Skill Up with Login Bonus 33

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Editor: Oracle

Chapter 33: Using Everything Gained From All Sides

Today’s target is a clay golem.
It’s a monster made up of soil containing magical power and the body can be sold for a reasonable value.

They have large bodies and it’s a quest that is recommended for adventurers to challenge with six or more people because they live in colonies.

「Okay, I stopped it! Kouta, I leave it to you!」


It was weak against fire and ice also because it’s slower compared to a Minotaur, it was a relatively easy-to-hunt monster for us.
After I learned that I could replenish my magic, I was now able to use them without worrying.

Today’s login bonus was unexpectedly one round of Ice but even so I was able to work without being discouraged.

――That’s fine and all.

「Ah, Kouta, another one slipped by」

「Again? A lot of them keeps slipping past the attacks」

There are times when they slip out of fire’s range.
Anyhow, since we only have one vanguard it seems it’s quite difficult to make the enemies gather.
Anyways, I defeated it with “Ice”.

「If we had more vanguards we could expand the range, we could get them all to converge together and defeat them all in a single shot, I wonder if we could get someone to help……」

That way I can save more energy and we can fight more safely, as I was thinking so…

「Hehehe, it seems you’re troubled, Kouta-san」

Soulas patted my shoulder with an expecting look on her face.


「W-What’s with that reaction! You should at least try to look somewhat excited! I am devoted to Kouta-san so I think you should be more kinder to me!」

「Ah, yes, that’s right. Then I will listen carefully, is there something you wanted to say?」

When I asked, Soulas’ bright face seemed to give off a “listen properly” type of expression.

「If you need another vanguard then leave it to me! I have recently just learned another magic!」

「Hm, seriously? What kind?」

I listened without expecting much, but Soulas puffed out her chest while responding.

「It’s called Demon Summoning」


Demon Summoning?

「So do you mean that you can summon a demon?」

「That’s correct, what else could it be? Ah, as I mentioned before I sealed one so I can use him」

In other words, Soulas is saying she can summon Erigos.
I think that’s quite amazing but…

「Is it okay to summon him in this place?」

There are two others here who recognize Erigos’ face won’t they panic if he just suddenly shows up? And aside from that he might attack us.

「It should be fine I think? Because when I sealed him I also altered him at the soul level. Above all I am the chief of the summoned demon, so it should more or less work out」

「Is it something like that……」

Well, it’s true we don’t have enough vanguards, so it should be fine as long as she gets the job done.

「Then I’ll leave it to you 」

「Yes! This a special summon that only the Demon King can do」

Solas then held out her palm in front and shouted.

「Come! ――Demon Summon【ERIGOS】!!」

At that moment, a black magic formation appeared in front of her.
And from the center of the glowing magic formation, a human figure began to form with electricity sparking about.

The power of that demon is unforgettable aside from that it will become our ally now.

「This will be a tremendous strength――」

Before I could finish my sentence the summoning ended.

What appeared in the middle of the magic formation was a demon wearing a suit with a long cane. But──

「What’s this?」

「It’s Erigos」

「I can tell by just looking but he’s so small」

His body was very tiny.
Approximately 1/10 of what it should be.
Certainly like this he is definitely no threat and no one would think this is actually Erigos himself.

「Hey is this useful?」

「It’s alright, because I absorbed all his magic powers all he can do now is attack with his cane」

「Isn’t that useless then!?」

「No, no, his demon powers still remain so you should be able to use him as a vanguard」


I looked down at Mini-Erigos, who looked back at me and Soulas with a dissatisfied expression.

「……Impossible, I can’t believe I am being used……」

He seems to be able to speak properly.

「Can you attack with that?」

「I prohibited him from attacking humans but there is no problem with this area!」

Although Soulas said this confidently I still cannot help doubting a bit.
The ten-meter class giant has become a one meter doll-like thing.

「It’s alright, please believe in me Because he really does have power. ――Look, go! Erigos! Use punch on that golem over there!!」

With that, Soulas gave Erigos an order.


「W-What?What’s wrong Erigos!」

Erigos ignored orders.
He glanced over at it but didn’t move.

「Hey, isn’t this useless」

「T-This is rather strange? I should have control over him but…….c-come on, please move! Move――!」

She ordered him many times but there is completely no movement.

……This is definitely useless……

Just when I thought that

「Hーey, while you two are over there playing around, something bad is coming your way!」

Media shouted out to warn me. When I looked over, a large golem had broken through Media and Flame and was currently rushing over.

「This is bad! Stop it!」

But the moment I raised my hand to cast magic.

「――Well then, I will stop it」

Erigos began running forth and attacked the golem’s leg with his cane.
The difference in size was huge but Erigos’ attack crushed the leg of the golem.

「I stopped it」

「Ah, T-Thanks, 《Ice》!」

Then I dealt the coup de grace to the golem by piercing it with an ice attack.
Erigos gave it a look then walked over to me and looked up.

「With this, is it okay for me to return now?」

「Yeah, but Erigos you sure are strong」

「Even if I am like this I am still a demon after all, well, it’s still inferior compared to your magic powers……」

How should I put this, he speaks rather normally.
What a good summoned beast I thought as I looked at Erigos.

「A-Ano, why didn’t you listen to my orders but listened to Kouta-san’s order?」

From the side, Soulas spoke dejectedly.

「Kouta-san, did you do something?」

「No, not really?」

I didn’t remember doing anything particularly, or at least that’s what I thought but Erigos replied.

「I can only follow those who have control over me. Because this boy has control over me, I will obey him」

「When the power of the curse went over to Kouta-san, did the control also transfer over?」

I knew that the power of curse was from Erigos but there was also such a thing?

「……Well, I would rather obey the commands of the boy who defeated me instead of the commands of an old hag, my soul will become dirtied, what a relief」

「Y-You……hurry up and return now! Return【Erigos】」

As Soulas casts her magic a blue line shoots forth and Erigos is returned as light back to her.

「Ha, Ha…… is there really nothing I can do about his fetish!!?」

「Well, don’t get too worked up. There were various things, but in the meantime it’s great that Soulas can summon a demon and that we figured out that I can control it」

「That’s right ……in other words, this is a collaborative skill between me and Kouta-san! I feel a connection with Kouta-san!」

Soulas happily pronounced this in excitement.
Although there seems to be some problems with the operation method, well, I really appreciated that our fighting power has increased, so let’s not worry about it for now.

Anyways, another method to stabilize our fights was found.
Somehow……it’s once again thanks to a demon.

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