Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 14 Part 2

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 14: Encounter with Magician (2)

So throughout Reggie’s entire childhood he was affected by the predecessor’s history, and the situation was difficult around him.

Everyone was on good terms with the predecessor but they couldn’t just ignore the current king, since the predecessor had passed away his influence was also gone so it would be disadvantageous, so it became troublesome to interact with the predecessor’s son.

I thought that I had a terrible childhood, so I sympathized with Reginald.

「His Majesty eventually married the current Queen, it was a political marriage to avoid war with the Kingdom of Ruain which could become a war of attrition. Of course the queen wasn’t accepting of His Highness, because if she were to have a child in the future His Highness Prince Reginald would be an obstacle, it wasn’t a situation where he could obtain a mother’s love」

Thus Reggie continued to live his life with a family that didn’t love him.

It must be a constant thorn…….

Our situations may be similar but I seem to be the one who was better off.

Though the marriage with the queen looks as if it were alright.
The current King also didn’t feel it would be good for the country to be taken over by the Ruain Kingdom.

It was thought that putting a person of Ruain’s blood as the successor would be a problem, but even so Reggie still held the first position for inheriting the throne. So to strengthen the unity of the nobles, it was encouraged to interact with the prince, and so nobles who were cautious of the queen drew close to Reggie.

The best example is Margrave Everal.

「Beatrice-sama the king’s older sister is here and she is also someone who took pity on Reginald-sama’s past history. Fortunately he is also on good terms with Alan-sama so he often stays here」

However, because Reggie is the prince Alan was unable to completely interact with him at will. Reggie also knew that and since Alan was also a close relative they were unable to become too deeply involved.

「I believe he was able to cut off all obligations with you because of your position, that’s why he feels comfortable with you……if possible, I hope that you can stay with His Highness as much as you can」

After Maybel-san said that the story was finished.
I felt a very sincere feeling from the tone of her voice.
Though now there are people supporting him since the political situation has changed.

But most of them are people who would come and go depending on the advantages or disadvantages…….so it’s impossible to trust them.

In my past life, there wasn’t really situations like these.
At most, there were just be some disagreements between main groups, because there are just some times where you don’t get along, that has also happened to me before.
But, it would usually never affect my home environment.
The house is the house, the school is the school after all.

Ah, though there are situations that can affect the household. People who perhaps work in the same company as your parents or people who you perhaps work with on a daily basis, or perhaps if your boss disliked you or your parent’s boss disliked them.

I wonder if Reggie’s situation is close to that.

In any case, having nowhere to escape to is indeed very painful. Since I existed outside of those circumstances Maybel-san was happy with my presence.
Because Reggie and me are both irregulars, I wonder if our similarities perhaps helped him.

As I thought that, I began wishing I could return to him this instant.

「Reggie is a friend, so I will help if anything happens. He is somewhat like the benefactor of my life」

Yes, for example in two years.
Even if I couldn’t prevent the definitive moment from coming, I will look for methods.

Anyways, the source of information I wanted to obtain to protect Reggie and the rest arrived at the castle about an hour later. At the same time Madam Beatrice also returned from patrol and at the time where she had finished eating and had changed clothes to relax.
Maybel-san personally came to pick me up so Madam Beatrice seemed a bit surprised.

「Is Reginald interested in the magician?」

Madam Beatrice asked as if she were asking whether her nephew was interested in some toy, Mabel smiled vaguely.

「It seems that he was interested because he met the Thorn Princess beforehand. He has been searching for information in the library with Kiara recently」

「Is that right, so Kiara is his research assistant? That’s fine then, I will lend Kiara to Reginald for this matter. I want to see for myself too」

Along with Madam Beatrice who gave her consent, we headed towards the castle gates.
Just in case if anything were to happen, Madam Beatrice chose to observe from the top of the entrance hall staircase. Because Reggie was also made to do the same, in the end only I was free to head downstairs.

Because they were cautious against the magician, there were guards gathered in front of the stairs and in front of the gate
While standing nearby I became nervous for some reason.

Perhaps it was because one wouldn’t think a maid would go out of her way to come so close to see a dangerous person.
Reggie also gave me a look that said『I wouldn’t recommend it』but if I were to miss something important I would end up regretting it.
It’s just that I have to find out.

How to become a magician.

As I stood waiting, the large gate leading outside opened.
Appearing from behind the heavy black oak door was Wentworth-san and two other knights.
Then came two soldiers supporting a drunkard man wearing a faded mantle from both sides. And lastly Magrave Vain and the rest of the knights.

I think the the man who looks like a drunkard found off the road is probably the mentioned magician scum.

To be honest, he doesn’t look much like a magician.

Short trimmed hair that seemed to be growing out again, he looked like any regular person you could find by walking through the rural areas.
The clothes consisted of an un-dyed shirt with a dark brown jacket and trousers, it didn’t seem any different from the typical attire people wore in town.

But something was bothering me.
The entire time I was watching, the area around my chest was somehow in pain. It felt like my pulse had also become faster.

It felt a bit similar to when one was sick with a cold. I felt a chill. But the chilling sensation was only in the head.

Supposedly he is also a magician but I didn’t feel this way when I met the Thorn Princess.

I didn’t understand the reason, I tried enduring the nasty feeling that made me almost collapse on the spot.

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    1. Reggie is supposed to die in an event soon(?), around the start of the game I think. The only way she could think of to change this is if she had the power of a magician.

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  1. It might be her relative or one of the capturable targets relative or just her natural instinct to tell her to scram and lay low. Anyaays thanks for the chapter!


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