Skill Up with Login Bonus 26

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Editor: Oracle

Chapter 26: Cursed Grimoire

Looking at the demon that had fallen down from a mere beginner’s fire magic.

「W-Whew…..that was close, thank you Kouta-kun」

Media who was drenched in cold sweat ran over here.

「I am glad you are safe above all else but what is that?」

「It’s a demon, It came to curse this town, and said I was in the way and then started attacking me」

Hm, so it seems like it’s rather dangerous, or so I thought…

「W-Who was that, to possess such highly-murderous magic!」

Erigos got up while patting away the smoke.
Since the burn marks can be seen on the attacked chest, I wonder if that had dealt enough damage.

……But it’s gigantic size is intimidating, it’s durability is also scary.

It seems that demons really are strong.
Looking around with half-opened eyes, Erigos’ eyes meet mine.

「Ku……the one who caused this damage, so it was you. I see, I heard that there was a magician who managed to destroy my barrier, so it was your doing……!!」

Erigos looked at me while saying so.
Looking very carefully and then his nose starts twitching.

「Mu……from you, there is the scent of the demon king」

「The scent of the demon king」

Now that he mentions it, the demon I met when I used royal teleport also said the same thing.

「You, do you know something? Are you perhaps acquainted with the demon king?」

Somehow a bad feeling is starting to pile up.
Because the only kind of god I am acquainted with, is one person, or specifically one book.

「……Oi Soulas」


When I started talking, the grimoire began to tremble.
The bad premonition has reached it’s maximum.

「Hey Demon Eri Gosse-san, does the devil king perhaps have blonde hair?」

「Umu, that is right the blonde hair is just like melted gold itself」

「I see」

When I nodded, my book began trembling even more violently.

「……Oi Soulas turn into a human」

『I-I don’t want toー! I, bad things, I have not done any at all――!!』

「It should be fine if you haven’t done anything bad」

『N-No it’s notー! Besides I am not the one who created magic in this world, and to begin with the entire king title was decided of their own accord when I was sleeping. I prefer the human side way more!!』

Ah, I’ve already confirmed this.
This grimoire is definitely related with the other side.

Though if she could turn into her human figure it would be easier to negotiate with the demon but…

「Hey Soulas?」


「Become a person right now or be handed over to the burning Flame next to me, which would you prefer, choose」

「I will turn, I will turn right now so don’t burn it――!!!」

As soon as I moved the grimoire towards Flame, it turns into a human.
As expected it is weak to fire.

「Uu……how cruel…… I will not burn but the heat is completely unbearable……」

「Just hurry and transform then, well now Erigos-san the demon king is it this person?」

After asking Erigos, he narrowed his eyes and looks at Soulas carefully.

「Mu……that blonde-haired girl……?」

As if unable to endure the gaze any longer, Soulas goes forth one step and looks into the face of Erigos.

「A-Ano, ano……it’s been a long time, Erigo――」

And tried to communicate but…

「……Who is this middle-aged woman who looks like a granny with those saggy ordinary breasts, I do not know any blonde-haired woman who suffers from such extreme age」



Somehow, he started to say strange things.

「Listen carefully! The Demon King is a more energetic and flat little girl!! She is very cute and young and only just about to grow hair…….! Do not compare her with such an old middle-aged woman with such aged skin! My memories will be dirtied!」

He was gentlemanly until just a moment ago, where did his previous polite tone go?
Erigos was speaking very zealously.

「Excuse me, I was disarrayed. Well, in other words, that’s how it is, this girl is not the demon king that I am looking for the color of her soul is different and all」

Ah, I understand now.

This demon is a lolicon. I see I see.
This talk is over.

「――Well then Soulas shall we go back?」

I grabbed Soulas’ hand and tried to leave but…

「T-That guy! I’ll kill you! I will kill you――!」

Soulas snaps and would not leave.

「……H-How long do you think it has been, did you not think that perhaps I have just grown up, kuso!」

「Oi Soulas……」

「Over a hundred years to remodel the body at the soul level, although I finally reached this proportion……!!」

Your real nature is coming out, this demon king.
Moreover, it is not just me, you even processed your own body, just how much do you like remodeling?

「Well, anyways calm down Soulas」


With Soulas’ excited state released, she hastily returns next to my side.
Or rather, it’s that.
Although she said that she is a goddess.

「I never thought Soulas was a evil goddess……」

「It’s not evil goddess, it’s the demon king! Do not mistake those two! I really did not do anything bad!」

I see I see.
But it is the king of the enemies of mankind.

「If I had known that when I first met you, I might have thrown you away immediately」

「S-Stop it! Even if it look like this I am an ally of Kouta-san, and also your bride!」

「……Rather, is the marriage life still in effect」

Well it is true that she saved my body, even now she helps me through the benefits of the grimoire.
After such a long time I cannot throw it away.

Even if it is cursed but if you think of it as a strong equipment, it’s actually not bad.

「So what do we do Soulas, Isn’t this situation dangerous? His target is you, but also at the same time not you, what should we do?」

「W-Well, because the aim of Erigos is no good」

I am no good, too. So I decided to ask.

「OiーErigos-san What will you do if the demon king is not here?」

「Naturally, the root of all evil that sealed the Demon King, the sage must be eliminated. After that, I will curse this town and plan to lightly destroy it’s inhabitants」

His aim is Media, Soulas, and this town.
I do not like it. Two people I am concerned about are involved.

Let alone a bad feeling, this is a bad development. However, if one of my acquaintance is a target.

……I cannot just run away.

「Now then I suppose I could spend a little of my time against you, courageous magician. Well shall I restart the battle?」

「Ah, that’s right the battle has already begun」



First strike initiative.
As soon as the conversation ended, I shot magic right at the face of Erigos.

(Author’s Note: Next time ~ Peerless Protagonist ~ Scheduled)

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