Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 05

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 05: I was interviewed

Then I decided to tell them the situation.
I was bought by money and adopted as a daughter, and in the letter it was written that I was to be married, but my marriage partner’s reputation was horrendous so I ran away.

WelIーthat’s about all I can say.
Because there is no way I can talk about memories of the past world or memories about the game.
I saw a dream that is rather unfortunate! It might be more believable, but the part about memories of a previous life「I do not want be told that I am delusional!」Because I refused to, I kept quiet.

Anyways it is crucial「I do not what to be a villainess, so give me a break!」I could not have said that, so only the story of being an adopted daughter would work, they seem to have been convinced as I was being forced to get married.
There are plenty of parents who do not have empathy in the world, and the usage of the medicine to prevent me from running away, it would be easier to explain that way.

「But you ran away from the house alone, what were you going to do?」

As I was stunned, Alan sat on the bed in a position to face me.
He is 15 years old, one year older than me.
Although I saw him at the church school, I do not know him well.
Classes in school are mostly gender specific, or by age, and only a few times of theology were there a joint class of male and female.
Because their are not much male gossips, who is he, as such I cannot help but be a little interested since I do not know much without investigating.

「No……I have travel expenses for the time being, I will go somewhere to the corner of another territory, and live by doing work like sewing and the likes……」

「Before that you will be kidnapped by someone on the streets」

The one who said that was the expressionless young Wentworth.
He is one of the knights acting as Alan’s escort.

Wentworth’s remark is quite reasonable, but there are other reasons why I have to escape. Moreover aside from being an adopted daughter, as I was taught how to wield a dagger and use poison even if it was just to some extent, even if I ran away I still could protect myself.

……It’s quite troublesome to talk to them honestly because there are so many things I have to keep a secret.
As if trying to divert the conversation, Alan’s follower, named Reggie, said.

「Even if she gets married, it essentially would have been the same situation like being abducted and bought」

Indeed, the only difference would be whether I was sold to a stranger or sold to someone my adopted host knew but had bad rumors circulating about him.

「Whatever happens, either way is unfavorable and she is trapped no matter what」

Thanks to Reggie, Wentworth closed his mouth without further pursuit.
Alright good, thank you Reggie-kun.

Anyway he is a strange person.
Even though he is a follower, he does not act humble towards his master Alan, I wonder if there were any complicated kind of relations between them.
I thought it was strange, but that is between them. I will not pursue it.
Rather I think that I should not get involved.
I could not remember anything with Alan’s name alone, but I nearly screamed after hearing his family name.

Alan・Everal He is said to be the son of Margrave Everal.
I thought that Reggie was familiar, but Alan was the same.
The reason was not because I saw him at the church school but because he was the main character of the game.

……He has a younger face than in the game, so he had a different feeling, I was late noticing it.
He was 17 years old at the start, so his height which is about at Wentworth-san’s chin still can grow some more, his face also becomes more matured than it is now.
Male facial features as they go from junior high school students to high school students start to become more mature and adult like.
And the Alan of the game had a more dark expression. With inevitable death, and only able to see straight ahead, that kind of feeling.

There is also another reason why I didn’t recognize Alan from his name.
The name Alan is not really uncommon. Amongst the conversations at school there were reijo’s who had siblings and there were about two people named Alan.
Thanks to that「Ah, this person is also named Alan. It’s a pretty common name after all」That’s the general thought process.

Anyways, because in the story he will fight against the royal family, although I have not become a villainess yet, it is somewhat uncomfortable to be together.
Because according to the game, you were supposed to kill me.
But even so certain elements didn’t happen in the game, such as the “free ride”. But still I felt like I didn’t belong with them, I encouraged parting again.

「Ano, anyhow I got in the carriage without permission, so I apologize. I cannot move, but I will be cured in a while. Since you have a schedule, please feel free to leave me and proceed along」

Because I was asleep, the sun is in a much higher position. I guess it’s going to be noon soon.
As their schedule would be hindered, I offered them to go ahead, but some reason they did not accept it.

