Skill Up with Login Bonus Prologue

Prologue: I Have Logged Into A Different World

Author: I started a new series so I will be under your care from here on out. I will upload the next chapter today.

It happened on a rainy day.
I had received an ancient-looking book from my grandfather and was returning home when I was suddenly struck by lightning.

After that I lost consciousness.

Then at that moment I heard a voice.
A cheerful sounding voice, a bit too cheerful.

『First Login Bonus! You will receive the following two presents!

  • Maximum Flare 30 rounds + a
  • Bride

I will be in your care from now on in our time together in another world』

I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling.
Also a woman wearing a maid uniform was looking over me.
I’ve never seen her before.


I tilted my head in confusion.

「Hm!? H-Head maid! Kouta-sama has woken up!」

「W-What did you just say!?」

She shouted in a panicky tone to someone.
Then I heard the sounds of running footsteps drawing closer.

「K-Kouta-sama! Thank goodness you have woken up!」


Another woman I didn’t know appeared before me and hugged me while crying.
She was a beautiful woman with blonde hair but just who was she?

「Stop, umm, who are you…..?」

「Ah,  it’s so sad that you forgot the face of your wet nurse,  your memories must still be foggy due to the shock from the lightning strike. Oh, poor Kouta-sama your hair even became burnt black……it’s alright, I will wait on you until you become better no matter how long it takes」


Wet nurse?
I don’t recall knowing anyone with such beautiful blonde hair like her. Just what is going?
Although she is correct about my name being Kouta.

「That’s right, you’ve just awakened so for now please just rest for the remainder of the day」

After saying that the blonde-haired woman left the room.
I am becoming more and more confused but there was one thing I still remembered.

「I actually was struck by lightning」

Then afterwards I heard a mysterious voice.
If I remembered correctly it said something about a login bonus.

As I was trying to figure out what that meant suddenly…

『Good morning, my master』


A light started shining from my chest.
I opened my shirt in confusion and saw a dazzlingly bright book there.

「What is this?」

『I am a grimoire who forged a contract with your soul, Soulas Gold. I was the one who brought your soul over to this world after you lost your life after being struck by lightning』


So it means I died.

『To be accurate, you died in Japan. And you obtained the body of this young boy who lost his soul after also being struck by lightning』

Apparently, it seems I was brought to a different world via lightning.

「……………Well, there is no point in complaining about it now」

『Y-You adapted pretty quickly』

「Your the one who brought me here so why are you bringing that up? Anyways, what exactly are you?」

The ancient-looking book my grandfather gave me was more darker and the cover was filthy with dust and dirt, but now it’s shining with a dazzlingly glow.

『Like I said before I am a grimoire; a part of your soul』


『The source of all magic and skills. Please think of me as part of your powers; my special ability is a login bonus』

「Ah, that’s right, I wanted to ask you about that」

The cover isn’t the only mysterious thing.
I don’t understand the meanings of login bonus or advanced magic.

「What is this login bonus that is written here…..――――huh?」

As I was trying to ask……my head suddenly started feeling dizzy.
I felt very sleepy and my eyelids began to close.

『Your body is still injured from the lightning strike; please rest for now』

「Wait….there are still many questions I want to ask….」

Because it’s a different world, there are still many things I want to know.
I’m beginning to feel a bit excited so I didn’t want to fall asleep just yet.

『It’s alright, Kouta-san and I will have plenty of time to talk together from now』


While listening to the gentle admonishing words of Soulas, my consciousness began to fade away until the morning of the next day.

『――Second Day Login Bonus! Fire type beginner magic 20 rounds acquired!』

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