Skill Up with Login Bonus 34

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 34: Cursing My Companions Is Also Useful

We were talking while eating dinner at the magician’s guild dining hall.
Since Soulas was able to use summoning we decided to reorganize our party strategy.

「What? Is Soulas a summoner?」

「That’s right! I can only summon one thing for now but it may increase more and more in the future」

Well, Media and Flame were impressed but I was hoping it wouldn’t turn into a situation where it would increase more and more in the future.

「Well, anyways with that we won’t have to leave the vanguard role to Flame alone anymore. Along with the burden being reduced we will also be able to earn a little more」

「Umu, I am thankful for that. My sword is damaged and the repair cost is also quite large」

It is true that Flame’s sword was pretty damaged here and there.
And most of all it was worn out.
So it made sense to spend the earnings to repair it.

「Even so I was barely hurt because of my flame veil, Anyways, Kouta, I heard from Media earlier that you can use dark magic. Is that true?」

「Yes, it’s true」

When I nodded, Flame stood up while hitting the table loudly.

「What a thing! You have the magic of the Rebatein house, I think that it’s better to use that rather than that dangerous dark magic the demons use!」

「Even if you say that, how much confidence do you have in your household’s magic?」

Of course the effect is great depending on the usage.
But the time limit is far too big of a disadvantage.

「The Flame Veil’s effect time will steadily increased, so it will stabilize with time」

「Even if it increases by one second every day it would still take many years before it would stabilize」

「Muu, alright if you’re going to be reluctant to that extent! Try shooting curse on me! With that we can see just which magic is stronger!」

It’s not a problem of strength just that unleashing her flames in such a place.
The guild’s people are already desperately preparing water buckets.

「……Ah, but if you are concerned about it then it can’t be helped. If I fire curse into a time-restricting magic what will happen Media?」

「I wouldn’t know, even if you ask me I haven’t done any experiments like that before」

「Soulas how……」

「Hm, yes……what is it?」

「Ah, yes, don’t worry about it and continue eating your dinner」


I was wrong for thinking she was even listening.
Anyways, I am interested in what happens if I shoot curse at Flame. Then…

「Come on, hurry up and shoot me! I am also interested to see whether the dark magic or Rebatein Household’s magic is stronger, let’s clarify which right now!」

Flame is full of enthusiasm.
Shooting curse at my companion is quite daunting.
However, it would be bad if she continued burning in such a place. The guild’s female staff members are looking at me tearfully for help.

「For now, how about we try with a light attack? If you can resist it then I think it will be safe to continue」

「Well……that is fine I suppose」

The fiery female warrior doesn’t seem like she will back down so let’s just try shooting her once.
With that set of mind I attacked.


「Come! Receive my Flame Veilx50!」

A black light was emitted from my hand and directly hit Flame who became a fire pillar.
Then it pierced through her body.

「Ku…… he-hehe…… it seems to be quite effective. As expected of a demon’s magic. ……but I endured it!」

Flame was sweating but gave a smile.
It seemed that there was some effect, the momentum of her fire had slightly fallen.
It’s likely the portion that was taken away.

「Well then I wonder what I got? Soulas become a book」

「Gu……alright, since I’m in the middle of eating please let me turn back immediately okay?」

After she said that, Soulas became a grimoire.
The black light had returned to my body so I opened the grimoire.

I felt like something had increased and the moment I looked inside.


And my body became engulfed in white flames.

「H-hot, ahahaaaah!!」

I immediately released Soulas and started rolling on the stone floor.
However, the flame didn’t disappear.

The burning sensation from these flames are rather familiar.

「Fumu……those are the flames from Flame Veil」

「I knew it!」

「Also it seems to be five times the amount of firepower, so in other words you stole my flames!」

Flame gave a calm remark from the side.
I see, so I stole 10% of Flame’s x50 Flame Veil.
I understood that, but…

「Uoooo, it’s so hot!」

A sort of pain like entering a very hot bath washed over my entire body.

「Umumu, if it’s Flame Veilx50 it would be something like that」

「Something like……how can you endure such a thing!?」

「Well, it’s the gift of training」

So you will be able to withstand the heat by training, the Rebatein house’s training is rather impressive.
While I was thinking that the flames disappeared.

About 6 seconds since the flames appeared. In other words, it seems that it will last 10% of the effect time.
I see, so this is what happens when it hits a time-restricted magic. I understand how it works now.

「Hmm, as expected in terms of strength, Flame Veil won……and unexpectedly I can give you my flames! It would be nice if we could find a way to coordinate this. Dark and fire attributes are supposedly compatible. Whenever you want my flames, you can do it anytime, Kouta」

「Ah, yes, when I want to I might in the future……」

In case of emergency situations it might be useful.
Somehow, using the curse on companions also seems to be somewhat effective.

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