Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 14 Part 1

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 14: Encounter with Magician

When I returned, Reggie still hadn’t finished his meal yet.
And there’s that. A prince can’t just pour stew into a bowl and then directly pour it into his mouth.
Maybel-san also hasn’t arrived yet. With this I won’t miss out on the investigation.

As I was waiting, Maybel-san walked over briskly.
After a knock, because the waitperson came out from the room and informed us the meal had ended, me and Maybel-san then entered the dining room.
Reggie rose up and Maybel-san gave her report.

「Unfortunately, it was said that you should refrain from accompanying since it’s dangerous. However, it seems the Margrave intends to place that magician into the castle’s prison, because of that it’s possible for Your Highness to see the magician then」

「Thank you Maybel. Then I would like you to tell me when the Margrave returns」


As Maybel-san bowed, Reggie’s line of sight shifts to me his eyes saying:

『This should be fine right?』

Of course, it would be harder for me to meet the magician without Reggie. I don’t mind what way as long as we can meet.
When I nodded Reggie then returned a nod.

「At that time I would also like to take Kiara with me. Because it’s related to the investigation, I would also like for her to see and help me with it」

「Kiara also……is that so」

Mabel also seemed surprised when Reggie said he wanted us to go together.
But then she says she will follow Reggie’s request. Thanks to that, even if Madam Beatrice was there at that time it would be alright because Reggie was the one who had me come with him.

For the being the meeting was over, Reggie then went to the courtyard and a knight came to pick him up. Since they were many skirmishes in this era it seems sword training and horseback riding are indispensable elements for the prince.
I waited for Madam Beatrice to return and thought about going to check the state of the room.
Then, Maybel suddenly muttered.

「His Highness seems to trust you very much correct?」

A sigh was mixed in with her voice, I corrected my posture in a cold sweat.
Uh, this is maybe that.
I only just met the prince a while ago and I am a person of doubtful origin…….so she isn’t happy that I befriended the prince.

What should I do if I am told not to approach Reggie any more?
I won’t be able to find out more about magic which will make it difficult to find a way to save Reggie.
If it really comes down to it and I am dismissed there will be no other choice but to charge into where the Thorn Princess lives to search for clues.
There is another choice, I remember the environment where I can definitely learn magic, but I don’t want to do it if I can.
As my head was about to blow from all my worries.

「I am really happy that he now has more people he can place his trust in」


I raise a doubtful voice to the words of Maybel-san.
Then Maybel-san smiled with a troubled face.

「I am not suspicious of you, His Highness doesn’t carelessly place his trust in dangerous people. Because you’re also a child you didn’t think of it as an obligation or sorts and just became friends with His Highness who is of the same age as you. Up to now His Highness has been in a difficult position so I am happy」

「Ano, is that because he is the prince?」

I just thought that I must get along well with the person supporting me actually. So it was such a thing.

「That is one of the reasons but it’s also due to a complicated birthright. Because His Highness was adopted by the current King, his position is complicated」

「That’s right……」

Reggie was the child of the king’s older brother. But because the king’s older brother died when he was still reigning as the crown prince, Reggie who was still young became the son of the current King.

I think the game didn’t mention any complicated circumstances, or at least I think.
Even if there was such a setting for his character since the beginning, it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the game’s story.
Also the current King still doesn’t have any children yet.

Because he is the only heir and they are still connected by blood, I thought they wouldn’t be cruel to him but……then I remembered about Reggie’s 『Unfriendly Family』

「His family……doesn’t really care for him correct?」

I remembered Reggie’s words and how since we both have unfriendly families we could find relief in each other since we had the same situation.
After hearing my words, Maybel-san seems to have realized that I knew of the situation.

「His Highness really does talk to you of various things I see」

Maybel-san gave a sigh and judging from her shoulders, it seems she was tired.
And then she began telling me various things, perhaps Maybel-san may have wanted to tell someone of his story.

「His Highness was the son of His Majesty’s older brother. Since his older brother was the crown prince and next in line to succeed the throne, His Highness Prince Reginald would have ranked higher in order of succession than His Majesty. But his father then died…….and later his mother, she left the castle out of grief and went to live in a different place to seek asylum and her whereabouts became unknown, in the end only His Highness was left」

Reggie was only five years old when he lost both of his parents.

「But then luckily the former king who was his grandfather came, His Highness was cute so he protected and cared for him. However, because the care for him was so deep, there were rumors about the order of succession for his uncle the current king being endangered. Because of that the former king had Prince Reginald become the adopted son of His Majesty…….but even after this, the young His Highness was still regarded with hostility」

Oi-oi……I am rather disgusted.

Because they didn’t want the order of succession to be changed they adopted him.

But even then they thought of him as threatening and bullied a little child…….

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  1. Fucking cunts. Who the hell do you think you are bitch ass family. Holy shit, this is why I hate royals, most of them are all stuck up bitches. Gods, I am now entirely in support of those isekai protagonists who kill everyone they meet

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