Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 11

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

(Ed: Changed Farudia to Faruzia)

Chapter 11: Margrave Everal’s territory and about him

As the Thorn Princess said, we went through the forest for 100 meters and saw a horse-drawn carriage outside of the forest.

I am relieved, but I cannot let my guard down.

The subordinate of Earl Patorishiel might still be there.

Because Wentworth also understood this, we were to wait until it is safe, and then a knight will come to pick us up. So Reggie said to lie low and wait in the forest with him.

Eventually I heard a sound like walking through dead leaves, and a single knight appeared.

「Sorry I made you wait, as he is no longer there please return」

At his lead, me and Reggie return to the carriage.

The carriage departed right away and Reggie asked Alan what happened after he and I left.

「The subordinate of Earl Patorishiel, was he shaken off? Or did you throw him off?」

While smiling, Reggie asked the two bad choices.

Eh, is Reggie possibly angry at that subordinate of Earl Patorishiel

Alan was not surprised though, and he acted like it was normal.

「The door of the carriage was still open, so I also hoped that he would be shaken off, but he did not fall. Though thanks to, when going by foot his horse returned to the place where he was at. Also thanks to the runaway he was in the carriage for more than enough, so it seemed that he was convinced that Kiara wasn’t there. ……just when the horse was frightened by the thundergrass and ran away and that man walked around looking for it, I was worried about whether he would run into you two」

Then Reggie nods happily.

「Thanks to the commotion, we were able to hide leisurely. And since he was too busy looking for the horse, he couldn’t afford to mind about other stuff」

「But why did the thundergrass suddenly started acting up?」

「Aa, yes, It is because I threw the thundergrass」

When I raise my hand and speak, Alan is startled.

「Threw? Oi, did you not get burned?」

「It shocked me a little, but because it was only a tiny one in the forest, rather than pain it was more like……Uwa」

Alan starts leaning forward and then grabs my two hands.
He looks at the palm of my hands before letting them go in relief.

「Looks like it is true. There is nothing……」

「I wanted to get it away from me so I threw it in spite of myself, but there was only one so it shouldn’t be a problem?」

「That is not so, you are still a woman so it would be undesirable if you were to get hurt」

Saying so with a serious look, I am at a loss for words.
……Kuso, as expected of a hero.

To the small nature me the goodness of this character is too bright. I can only look down and say「yes」in spite of myself.

But I will not fall in love, I wonder if it is because my game self Kiara was defeated by Alan’s party multiple times?

The easiest way to defeat her is to damage the earth doll using the long range magic of the Thorn Princess, and then to stab her in the next turn.

With that Alan sat back down and began to talk to Reggie.

「Even so, it took you two quite long to get back」

「Ah, we meet the Thorn Princess along the way」

「Thorn Princess!?」

To Reggie’s causal reply, Alan who had just sat back down immediately stood up again in surprise.

「Oi Reggie, you were not hurt right!? I heard that witch is a scary being who beats men with her thorns while laughing…… moreover, isn’t it said that a man she does not like will be swallowed mercilessly!?」

Oi Oi Alan-kun.

To say that about someone who will become your ally in the near future…… Also I do not think anyone would swallow a person they dislike. If the other person is a middle-aged aristocrat with a balding head, would you want to swallow that?

「Do I look like I am injured?」


Reggie said「There was no problems」to Alan.

「So what kind of person was the Thorn Princess?」

「She was a very tiny and cute girl about two or three years younger than me. But the person herself said she had existed since the beginning」

It seems that Alan’s interest had already shifted to the Thorn Princess.

While listening to the conversation of the two people, I search and grasp the pendant that I had thrust into my pocket with my hand.

I do not know about this stone pendant. Why did the Thorn Princess gave me this?

Although I do not understand the reason, it was good that even though Reggie was out of her target range he was not thrown out.


While I was thinking, we arrived at our destination for the day and we stayed overnight. After that incident no more pursuers came again so we proceeded along smoothly.

Five days later, we entered Magrave Everal’s territory, and two days later, the Magrave’s castle built on a far away hill came into view.

It was my first time seeing a castle in another territory.
It had a gray color and judging from the size of the surrounding trees it seems pretty wide, while making random guesses from the window of the carriage, Alan’s voice drew my attention to him.

「I will tell you since it is necessary because you will be working in my castle from now on」

And I was taught various things about the circumstances of Magrave Everal’s territory.

The Everal rules over the territory bordering the neighboring country, the Sarehald Kingdom in the north. Because of often conflict with each country, the margrave family is given the position of military governor from the King, in emergencies, he has the power to command and supervise the army with support from multiple territories.

As a result, the army of the Faruzia royal family was almost entirely controlled by Magrave Everal.

Anyhow, it seems the reason Alan returned to the territory was not due to an emergency that had to be prioritized over study, but rather because the territory had became safe again.

