Skill Up with Login Bonus 27

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Chapter 27: Behind The(Strongest)Deadly Spell

If it’s in the face he will be somewhat weakened.
With that in mind I released magic.

「Alright, a hit」

Straight into the face of the demon, smoke starts rising upon impact.
Certainly, that must have damaged Erigos.

「……That was really close, a smart surprise attack Kouta-san」

Like one would go head-on with that thing.
Because it’s a sure loss when comparing the difference in size, so it is natural to do this.
If possible, it would be best if he suffered an injury from this one blow and decided to withdraw but…

「Fu……the same trick won’t work again」

When the smoke cleared, the figure of Erigos defending his face with his tree-sized cane emerged.
Completely uninjured.

「Tch, he managed to guard against it」

「Just in case, I thought it would be wise to equip the cane with a protective barrier, this barrier reduces the power of all strong magic by half!」

Erigos raises his cane. Even after receiving the blow from earlier the cane is unscarred.

「If it is weak magic like the previous Magic Shot, then this cane would have no effect at all, but it’s attribute magic with highly destructive powers then it’s a different story」

I see, at this rate it seems that the cane will get in the way of attacking with strong magic.

「The equipment of the demon is powerful…… at this rate even the other beginner attribute magic will be prevented by that」

Soulas says so, there are few other methods of attack after all.
That’s why I have to use magic, but…

「……So Flame, can you not break or destroy that cane with your sword?」

「I don’t know but it will be difficult. I do not know whether the material is made from trees, and I can only imagine how much strong that demon’s grip is. ……the weight is also unknown in the first place. If the weight is like what we are seeing, then it might be possible to send it flying」

「I see……the weight……」

While we were having such a conversation, the voice of Media comes from the side.

「Just a warning, since I more or less received the sense from inside my barrier, but that cane is rather heavy」

「Oh, how heavy though?」

「Maybe around the weight of dozens of male adventurers」

Ah, dozens of men.

「Is that okay, Flame?」

「Umu, in that case it’s okay! Then with that it’s just the grip of the demon now」

「……Well then, what if his hand slightly loosens it’s grip on that cane, can you then do it?」

「Loosening his grip? How, is there a way?」

「It is just an idea, but I believe I will be able to do it」

「Alright, understood」

Flame nodded to my words.

「Eh? Ano……were you listening to what I was saying?」

I was listening.
However, if Flame says it’s possible.

「Well then, Media I will leave the barrier to you. Make sure my magic doesn’t damage the town」

「Eh … eh, Kouta-kun’s magic? That is……」

Media asked me, but then…

「――Finished your consultations yet, humans?」

「Uwo, this is bad!」

Erigos swung his cane towards us.
We managed to successfully evade it by jumping back but…..

「Kouta, we don’t have time to talk anymore!」

「Yes, I know!」

Looks like we have no choice.

「Hehe, determined are we, but courageous magician before anything, you must beat this cane. This will completely stop attacks of all attribute magic, there is no way to beat this cane!」

Erigos swung the cane with full force.
As long as that cane was there, all strong magic would be ineffective, I understood that. But…

「Then how about this! 《Shock》!!」

This is not an attack magic, just merely an electric shock with moderate power, just like that it hit the demon’s arm. However…

「……What, such a tiny shock like this, the power will not even be halved by the cane……is this suppose to damage me? Courageous magician this will not do」

A serious look, or rather he was looking at me with a pitiful kind of expression, this demon.
Mind your own business. There is nothing useful that can be done with this. Also…

「I am not trying to damage you, just trying to relax your muscles」

「……Hmm? I don’t really understand, well, if you want to be crushed, then you will be crushed」

With that the demon swung his cane again. Such a gigantic wrist.

「Since you say so, how about another shot? 《Shock》!!」

The moment I launched a full power electric shock, the arm of Erigos twitched unnaturally upon impact.


Apparently it seems the body structure is similar to human beings.

「According to you, slightly big electric shocks will not be stopped, those gigantic muscles, I will make them move more. ――Shock!!」

「My hand, with my permiss――!?」

With consecutive electric shocks, the fingers of Erigos become rigid, and start twitching.
At that moment, the cane slips and started falling.
In that short period of time.


