Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 07

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 7: Let’s submit dangerous goods

The party departed after a while.

Because we cannot wait slowly for me to recover, I was sitting in the carriage since I could not walk yet.
At that time I was carried there by the young knight, Wentworth-san, with a princess carry, hmm, this is actually pretty embarrassing…….
Even if they were just two people, I think that I want pills for shortness of breathing, but aside from Reggie and Alan, even being seen by the knights, it is hard to calm down.

However it couldn’t be avoided as my legs still could not move properly yet. They were numb and there was no sense at all.
Rather thanks to being supported, and because they was no feeling it feels like my feet are floating by themselves! It actually looks kind of creepy.

As for the carriage, because I was a girl, they initially wanted me to ride in the same carriage with Alan, but I refused.
I was told that I would be treated as a commoner, if so, wouldn’t it be improper for me to ride with the young master?

However, I did not want to be placed into the wagon, because I was worried that I was going to be placed into the wagon, I said it would be enough if you could tie me onto someone’s horse……but to that offer, Reggie started laughing again.

Reggie really does laugh a lot. Is it really that funny? I pray that his stomach does not develop a muscle ache.

「Anyways, who is this……」

From the memories of the game that surfaced, was there someone like Reggie?
My memories are a little hazy, because I only remember the main battle and capture, I cannot remember much else.
But since he is this close to the hero, he should be in the game.

「In a battle simulation, is it because attendants have no turn, is that it?」

It makes sense if I think about it. In the first place, that game consists really of just simple conversation or animation when little scenes come out, other than that it’s really just a stoic fighting game. Rather, I usually skipped the story scenes, thinking「When does the fight start?」

「But, something like the princess of the branching royal family who did not participate in the battle should have come out and……is it that? In the end of such a scene, it was probably reflected without lines」

While thinking that the possibility seems to be high, I move my feet with a pitter-patter.
Actually, the boxes of the loading platform were moved a little and I was sitting on a box of just the right height, with a cushion spread.
Indeed, everyone in the Everal household are such gentleman……
I might not be able to sleep lying down with my legs.

Even in such a state, at first because my legs had no strength, I would nearly fall off when the carriage shook, when about an hour had passed, feeling gradually began to return to my legs.
After finally being able move my legs again, I felt grateful towards the feeling in my legs.

「Even so, I was glad I ran away after all」

After I heard about the sleeping medicine, I thought that my instincts and judgment was right.
If I did not get away at that time, when I fall unconscious, a “person from the house” would have come to retrieve me……aah, I do not want to think about it. Although it is a premise to work at the royal palace, it would become a situation where I would have to “tend” to the oji-san for a while.

「Ah, that’s why……」

The game’s Kiara was a villainess on the side of the queen who constantly interfered with the heroes.

She had fallen into the bottom mentally.
Desparing over not being able to escape, you would be released from hardships if you go beside the queen. Moreover, if you stay on the side of the queen, you do not have to go back to the married house. I understand your dependence on the Queen.
Magic, perhaps to be on the side of the queen, you searched for any possible methods to use yourself.
If there is such circumstances, I can understand why the game’s Kiara would go out to the battlefield for the queen.

……Rather, it seems likely that Earl Patorishiel induced the queen to do so, because it would be plausible, I remembered the face of that oji-san and shivered.

While I was thinking, it was lunch time.
I also broke a piece of the bread and passed it on, I was also handed a piece of broiled meat and I put it to my mouth. It is a little dry, but it cannot be helped. After drowning it down with water, Reggie suddenly came into my sight.

Reggie beckoned to a place a little away.
The surrounding knights also say nothing though they are watching.
I don’t know what he wants but I walk towards Reggie, and was lead towards a grove which has deviated from the road.
I wonder if it was something secretive. When I look puzzled, Reggie stopped and stood in front of me with a smile.

「……Your legs, can you show me?」

「E-, Ehh!?」

Show my legs, what!?
Because in this world, girls over 10 years old should not be exposed from the ankle, and if seen carelessly,「Shameful!」won’t one get angry? Being in a situation where I was told to show them, there are may issues with that.

Haa……is it possible Reggie is the type of terrible person who keeps a calm face while picking up girls to satisfy his hunger?

I am afraid, I take a step back.
Although I have preliminary knowledge of men and women from my previous life’s memories the current me is only 14 years old. I do not have such experiences in my head, so it was impossible to calmly take it.
And in the previous existence’s knowledge, it is alright to push away an unruly person and escape, but in this world where social position is strict, and after agreeing to being treated as a commoner, is it okay to hit the young master’s close friend, Reggie?

As a result, I took another, and then another step back. But Reggie just closed the distance as well.
After continuing backwards a few steps, when my back hits the tree, he placed both his arms around me so that I cannot escape.

When I saw it, I remembered railroad crossings. In my mind 「The train is passing」and the train whistle sounds.
As soon as I realized that I cannot run away, my body starts to tremble.
Then Reggie gave a small laugh and whispered.

「A knife and a bottle?」

After hearing his words, I am startled.
On my legs, I am equipped with a knife and bottle of poison. Because my legs had no feeling a while ago, I had completely forgotten about them.
The skirt is rather bulky from the pannier, thanks to that or whether because there were small items, I guess the two other people have not noticed it yet.
But Reggie must have noticed the suspicious items, because they were things that I should not have in front of the master Alan, I was cautious, they are threatening items after all.

「If it is known by Wentworth and the rest, it will be more troublesome」

From his subsequent words I find that my guess was right.
Moreover, Reggie probably meant that if I hand over my weapons obediently now, he would not mention it to the others.
Most likely “show your legs” probably was referring to the items I was hiding.