A while ago it seems that there was a disturbing situation where groups of bandits from Ruain invaded the territory, and the houses of the Magrave’s branch family were attacked. It was not a large number but because multiple groups were active in several areas, it would take awhile for the Magrave’s army to weed them all out.

There were talks about whether Ruain were substituting them for scouts for a possible invasion, considering the dangers of assassination, Alan seems to have been evacuated to a distant church school.

「But it’s not because I am not strong okay? It’s just that in the unlikely event where no one were to survive, there would at least still be one family member left okay?」

Alan seemed to dislike being in a position of being protected, and kept stressing that point to me.

On my side, O-Ou…..I could only nod in agreement.

Alan is suppose to be in his rebellious period, so if his father and mother were to worry over matters like him being too young, he would sulk.

If I recall Alan was an assault type of protagonist…….
It is naturally impossible to avoid battle in the game, so prepare to be annihilated! I had no other choice but to advance the game with that mindset. Though in real life if someone were to tell you「Fine let’s fight」it may be pretty scary.

Ah, I remembered.

Alan had lost his father in the beginning. The castle was attacked. But he was spared because he was away from the castle…….

N? Nnm!?

Flickering memories arise and disappear.
I was about to recall something, but I cannot stay without listening to Alan’s explanation, so I’ll put it on hold for now.

「For the time being, since I heard the groups responsible have been captured and disposed of. I think there is no problem, but you should still be careful if you need to go outside the castle for something. Our castle is located near the border after all」


I nodded in response.
He continued on with further explanations, I already knew the part about how the mother of Alan is the King’s older sister, then he mentions his mother usually deals with border security.

……Eh, the Margravine’s militant faction?

If I came to work under Alan’s mother, I would likely follow her around dealing with matters related to that, when I heard that I began to pale.

Moreover, since I spent several years as a noble lady, if Alan’s mother does not have a problem, it is most likely I would work under her.


My physical strength is somewhat delicate……

Even if I come to work under the Margravine, a small voice inside of me wishes if something could be done so I could work inside the castle, Alan then said「Well, with your physical strength you probably wouldn’t be able to handle being a maid……」

A maid who does physical labor, shouldn’t that be what’s strange!?

While I am preoccupied with that, we arrive at the Magrave’s castle.

In the game the gate of the castle wall was drawn beautifully with a brush, but the sense of intimidation felt from the rough surface of the stones and towering height was overwhelming.

When the heavy gate made of iron was opened, there is a hall beyond that seemed wide enough for thousands of people to run around. The door of the entrance hall with several steps of stone is opened and people who seemed to have come to greet us appeared.

Servants lined up on both sides; because they were wearing light gray clothes of a charcoal color, it seemed like they would melt into the stone walls of the castle.

A middle-aged man wearing a dark green outerwear stands in the middle. When Alan grows up, his features such as the height and width of the shoulders would also be like that.

The man is Margrave Vain Everal.

Behind him in a not too showy yellow dress must be the King’s elder sister, Margravine Beatrice.

Behind Beatrice there are two maids, both are tall……and if I am not mistaken, they just lowered their swords.

Un……physical strength and sword skill, I do not know if they had been taught by the Madam, but I was convinced what Alan said was true.

Madam Beatrice herself as well, though she is smaller than Margrave Vain, but the atmosphere she gives off is the same.

When the carriage stops, the knights help Alan and Reggie off, and I was also escorted.

So it has finally come to the first greeting with the Magrave, I was going to wait till the talk is directed towards myself, so I was behind Alan.

At that time, for some reason Reggie goes a step ahead of Alan.
Then the margrave and rest got down on their knee all at once.
Towards Reggie.

「Thank goodness for your safe return, Reginardo-sama」

What is with the Margrave’s conduct?
And then Reggie received it like a matter of course.

「Thank you for listening to my selfish request, Margrave. Once again, I will be staying here for a while」

From the response it is obvious that Reggie’s position is higher.

What on earth? To the dumbfounded me, Wentworth says in a low voice from behind.

「Have you not heard yet?」


Wentworth has a look of pity on his face.

「Reggie-sama, is the Prince of Faruzia, Reginardo-sama」

The moment I heard that, I held my mouth desperately with both hands. Otherwise I would have shouted「Haaaaa!?」in a loud voice.

At the same time, an image surfaces in my mind.
At the opening of the game for only a few seconds, when the castle of the Margrave was attacked, a friend the protagonist Alan lost made an appearance.

Given the state of tension with the Kingdom of Sarehald, a decision was made to negotiate with the other party, so Prince Reginardo came as a representative.

In the middle of the raid, the margrave who protected him was killed, and Reginardo himself was hurt by an arrow shot from far away, then he was cut down and dies afterwards.

Prince Reginardo’s hair was certainly silver.

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