Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 02

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Neo

Chapter 2: I will escape!

「It can’t be true……what is the villain … what …? No, absolutely a dream. Dreams」

I do not want anyone to be a villain. What is the same world as the game in the first place?

Unexpectedly laughter leaked from my mouth.

Surely my brain just made up some strange delusions when I was dreaming……I thought.

――If you are going by this world’s way of thinking, a dream that is clear and firmly remembered will be certified as a prophetic dream.

「One of the jobs of monks of a church is not dream analysisー!」

Most people believe in the Eremia religion even up to the neighboring kingdom. The teaching is a common thing o live cleanly and properly. However, analysis of dream fortunes is positioned as a grace from God rather than occult.

For example, saying, “I dreamed of being confessed to by you, you longing for me very clearly! I’m sure you like me too!” In my previous life in Japan, that person would be declared “a strange fellow who does not distinguish between dreams and reality.

But in this world we tell the friars about the contents of our dreams, while they make an analysis on the dreams.

「It may be because the other party thinks of you」


「Unfortunately this a reverse dream that won’t come true and the other party will not fall for you」

It is interpreted very seriously.

No one denies that her dream isn’t related to reality.

If we follow this common sense, then it is likely that I had a dream about the future.

Although I believe this is not a prophetic dream, the basis of this feeling is the idea of “There is no such thing as prophetic dreams” in the memories from the previous life.

While almost despairing at this deadlocked situation. I look for the possibility that it is not a dream, I try to verify the memories that suddenly appeared in my brain.

「That’s right, originally Kiara in the game could use magic but it seems I cannot use it yet. Besides, I’ve never seen a person using it around me」

I know that magic exists in this world. There are also royal palace magicians, and it seems that the country protects them because they are quite a good fighting strength on the battlefield.

But magicians are rare.

How will I be able to get out of this, I seem to be introduced as a pupil from a magician. However, it is rumored that it is actually a contract with demons.

If the memories of the previous life is correct and this world is exactly the same as the world in the game, then will I be allowed to contract with demons in the near future?

「It’s a contract with a demon. I want to live cleanly and properly…but I」

I am not blessed with families.

I am not blessed in marriage.

Besides, like Faust, when life is too hard you may be forced to do such a thing? (ED: Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend who was dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.)

I search for more evidence in my mind, the queen’s name also matches.

The Evurāru margrave family which was the house of the hero character also matches.

The names of neighboring countries also match.

…… I do believe that I am checkmated.

And I am the villain.

In the game when you fight against the forts and towns where the neighbor’s troops withdrawn by the Queen are stationed, a few times Kiara enters as an enemy.

Until the second half, she is a troublesome enemy who creates huge earth dolls at places where they cannot be attacked and increases the number of fighting enemies. After that, at the battle near the castle, finally Kiara is confined in a field, so that the hero and his allies are able to defeat them.

In the case of Kiara, the wielder of the earth dolls, when you defeat the dolls acting as a wall to protect her, you switch to the story scene where someone being stabbed by a sword is displayed with animation.

Ma~a, they probably cannot draw the picture of the opponent.

Everyone in the main character’s party can kill Kiara, it is natural that you cannot prepare for the number of people. It’s not even a last boss.

And the hero character can also become friends with a magician, but an animation of being stabbed with a sword in the same way appears even if the magician defeated Kiara by magic.

It is probably due to the decision of the producer that “one is fine”.

I remembered that one killing scene, I found goose bumps when I thought of myself.

「Uu, I do not want to die so young like that….it seems. I do not have to get married, right?」

I do not have to become Kiara Credias.

Since I cannot use magic right now, I probably made the contract with the demon after marriage.

I wonder if I can survive as an ordinary person if I cannot use magic.

Besides, I do not need to be roped into war. Even if the situation advances according to the memory of the previous life, I will live.

――OK, let’s run away.

To start, I first pull out the trunk I brought when I entered the dormitory from under the bed, unlock it with the key and take out my purse. Most things are sent from the adoptive host, but there are times when it is occasionally necessary for small money.

For example, a sister working as the housemother of the dormitory there are times when there is a need to arrange some conveniences.

When you want to clean your room.

The money that was kept for such purposes is around 100 thousand shiento.

There were 10 copper coins, 8 gold coins and 19 silver coins.

The reason why there is some left is that I do not ask for others to clean my room and did it by myself.

Anyway I also possess poison.

My adoptive father, Earl Patorishiel, gave it to me. Though he said that it was for an emergency, I’m he wanted me to do something…. Fortunately, nothing was instructed.

When I was about to throw it out, I could not throw it away because I was worried that the flowers and trees in the garden would wither. I was only taught the amount of human death, but I did not understand the ingredients at all and I was upset.

「……That’s right. It might be useful for the future, so I should keep it」

The possibility of having me marry and contracting with a demon is very high, is not it?

Now that I realize such a thing, I am amazed at myself, I put my purse into the pocket of the black skirt I was wearing. And because I was in a room where nobody else was there, I raised my skirt and fastened the large knife and poison bottle with a special leather belt on my thigh.

The way of fighting with the knife was taught immediately after being adopted by the Earl.

…… He said that it was for self-defense, and I trained every day for an hour and suffered muscle pain, now that I think about it self-defense was most likely not the purpose.

