty looking men are lined up.
And what they are all waiting in line for…

「It’s very popular, Kouta」

「Please stop, I feel empty」

Was me; or rather my electric shock massage.


「Ou! This is amazing! The tension in my shoulders are lessening! This is the best」

「Well..thank you」

「Kouta……? Somehow your eyes look dead, are you alright?」

I’m not alright.
Muscular men are placing themselves in the chair right in front of me one after another with their upper body completely bare.
I feel mentally worn out.

「Umu? Is it useless to do it over the clothes?」

「The electric shock effect increases or decreases if I apply it over the clothes, it is unstable unless they take it off……」

It seems there was not a concept called massage, my techniques became very popular in the magician’s guild.
As for how popular….

「Well, I will put the money over here」

「Yes, thank you……」

「I will come again!」

It’s already at the point where it is just plain foolish to continue hunting slimes or trolls, the money just keeps on flowing in.

「I never thought that from just massaging me, it would become like this, it’s amazing Kouta」

Starting from the morning, where I massaged Flame who had stiff shoulders, now in the afternoon we have a massive line.

A lot of money is stacked on the table.
Although I had set it as high as 1000 gold per session.

「The next one is me, please do the base of my shoulders」

Still people will not stop.
Just how much do these magicians and adventurers suffer from stiff shoulders?

「Iya, that helps a lot, nii-chan, Just from using my long sword, no matter what my shoulders always become so stiff. Because I want to be in top shape tomorrow, I will rely on you」

「Ah, I see, 《Shock》!」

「Ou……? I-It feels good, the stress is melting away」

This flow has been going on since noon.

「Iya, this might be your true calling, Kouta-san」

「I do not feel like being praised……」

Or actually, Soulas is having lunch all by herself.
Not a single thought about helping out.

「Because, I can not use electric shocks. The amount of magic I have remembered so far is only about one or two」

「……If I apply a strong shock to your head, I wonder if it will improve that memory of yours……」

「M-My head is quite delicate you know?!」

If this grimoire could learn magic just like how she eats and sleeps, then the head wouldn’t be so delicate.
Well, since it cannot be helped that this grimoire hasn’t learned shock yet, I will not do it now.

「Anyways Kouta, Are you doing any work today? I cannot contain my flames either, I want to let loose」

「Keep it down, the staff members of the guild always have a bucket on standby, so please give me a break. ――And, leave the quest for after I finish dealing with this line…..what shall I do?」

I have already started living independently.
Because I was seen off by the head maid and left the room, from today the place I will be living at is my house.

I don’t want to go out of my way to do any dangerous work on such a day.

「Is there any simple task or something?」

「I wonder, I have not checked yet, but recently there is a rumor that the movement of monsters is increasingly subtlety」

「Ge……is there such a thing……」

If so, today I will indulge myself in the massage industry and earn money.

「In the first place, with this line it will take until nighttime, I would like to postpone questing for today」

「Fumu, is that so? Well, if Kouta says so, there is no choice」

The moment she nods…

「E-Everyone, run for your life! The demon’s are attacking!!!」

Screams and loud voices sounded from outside of the guild.

「What!? I-I cannot deal with this!」

「What do we do!? Do we fight!? Do we run away?!」

With that, the people in the line hurriedly confirmed their equipment and left the guild in a rush.

「……Eh, what’s this」

「It seems there is a demon attack…….we also have to choose whether we should fight or run away, Kouta」

Apparently, the massage business seems to be impossible today.

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