Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 06

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 6: Evaluation on the free-riding daughter

It was decided to take along the free riding noble girl, Kiara.

Knowing that preparations for departure was already in place, Alan asked Reggie if he was「Ready?」and went outside the inn.

「Ah, that girl is really interesting」

Reggie laughed too much and tears had welled up in his eyes.

Although she said that she is an adopted daughter, wouldn’t she still be living as a noble daughter? Just the thought of her sleeping in a box alone was funny enough, but then she fell from the bed, has no problem with being treated as a commoner, it’s too out of standard as a girl」

While speaking, Reggie started to laugh again after remembering, while Alan shrugged his shoulders.

Although he thought that Reggie was laughing too much, he do not think about stopping him.
In the first place, Reggie was not usually a person who laughed this much. He always smiles, but his smile is often to mislead or make things ambiguous. Moreover, it is also to avoid making too much friction.
When he came to visit Alan’s territory, playing around was a different story, but in his original place, he does not laugh so openly, though Alan had never seen it.

「Surely if it’s you, it’s definitely your type of human. That’s why you were so interested」

「Un, that’s right, to be honest, when I was going to pick you up, I did not expect to see such interesting things. So that is correct」

「For me, I was amazed at the sight of you being one of my servants…… because you did strange things, everyone’s attention turned to you, isn’t that how the girl managed to slip onto the carriage?」

If there is something to worry about, people will be less attentive to others.
Even when we stopped in front of the church school, there was always someone around the carriage. Even so she got in, and no one noticed it.

If there were any openings, it would be when Alan got off the carriage when he notice that Church school’s director had come to see him off, and furthermore Reggie also came along.
Reggie who was suppose to be riding in the horse-drawn carriage quietly suddenly came out, so it couldn’t be helped that the knights panicked and were distracted.

But even so, we did not notice the existence of Kiara on the carriage until we heard her sleeping, it was a really bad coincidence.
Even though we stopped the carriage several times for a break, no one noticed a single person, including myself.
Again as the number of unexpected factors increased, the hooded carriage which had enough luggage piled that one would think that it would be inconvenient for a person to ride, it perhaps was recognized as 『Being okay』 so it was probably overlooked.
Those reasons had made Reggie think「Perhaps」

「I know it was bad, but I wanted to let my feathers stretch out occasionally. Your father also acknowledged it」

「That idiot father……」

After being told that Alan’s father had allowed him, Alan grumbled unpleasantly.

「But still, are you sure we can really take her?」

Alan asked Reggie.
He wanted to talk about it, that’s why Alan had took Reggie out.

「Un, it’s fine」

Reggie―without any particular emotion, responded casually.
Alan doubts as to whether he is really thinking.

「You replied lightly, in terms of security and keeping secrets, we will not be praised for taking unnecessary risks you know?」

「I know, But even so, won’t it feel wrong to throw her out? We should be able to keep secrets from leaking if we do not let her out of the territory, I guess they will allow it with such an order. It will be troublesome if she comes into contact with Earl Patorishiel after all」

Earl Patorishiel is a person on the queen’s side.
Since the Everal household belongs to a different faction, there are various things that they do not want leaked out, things that need to be hidden.

「But, no matter how much conditions are placed, it will not be perfect……Earl Patorishiel and Credius. People with strong influences from neighboring countries, using adopted daughters to try and strengthen ties by marriage, it is too threatening. I am still doubtful of whether that girl may have deliberately crawled into our carriage」

Contrary to Alan’s serious look, Reggie was smiling.

「It’s okay. Kiara, she does not seem to be really bad. Though the fact she didn’t realized she was drugged is a little strange if I think about it, but perhaps she was just too preoccupied with trying to escape from marriage, that alone seems plausible enough…..Well, I will also keep an eye on her」

Alan was satisfied with what Reggie says.
Kiara does not look like a person who is suitable for plotting. If it was acting, then she is considerably skilled Even if she was trying to assassinate, in her current condition it seems she will not be able to move around much, unless she was prepared to be to be found and caught immediately, the only possibility would be to mix poison with a meal.

「One more thing, my decision to go to you, it was really just made the other day. It was just before departure I decided to dress as a servant to pick you up. So for the Earl to send a letter in anticipation, to have Kiara pretend to be drugged with sleeping medicine and take the carriage would be impossible」

Reggie’s actions were too sudden, to react to them that quickly would be difficult. Thanks to that, he should be safe to any political scheming.
Alan had no choice but to agree with Reggie’s reasoning.

「Then did she really hear the goddess’s whistle blow?」

Kiara had said so.
She thought that it was a miracle of god, and got into the carriage.

「To avoid the eyes of Wentworth and the rest and get into the carriage. It might really be a miracle of the goddess? Besides, there is nothing wrong with keeping her.
If something occurs with Earl Patorishiel, wouldn’t it be possible to use her as reason to dissuade him?」

For one, she is still his daughter even if she is adopted. It might be possible to use her.
To Reggie’s words, Alan lowered his head suddenly.

「You are a really scary fellow……」

He heaved a sigh, but added a word.

「But it is rare, this the first time you acted that way towards a person ever since coming to my territory. Is there something you like about her?」

To those words Reggie smile ambiguously.

「Yeah. I will not be bored. So I’m ever so grateful that I will be serving at your house」

From the facial expression of Reggie, I cannot read anything beyond that.
But to find a girl that so happen to have affinity with Reggie, because it’s a place where he will be at for a long time, it’s a rare event.

But what to do after taking her to the territory……
Even if I have her do commoner work, I fear that it may be too harsh on the body of a noble girl.
What kind of work should I ask my father for, Alan was troubled.

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  1. Welp, im wondering what if one day, or in scene they will see her with the poison? i mean like example cooking or something, aish xD there’s alot of thoughts in my brain lol 😛

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    From the sleeptalking from before, there is a name of the food only found in modern world, so it is interesting means it is from the same world as him?

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