Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 04

Chapter 4: Graduation party of conviction: Part 2

A sweet and gentle voice reaching the ear of Tiararose was not in the development of the game. However――it calms the heart of the uneasy Tiararose.

As I turned towards owner of the voice, the person showed a reassuring smile.

「Are you alright. The way you stand up for yourself and maintain your pride is more beautiful than anyone who is in this place」


――Why is he here?

The deep blue hair sways, Aquasteed passes the side of Tiararose and stands in front of Hartnight. The eyes looking straight ahead, seemed as if they were condemning Hartnight.

「……Prince Aquasteed. This is our problem」


Hartnight tells Aquasteed to stand down indirectly without being daunted. However, it is immediately rebuked.

What should I do. Then while Tiararose was thinking uneasily Aquasteed turned around.

「The engagement has been annulled, right? ――……Then, would you become my princess?」

「………… Eh? 」

「I have always been longing for you」

To the words of Aquasteed, the venue went completely silent … as if the sound had completely disappeared from the universe. The actions of Aquasteed was too much of a shock.

Tiararose cannot understand the meaning for a moment, and her eyes open wide.

I never thought that there will be a person proposing at this time? Normally it is impossible. Even if you want to confess, there is an order.

However, the heart of Tiararose tremendously swayed.

Aquasteed・ Marineforest.

He is the first prince of the neighboring Marineforest Kingdom next to Lapis Lazuli Kingdom.

In the same year as Tiararose, he came to study abroad at Royal Lapis Lazuli Academy for only one year. Although he is not a capture target in this game, it was announced that he is the main character of the second part which is a sequel.

However, Tiararose who finished her part before the release cannot accurately grasp his standing position.

「Proposing so suddenly, it must have surprised you. ――But, would you please consider it?」


Unlike the harsh eyes of Hartnight, Aquasteed knelt before Tiararose with a smile filled with sweetness.

Taking the hand of Tiararose and gently pressing it to his mouth.

For each action of Aquasteed, Tiararose’s heart beats even faster like a bell increasing in volume.

Tiararose has never experienced this from Hartnight before. Because I was the fiancée of the Dauphin, I have never been approached by other suitors. In other words――… there is no immunity.

I do not know what to do but look towards my father who is in the venue to ask for help with a red face. However, the person himself only nodded to the eyes of Tiararose.

――What do you want me to say, Father!

Unlike the time when I was confronted by Hartnight …. now it was an orderly quiet audience.

I realized that there is no help and I have to answer firmly on my own, Tiararose turns her eyes towards Aquasteed.

「Thank you very much. Hearing Aquasteed-sama’s feelings makes me very happy」

「Wa-, wait……!」


Tiararose smiled to Aquasteed while holding down her throbbing heartbeat. And Aquasteed smiled back――the heroine Akari’s voice resounds through the venue.

Shaking her body, and murmuring in a low voice saying 「It is impossible」but surely no one is listening.

I would not think that she would interrupt the words of Aquasteed, who is the future king of the neighboring country, which is even larger than the Lapis Lazuli Kingdom.

Hartnight opened his eyes wide next to Akari.

Akari continues her words, does her head not know that her actions are disrespectful.

「Tiara-sama was just Hartnight-sama’s fiancée until now!? Such a person, she wasn’t even wanted by her own fiance….! I think there is a better person for Aquasteed-sama!!」


What is she saying. ……everyone in this venue would have thought.

But Aquasteed does not say anything and he keeps his line of sight towards Tiararose as though he had not heard anything.



But next moment, everyone at the venue held their breath. Akari had plunged forward into Aquasteed and took his arm.

「Tiara-sama, only knows how to talk badly. Therefore, please come over here」

「Akari-sama. This person is His Highness Aquasteed of the neighboring country. He is not someone anybody can just touch. Please let go of his arm」

As expected, this is not good. Akari is from this country, and this is not good for the country. In the worst case scenario,  Marineforest kingdom might considered this as Lèse-majesté towards their royal family and relations between the two countries might be broken off.

Why does Akari not understand something so simple? Tiararose has these thought while being worried and thinks she must do something about this situation.

Even then, Akari does not let go of his arm, Aquasteed raises his hand and motions one of his attendants. Akari was pulled away soon, and everyone in the hall was relieved.

「I am very sorry for the trouble, Aquasteed-sama ……it was not a permissible thing」

「It is not words that Miss Tiararose needs to say. Rather, would you like to apologize in her place – Prince Hartnight?

「……!! I-I am deeply sorry. Prince Aquasteed」

「Well, then I’ll forgive it」

Unlike a while ago, the position has really reversed.

Now it is Aquasteed who has the most predominance at this place. Akari’s selfish actions, brought forth the current situation and warranting Aquasteed’s words and actions.

Once Aquasteed looked at Hartnight with severe eyes, words of apology are spun immediately. Although the future King of a country should not immediately speak words of apology, it is plainly obvious to everyone that the Lapis Lazuli Kingdom is at fault this time.

