Skill Up with Login Bonus 36

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 36: A Long Awaited New Skill and Usage

Since we didn’t have any quests to do for the morning, I was standing in front of Media’s house with my grimoire open.
I was currently confirming today’s login bonus.

「Ah, it came, see, it’s another hard to use one. 【Improve Penetration】what is this? I don’t need anymore firepower upgrades……!!」

Just as I expected.
It’s good that I learned the specifications of curse from Erigos

「W-Well, you know since it’s a skill, depending on how it’s applied, won’t it be useful?」

「So I have to first figure out a way to use it」

It would be nice if something I could normally use would sometimes come out.
Just like this time, it’s always been stuff like this.

「I-It will be alright, first off, this should be quite powerful」

「I’m worried because it’s powerful」

And even though I know that, it’s still the skill I received. It’s a waste to let it rot away by not using it, but it’s also dangerous.

「That’s why, Media, lend me your wisdom――!」

I heard some noise coming from the tent and Media slowly came out from inside.

「Since you came to my house when it’s still early morning asking for help, it must be for that reason correct?」

「You said to contact you in advance, so I came to your house in advance」

「That’s not really contacting……well, whatever. So the skill you obtained enhances penetration right?」

「Yeah, is it strong?」

「To put it literally the penetrating ability of your magic will rise. So if we’re talking about strength, it’s strong. Although with magic enhancement skills there is a demerit as they can be quite difficult to master」

So it’s a difficult to master skill. Since I was able to obtain it through the bonus, when I think about it I’m rather grateful for being able to obtain it so easily. But…

「And……because the enemy’s body won’t be able to stop the magic, if you use this in a melee combat situation there is a possibility of taking out your own allies」

「Ah, yes, of course it’s one of those kind of skills!」

Just like I thought, it’s a scary one.
Combine this with attribute magic, I would be able to drive fire, ice, or wind right through an enemy.
But using that when fighting in a party is as expected quite dangerous.

「Why do you always learn skills that could end up obliterating all your own allies? No, it’s actually quite a good choice as a strategic grade magician going out for war」

「It wasn’t my choice」

Rather I just want to live peacefully.
Nevertheless, somehow my luck has been customized for a war-style.

「Or actually, is this really based on luck? It’s not something that’s mixed with your intentions, right Soulas?」

「T-That’s something I’m certain of it’s not my faultー」

I looked towards Soulas and she was shaking her head at full speed.
So in other words, it really is just due to bad luck.

「If you think carefully about how to use it, the skill shouldn’t get too out of hand correct? Do you want to test it within my barrier?」

「I can already predict the outcome, but let’s just try once….. Soulas, I don’t want to make any mistakes so turn back into a grimoire」

「Ah, yes, understood 《Transform》」

While I held Soulas in her book form, Media erected a barrier around us enclosing the area.
After confirming that the area was securely protected from me, I aimed towards the wooden targets.

「【Improve Penetration】《Fire》!」

As soon as I cast it, the ball of fire changed shape into a straight line.
And pierced through the target and the outer walls of the barrier all at once. Then…


It shot right over the head of a person walking pass the house, it seems that I managed to successfully aim it at a slightly upward angle. Thus without hitting anyone it soared out into the sky.

「T-This deadly spell, is the sage experimenting again!? A-Ahhhhhh!!」

While watching the back of the person running away, I was deep in thought.

「……Hey, Media」

「What is it?」

「I think I will refrain from enhancing attribute magic with this from now on, what do you think?」

「Yes, I will also be grateful if you do that. It will be a problem if this strange rumor spreads any further」

That’s true or rather.

「Is there really any meaning to this skill?」

「Like I said, there is, use it when you’re facing a lot of opponents and your magic is too weak against them」

So essentially whenever I lack firepower. Unfortunately, my offensive magic has too much firepower, so there isn’t much use for this skill.
However, now that I’ve obtained this magic I would like to use it some other way if possible.

「――Ah, that’s right, there is one more way I can use this. There’s one magic where no problems will occur even if I use this」


「Ahh~, this feels so good~」

「Why thank you, 【Improve Penetration】《Shock》!」

「This is the most deepest it has ever been before. The stimulation is also stronger, at this rate it’ll become a habit」

I was currently using electric shocks to massage the hips and thighs of Media who was lying down.
Thanks to this strong penetrating ability, it became possible to massage the deepest areas of her thighs and muscles.

「Yes, as expected Kouta-kun’s technique is simply outstanding. To be able to use a strategic grade skill for such a wonderful thing……ahh…..there, right there! It feels so good right there!」

「Ah, yes, is that so」

Because the power of shock never increases the fact that I can’t use it for combat still hasn’t changed.

「Ahhh……this can definitely make you money, Kouta-kun……」

It would seem my skill as a masseur is steadily increasing.
It will be good for earning a living, it’s also not a bad thing, so is this perhaps a good way to use this skill?

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