Skill Up with Login Bonus 29

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 29: Seal Reward

Several hours after sealing the demon, the people from the guild were surprised that the figure of the demon had disappeared, but somehow I managed to gloss over it by explaining that Soulas could use sealing magic.

「Ah, so the sage’s evaluation was correct in the end! I didn’t think there would be a human who could defeat a demon. Kouta-kun! Soulas-kun! Allow the guild to reward you later for this!」

「Ah, it’s a team that knows how to use sealing magic, you two are amazing!!」

It was good that I managed to convince the guild master and other adventurers.
Furthermore, the incident with Soulas being the demon king was covered.

Well, even if I said anything, no one will probably believe that this airhead is the demon king.
Rather, people might end up thinking that I am crazy.

Anyways, I came back to my house after dealing with all the issues and collapse onto the big sofa in the living room.

「Ah……I’m tired」

「Good work, Kouta-san」

As expected, consumption of energy isn’t odd especially since I fired off consecutive highest tier magic.

I was agitated at that time so I didn’t realize that I was exhausted, to begin with, one has to train and practice to reduce the consumption of energy, so I didn’t realize until I returned home.

「I absolutely will not do such a thing again」

The amount of fatigue gather was much more than compared to hunting monsters.
Furthermore it isn’t as profiting like when hunting monsters.

I had to defeat the demon otherwise it’ll cost me a place to live.

「That is true, I am also tired after using the demonic seal. I don’t know how many years it’s been since I used the God Seal」

As Soulas said this she lied down next to me with a exhausted expression on her face.
It was my most exhausting day since I was brought to this world by this grimoire.

I hope a day like this won’t come by again but…

「……Now that I think about it, isn’t their purpose the resurrection of the demon king?」

「Ah, I believe something like that was said, though it’s a very annoying thing from my point of view」

Leaving aside what Soulas thinks at this time, what actually matters is the movement of the demons.

「――Hey, should I keep on expecting to be attacked by demons since your also here?」

「Eh? …….perhaps…….that may be the case」

Hm, what shall I do?

I have a terrible urge to throw out the grimoire in front of me.
Is it alright if I throw her away now?

「A-Ano Kouta-san? Your eyes look really scary, your not thinking about anything weird right?」

「To begin with, even without a grimoire I can still cast shock and live my life as a masseur…….」

「Wai-, Please stop and think about how lonely living alone can beー! I am a harmless demon king so don’t throw me away――!」

When I muttered that Soulas hugged me and began to cry.
It’s true that Soulas is indeed harmless.

「But the surroundings around you isn’t harmless……!」

「Kuu……fuー! It’ll be alright! Anyways, me and Kouta-san are connected at the soul level so even if you throw me away I will definitely follow you!」

The grimoire assumed a defiant attitude.
Rather to be connected at the soul level, I guess I really am cursed.

「Well, whatever it’s fine. Since I came to this world with you I somehow understood we would end up sharing the same fate. So I will accept it」

「S-Somehow you seem disappointed when you say that, I-It will be alright because demons don’t usually come to such a local town. Erigos was just an exception!」

I also hope that is the case.

「Along with the Royal Teleport incident haven’t we met two demons already?」


「Rather how many demons are there in this world?」

「E-Etto……if my knowledge is correct there should be seventy-two」

Ah, I will pretend I didn’t hear that.
It was more than I expected. It seemed likely that we might meet up with more of them
I don’t want to leave this town my only wish is to live here peacefully.

「Ah, Kouta-san don’t make such a face! Because this world is really big! You won’t run into them that easily and if you do, with the power of me and Kouta-san along with the power of your comrades we can break through!」

I am not really reassured but because I hear the pep talk I nodded my head.
It’s bothersome to react anymore.

「I will go to bed earlier today. Just a little, my physical strength, limit….」

For the first time since the lightning incident
a sense of my consciousness falling into darkness came.

「N, well, then…..good night, Kouta-san. Various thing happened but please take a good rest」


Soulas’ voice was very quiet and gentle.
I’ll leave it to you then and I decided to close my eyes.

『――Demon Erigos Seal Reward! Acquired the spell 《Curse》!』

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  2. I hope that he ends up with Soulas, because even though she’s a demon Queen she’s nice and harmless and cares about him. Because right now he doesn’t love her he mostly See’s her as a comrade/grimoire.


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