Deadly poison and fighting with a knife, did Earl Patorishiel want to make me an assassin?

But from now on I have to live by myself.

I do not feel like I can live without weapons in this dangerous world. For that, thank you for teaching me about poison treatment and knife handling.

Well this should be enough preparation.

I did not have anything else. Even if anyone sees me leaving the dormitory, I can just say “I forgot my textbook in the classroom” to deceive them.

I did not intend to rely on anyone.

Even though I have friends they are are shallow, as they are daughters of genuine nobles. They would most likely say “You cannot not defy your parents! Such an action would confuse and surprise them. If you do something wrong, they may try to contact your parents out of “kindness”. So I could not speak carelessly.

As I left the room, I try to leave the dormitory as calmly as possible.

From there I took a route not seen by people, and moved towards the edge of the church school. I hide behind the hedges near the school walls and feel relieved a little.

I will just leave from here.

It is just a stone’s throw from the hill where the church school is located to the nearest town. If I blend into the crowd and change clothes, I will be able to hide any signs showing that I escaped from the church school.

After that, the adoptive host may follow, so let’s get out of this area quickly.

I would like to go to other countries if possible, but this country is quite big. It will be hard to find unless I go to a famous city. I do not think that a daughter who should have been raised as a noble lady can survive in some poor town.

「The countryside. Let’s go to the countryside. A slightly big town where rich merchants lives doesn’t sound bad」

In such a place, you will not be seen as strange even if you act a bit like a ojosama. And there will be work too.

After deciding upon a rough plan, I moved towards the place where the church school wall ends without waiting for dusk.

The surroundings of the school are surrounded by tall wood forests.

When I was about to quickly move there; I heard a sudden “neigh” from a horse.

Two…no four of them.


It is near the gate.

Normally there are few people visiting the church school except when priests enter and leave with carriages carrying food in the morning. The horse will come only to pick up the returning students at the end or the beginning of the semester and to send students who are entering.

Is there a student who needs to go home in a hurry? Or was it what Earl Patorishiel said in the letter, that a carriage would come soon to bring me back?

I went to see the situation, I am relieved to see the person who is about to board.

It was a male student of the same age as myself.

It is a person who I feel like I have seen somewhere.

Because only nobles and their relatives are enrolled in this church school, he will also be a nobleman. Something probably happened in the territory and may have been called back by parents.

Even though it has nothing to do with me, is it because I have feelings?

My eyes went to another carriage which loaded the baggage.

I do not know how much baggage there is in the hood but will I be able to fit in there?

I can escape quicker and farther if I get into a carriage. Even if the adoptive host chases after me, it is easy to disappear. If I sneak on and get off outside the church school’s premise immediately, no issues should arise with the other party.

When I thought that this was a good idea and waited for a chance, the male student who was going to get in suddenly turned towards the school. It seems that he left something behind. A boy with silver hair, probably an attendant follows later, too.

Perhaps wondering about the escort, the five knights on horse were also distracted by that.

――The goddess blew the whistle.

When an unexpected opportunity comes, people say so. It is said that a miracle has come to be drawn to the sound of the beautiful goddess’s whistle.

I felt that I heard a whistle sound at that time.

Ultimately, I ran impulsively and was getting into the wagon with the hood. It seems that nobody noticed me, thanks to the goddess’s miracle. After a while, the carriage starts moving slowly as if nothing had happened.

As the luggage rattles and rocks around with a noise, I moved to the back of the carriage.
Because it is harder to be found out even if I make a noise.

On the top of the wagon where the large and small boxes were clogged, There was not the place to stand, but since there was a small shelf sown with cloth in a large box, I remove it and place it in a place where it will not fall, and enter myself instead.

I who finally found an enclosed space that was hard to be found, let out a sigh of relief.

Then I became sleepy sudden whether because the tension was finally released.

I who had dozed off……then suddenly heard a voice from the outside said that we had pass by an inspection point.


「It seems that a robbery incident occurred at the same time a group of wind wolves appeared. It would be bad if you are the thieves who controls the wind wolves. I heard the investigation is to see whether there are bandits moving with their stolen goods」

「Well, we are just passing through, but … we are in a hurry」

It seems there were escort knights near the hooded carriage. Talking with the driver of the wagon.

From the contents, it seems to be an inspection for capturing thieves.

I thought that they would not dare to check a noble’s carriage, and I was also concerned with the time just like them.

I wanted to get away from school as quickly as possible.

I thought it was a wonderful idea until a while ago, I thought that getting into the carriage of another person and escaping would make it harder to be caught.

Horse-drawn carriages rarely come to the Church School.

No one will notice the possibility that a female student trying to run away is piggybacking on the carriage because it is faster than walking.

「Was I careless……」

That’s what I thought, but now…

Before I really thought that I heard the sound of the goddess’s whistle.

I can do nothing now but pray earnestly, but this indeed is a noble’s carriage.

It seems that their priority was given over the inspection, and the wheels began to turn after a while.

Yes, with this I will be able to pass through the inspection and cover more distance by the end of today.

When I felt relieved, I became further sleepy.

Among the carriages that started again, I did not mind being somewhat hurt by hitting the interior of the box and I fell asleep quickly.

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