Understanding that far, my face grew hot.
I misunderstood greatly. I am very embarrassed.
Why did I misunderstand it for that kind of thingーbaka! I guess it was not that kind of idea, I was too overly conscious!

Because from my response now, it is essentially fear that Reggie might be interested in myself as a woman. That’s not it!
I apologize in a feeble voice, and a feeling of wanting to cry emerges.

「Ano, I will hand them over……」

When I think about the future, I must have Reggie understand that I am not an enemy. So I would hand over the weapon obediently, but that offer is a bit difficult right now.
Because the thought of lifting my skirt in front of him was a bit……but then unexpected words came out of his mouth.

「Will you remove it here now?」


When I looked up to him unintentionally, Reggie repeated it with a smile that looked very gentle.

「I want you to remove it in front of me. I’d like to check all the weapons properly. Would it be more conscientious than being forcibly taken off by me?」


Reggie’s argument is sound.
It was a person you just met yesterday, you don’t know what they would do, it’s hard too trust.
That’s why I want to do as you say, but to lift my skirt while being seen, what kind of shame play is this!?

But I think that I should do as he say, I somehow should try to change my consciousness dyed in the customs of this world.
Beneath the skirt I’m wearing drawers that are like half pants that go down to the calves. I am also wearing leather belts from above the drawers.
In terms of previous life standards, it is like wearing jersey shorts under the skirt. I do not know the exact line of the body, but it does not expose my bare legs.

That’s right, I was walking outside wearing shorts that exposed the thighs in the previous life! When I was at the pool and the ocean, I was in swimsuits that look like underwear.

……Alright, I felt that I would not be ashamed too much.
Still a sense of shame remained, but unable to decline Reggie I replied.

「W-Wait a moment, please」

Apparently convinced that I would obey, Reggie removed his hands from both sides and moved away one step.
Feeling less anxious, I remove the leather belt wrapped around my thigh in a way that it cannot be seen as much as possible.

Because I raised my skirt, Reggie would have seen until the calves, the exposure to the knee should have been defended to the death though.

I fix the skirt quickly, and hand the leather belt to Reggie.
Reggie received it, he does not check any further. ……Maa, I do not have anymore suspicious items, it may have been confirmed earlier.
Wait doesn’t that mean? Reggie already saw it!?
Upon realizing that I am about to cry out in shame, but then Reggie asked.

「Why do you have something like this? I know you are trying to be cautious since you are out alone, but this is not something noble girls usually have correct?」

「That……my adoptive host Earl Patorishiel taught me how to fight with a knife and gave the poison to me when I entered school」


I think there is no point in hiding it now, so I obediently answered. It looks like a very interesting story. Reggie intrigued expression says.

「After taking it to school, I was troubled as to where I should throw it away…… If it was found it would make a commotion. But this time since I planned to travel alone. For self-protection……」

「It certainly is dangerous to travel alone. Even I would have something for self-defense…..I understand」

「Ano, do you really believe me? I never thought of using it on Alan-sama and Reggie-san, it never even crossed my mind」

I clench my hands tight and look at Reggie.
Although he told me he understood, because I kept poison and a knife, I do not know if he really believed my story. Even if he said 『I understand』, he may have raised his vigilance.

So it might be better if they left me somewhere else, if as soon as I arrived at the Everal’s territory, I was sent to prison……and unable to come out for the rest of my life…….
I escaped because I didn’t want to meet an unpleasant end, but this is essentially the same.
I was fearful and asked Reggie.

「If you did not give it over obedient, it is possible that various things might have happen. But Kiara, you chose to be trusted by me more over your own shame, is that not it?」

To Reggie’s smile, I finally understood.
He made an unreasonable request to see if I would obey him, by having me remove the weapons under my skirt in front of him, in order to infer whether or not I would like to be trusted.
And due to awakening the consciousness of my previous life, I managed to pass the exam of Reggie somehow.
It seems that I did not lose the trust of Reggie, I feel relieved.

After that, Reggie pulled my hand and moved to the vicinity of the river flowing nearby.
As for the poison, Reggie opened the lid and confirmed the smell, it seems that it was not likely to kill the plants. He emptied contents at the root of an appropriate tree.
At that time, I thought that if I emptied the poison in a garden,  the plants and grass would wilt and cause a commotion, when I said that there might be trouble if I did so, Reggie chuckled lightly.

Then to the empty bottle, knife and leather belt, Reggie aimed at a deep place of the river and threw it away.
I was a little uneasy as the tools to protect myself were gone, but I also felt a little relieved.
It might be due to the memories of my previous life, but keeping those type of things made me psychologically tense.
Then Reggie looked at my face and opened his eyes wide.
He says while looking puzzled.

「Even though I just threw away your items for self-defense, you seem to be somewhat released」

「……that may be so. Somehow, I feel like I am finally freed from the Earl’s grasp, so I am feeling relieved a little」

To my honestly feelings, for some reason Reggie patted my head.
The feeling of being softly stroked, is a bit nostalgic.
I wonder when was the last time I was stroked like this. Was it before my present mother died? That good for nothing father did not care about me in the first place.
When I became quiet after remembering my deceased mother, Reggie withdrew his hands.

「Come, let’s go back」

I nodded and followed him obediently.

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  1. If someone were to throw my knife, i’d be reaaally mad! I mean, it’s for self-defense or whatsoever. Well, she’s got a point later about freed from earl’s grasp.
    I can’t say i dislike her, but she’s not my fav mc.

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    1. Also I feel like she’s getting way too influenced by her past life memories, she should still be far more leaning to this world’s standards than our Earth’s.


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