「But the sleeping medicine was used on you at school just a moment before you ran away, will your adopted father give up that easily?」

To Reggie’s disturbing words, Alan made a bitter expression.

「There are few people who always go in and out of the church school. If they cannot find where you went by tracing your footprints, they will investigate with those who left that day. Besides, the effect of the medicine used should be known well. If the effect did not kick in yet and they don’t find you on the roadside, they will start looking for you at inns. Won’t they find you immediately here?」


As Alan says.
If the effect of medicine kicked in yesterday, then Earl Patorishiel would have sent someone to pick me up yesterday. As soon as they find out I am not there, they will start searching for towns close to the school, it will not take much time.
Also, if they wanted to secure me quickly, they would just send those to follow after Alan, and they would surely find this town. It is not strange if I was still in close proximity.
If you are in an inn, you will be caught quickly. Also I still cannot move.

I was at a loss.
While pondering over what I should do, I heard a sigh next to my ears.

「To be honest, I do not want to have any suspicious people……

Alan turns his eyes towards Reggie.

「I think it’s fine, Besides, you are kind, a lamb who can’t move just waiting to be hunted, wouldn’t it be hard to disregard after seeing it?」

It is a compliment, but Alan who heard it frowned.

「I would like to say that I am a good-nature person, However, you were the one who recommended it, I think that you are the kind one」

「Is that so?」

Reggie returned with a sharp look.

「But, the one who has the final decision is you, it’s your territory after all」


Alan seemed liked he wanted to say something, but he does not deny or affirms the words of Reggie and turns to me.

By that time, I also saw it as well.
Apparently Alan, it seems that he is interested in giving me a hand.
I wonder if they will take me to a far away city by carriage.
Alan stared at me motionlessly, I guess he knew I was filled with expectations.

「Do not rejoice yet. It might be a different story whether you are welcomed or not」

「But you do not know until you ask!」

So please get on with it. After saying so, Reggie mumbled「She should still be under the influence of the medicine, but she is pretty straightforward huh?」as if he were impressed.
Because I cannot keep being depressed. Escaping comes first, crying comes last!
So while waiting for the answer in my heart, Alan told me with a sigh.

「……I lend a hand to your escape. If you wish, I can hire you at my house. Even if I drop you off in a suitable town, you probably still wouldn’t last long. As that would just make matters worse, it is better to just take you along」

Hire? That means that I would become a person on the hero’s side. Then, I judged that the possibility of becoming a villain is also low, I immediately answered.

「Of course it is good! Please by all means!」

「Answer after letting me finish」

When I replied Alan instantly replied back, I was put to a stop by Alan.

「You do not have any better options now, so if you work at my home, you must abandon your social position and family name so that you do not get discovered by Earl Patorishiel. Moreover, unless a good job is available, you will only be able to do the work of a commoner. Even if you do not like it, you cannot go back to your adopted host or leave the territory. Because there are various circumstances, this will prevent you from leaking information when you are employed you at the castle. If you break the rules, you will go to prison immediately」

So will I still accept after having heard these conditions?
I kept this in my mind, but this is exactly what I hoped for.
If this past memory is true, the chances of becoming a villainess would drop if I do not leave Alan’s territory.
If I do not leave this territory, there is a possibility I maybe kidnapped, or I wonder if someone may be monitoring me and chasing me.

More than anything.
A woman who got on the carriage without permission, Alan and the rest had let me sleep on the bed, and didn’t do anything else thus far. Perhaps the Everal house are very righteous.
Ma~a it is the hero of the game. They must have good morale.
Moreover, to be hired at his home, there are more benefits than living and finding a job in some town. With such favorable conditions there is no other safer place to work.

「No problem! Please let me work at the Eveal family by all means! Ah, it is harder to treat me as a commoner if I have a family name, I will do it! Please just call me Kiara! Should I change that name as well? I will do so when there is a demand! 」

When I say so with a full smile, Alan murmured「Seriously…?」 with a stunned look, on the other hand, Wentworth was still expressionless but rounded his eyes.

And Reggie held his sides again with his shoulders shaking violently look like he was struggling to hold in his laughter.

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