However, if it developed any further…..Hartnight will be in graver trouble.

It must be frustrating to have to lower oneself, and everyone watching this might have felt sorry for him, except this was in the middle of a condemnation event called disengagement. It is a fitting punishment, most people think so.

「Because I intervened in this conversation, it seemed I ended up causing some confusion. Do not make such an uneasy face, Miss Tiararose」

「No……. I was helped by Aquasteed-sama after all in that situation」

Even if Aquasteed did not intervene, nothing probably would have happened to Tiararose anyways. Looking at the present situation, Tiararose judged that.

It was the flow in the game, but as expected there is too much incongruity in reality.

「Wait a moment! Please release me!!」

Akari was held back by Aquasteed’s attendants, but she tried to break loose, he was observing until now but then – the voice of the king.

「That is enough」

A dignified low voice echoes through the venue.

Alexander · Lapis Lazuli · Lactomut, the King of Lapis Lazuli Kingdom. Only 37, still a little young, but he is also a good king with great support from the people.


「Your Majesty, if I did not stop Tiara-sama before, she would have done something rude to Aquasteed-sama!」

A voice drowning out Hartnight’s surprised voice, was Akari’s voice demanding that Tiararose separate from Aquasteed. But without a glance towards her, the king lowered his head to Aquasteed.

「The people of my country did something rude」

「–No. I also suddenly intervened」

「For your tolerant consideration, I thank you」

Not only the prince but also the king apologized. This fact is severe and heavy for the nobility of the Kingdom of Lapis Lazuli. Everyone glares at Akari as if saying hurry up and get out.

「But I did not expect Prince Aquasteed to propose to Miss Tiararose」

「I thought that now would be my only opportunity. His Majesty, and Marquis Clementide. Would you consent the marriage of me and Miss Tiararose?」


Aquasteed’s line of sight turns to Alexander and Tiararose’s father, Marquis Clementide.

The eyes were awfully earnest, and anyone could tell that he was very serious.

Tiararose stood behind Aquasteed and listens to the answers of the two.

「For me, of course it is a big welcome. It will be a good edge for my country and Marineforest」

「Thank you very much. …… But is Marquis Clementide still anxious about a person like me」

「……No. I often hear of His Highness Aquasteed achievements. I am confident that my daughter will be cherished surely. I was just thinking how I didn’t even realize that I hurt my daughter by engaging her to His Highness Hartnight. Therefore, I want to respect the will of my daughter」

The father of Tiararose did not immediately accept the words of Aquasteed and the royal king of the great country. It is impossible to decide to refuse an offer of marriage from royalty. However, for the happiness of Tiararose, her father, Marquis Clementide declared her will to decide even if he would be convicted.

Contrary to expectations, however, Aquasteed shakes his head.

「Your a good father, Marquis Clementide. So, when you have a good reply from Miss Tiararose……I will ask you again」


Tiararose flutters at those words.

However, Aquasteed will not settle here even if I say yes. He will say that I should think over it carefully and then reply with a good mind.

「I was too hasty as well. But can you have some time to go out together?」

「…………Yes. Gladly」

Tiararose had held her breath for her father’s disrespectful words, but is relieved at the gentleness of Aquasteed.

But why is such a gentle prince longing for someone like me? Such doubt comes to mind, but I think that I will ask you when we go out.

While watching these two people, the king and Marquis Clementide deepen their smile.

「Everyone, I am very sorry for this case today. Hartnight, leave as soon as possible……Everyone enjoy the rest of the time」

The voice of the king echoed through the venue again――Hartnight and participants exited from the spot.

As for Tiararose, her father, Marquis Clementide, excused her for the night and tells her to return home as soon as possible. It is consideration from her father.

Of course, it was Aquasteed that offered to be an escort. With a smile saying “It’s a good thing”, Tiararose reddens a little and says 「Yes」

Tonight, talks will be carried out among Hartnight, the King, Marquis Clementide, and the meeting with Aquasteed tomorrow.

Akari, who seemed to glare at Tiararose leaving together with Aquasteed, was confined in a room in the royal palace until the discussions settled down.

(Author Note: Today, the daily ranking was second place! Joy! Thank you for many bookmarks, ratings and evaluations. It is scheduled to be updated every day at 19 o’clock, Although it is schedule of all 15 chapters… It seems to have been read by many people, so we are considering the serialization after two chapters.)

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  1. I think this Akari is a reincarnator too. That’s why she hates Tiara as she thinks that Tiara is a villain and should not get any good things. Such a dumb idiot. Thanks for the chapter. Please keep translating.

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    1. Yes your right but if she realy is does she think she has the advantage to use her role as the real mc of the game to suddenly cling to a prince she was never meant to be with? Her title as a baron’s daughter really needs to be erased since she fits the role of the main villain.

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