「Understood, 《Lightning flame veil》――50 times! 」

Flame approached with tremendous speed. Then…

With this moment, even if it doesn’t break, this should do!」

With that she kicked the cane.


Erigos’ staff was blown away a few meter after receiving a flying kick from Flame.

「Flame! Run as far as you can now」


And Flame who landed beside Erigos, immediately dashes away.
The only ones left now are, me, Erigos, and the Soulas who is behind me.

「――Now then, Erigos-san, with your shield now gone will you be able to withstand my damage?」

「Hehe, don’t underestimate me! I am a demon. Even without my cane, I can still guard against your Create Fire, if I actually try!」

Ah, I see, that’s why his attitude till now has been strangely overly-confident.

「Hahaha, the threat is merely only attribute magic. I can endure such attacks! And after you finish releasing your magic, my fist will strike upon you」

Erigos laughed triumphantly.
Is that right, so he can withstand against Create Fire.

「Well, then how about this」

「Eh……? 」

「Highest Tier Magic……..《Maximum Flare》!!」

A vortex of lightning, flames, and explosion formed together and launched towards the chest of the giant.

Because the target was huge, the Highest Tier Magic landed at a position about 8 meters above the sky.
Although the aftereffects of the blast rained down from above, thanks to the barrier of Media, near the surface of the ground the blast was weakened.

Because of that, I was able to observe the aftermath without being blown away.

……It was hard to see with the lighting, flames, and smoke in the way but it was a direct hit and unguarded……

When I tried to confirm with my eyes, Soulas and the running Flame came from behind.

「Y-You did it, Kouta-san! Flame-san」

「Aa, with this much explosive power you surely defeated him!」

Wa~i, the two gave each other a high-five.
But I don’t pay attention to it. Because…

「Gu……fu, to use highest tier magic, that was unexpected…… it is really surprising that there are humans capable of such things」


Within the smoke, burning here and there, in a battered state stood the figure of a demon.

「W-What kind of durability does this demon have. this is bad Kouta……!」

「K-Ku, who knew Erigos was this strong, although he was still weak a hundred years ago……」

Soulas and Flame are surprised and frightened.
I am also a bit surprised. After all, this is the first time anything has been able to survive my highest tier magic.

「Hehe, to underestimate a demon like so I feel troubled, didn’t I say so? At my level it is natural, if it’s around one highest tier magic, and I couldn’t endure――」

「《Maximum Flare》!!」


Because he was somewhat okay, I decided to launch a second one.
Again, a huge vortex of flames hit Erigos and this time he knelt down.

「W-Why are you able to launch a second shot?! Ordinarily, if you learn highest tier magic, at best it would be limited to one shot a battle! A single person shooting two shots alone, do you not have any common sense!」

「Oh, was there such a common sense」

I have thirty shots so I don’t understand that kind of thing.

Rather it’s that. There have been almost no targets to use it on so far, so it cannot be helped.
As I noticed before, when the highest tier magic hits this demon, it seems that there will be little damage to the ground, as the explosion will occur around 7m in the sky.

There is also the effect Media’s barrier. The surroundings of the demon are burnt fields, but town is relatively unharmed.

So in other words…….even if I launch some more, it looks like it will be okay.

「《Maximum Flare》!!!」

Highest tier magic three times.
The consecutive highest tier magic begins to melt the surrounding earth, while it is also taking it’s toll on my body, the body of the demon will be reduced to ash.

「R-Really ……this, impossible……」

「Hahaha, it is a spell I hoarded up. Because it couldn’t be used up until now, that’s why, no need to be so reserved! 《Maximum Flare》!!!」


I seemed to have already burned away the entire roots of the tongue already.
With that, on the burnt fields, the demon collapsed and stopped moving.

「Hey, Soulas」

「Yes, what is it?」

「What’s up with Kouta, does he have an accumulation of stress? To do that, there shouldn’t be a human who would blow someone away like that……」

「Well, Kouta-san isn’t he usually always like that?」

I heard rude words behind me, but I decided not to mind it.

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