Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 11

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 11: Heart throbbing feelings

Escorted by Aquasteed, Tiararose arrives at a small garden of roses where yellow and pink roses are in full bloom.
Just like Aquasteed said, delicious sweets are lined up tickling the heart of Tiararose.

――What should she do.

She was very nervous.
Tiararose herself has been in and out of the castle garden numerous times.
Hartnight didn’t do such things very much, but there were several times where she was invited by the queen for a tea party. Tea parties are held only by women and are always held in beautiful gardens.
Among the colorful flowers with delicious sweets and tea. By no means was it ever a strained atmosphere, it was always a very pleasant setting. It has become a good memory of Tiararose.

「Does Tiara like cake too?」


While the court lady is preparing the tea Aquasteed prepares various sweets. One of them is a delicious cake that is adorned with an abundant amount of strawberries.

「Aren’t strawberries a special product of Aqua-sama’s country, they are one of my favorites」

「That’s good,  I ordered these strawberries from my country, so I am delighted to have Tiara eat them」

Aquasteed serves the cake personally and gives it to Tiararose.
So many strawberries adorned the surface that the cream itself could not be seen. The sponge was piled up in many layers with plenty of strawberries in between and a strawberry mousse was added.
Strawberries which are a special product of Marineforest are a very premium and luxurious item. And this cake was so beautiful that one can see from a glance that high quality strawberries are used.
Gently placing a piece in her mouth, the cheeks of Tiararose relax without her knowing.


「That’s good」

The cake had been specially baked for Tiararose in a hurry, so he was relieved that it was not in vain.
Seeing Aquasteed smiling brightly Tiararose naturally also smiles. Then she opens her mouth to thank him for the earlier matter.

「Aqua-sama, just a moment ago…….」

However, her words were interrupted mid-sentence.
Aquasteed places a finger to Tiararose’s lips and says「That’s no good」

To Tiararose who inclines her head questioning, Aquasteed gently strokes her cheeks while saying「It is natural」

「Because I am the fiance of Tiara isn’t it natural to protect?」


To the word fiance, Tiararose’s face is dyed red.
Although she was the one who had told her father to accept the engagement, it was extremely embarrassing when Aquasteed said it himself.
Her heart pounding rapidly like a bell, she hastily tries to calm it down――but it does not go well.

「Thank you for choosing me」

「That is my line, likewise thank you very much」

The two people began laughing at each other and the atmosphere before becomes like a lie and turns calm.
Aquasteed then calls over Elliot to introduce him.

Because the engagement was officially decided, Tiararose will conduct her bride training at Marineforest the homeland of Aquasteed for the next year.
After that the two couple will be officially announced in the bride’s own country, and it is a custom to hold a grand wedding ceremony later in the home country of the bridegroom.

「Once again, I am the attendant of Aquasteed-sama, Elliot. I am not a noble so I do not have a family name but I have served Aquasteed-sama for a long time」

「The only close attendant I brought is Elliot, whether it’s his fighting skills or political skills they are all superb. The rest are in Marineforest, so at that time」

「It will be my pleasure」

Elliot is the right hand of Aquasteed.
Besides basic miscellaneous clerical processing, battles, politics, he also takes care of his master. He also played a secret yet active role regarding the groundwork of this engagement

「In that case I also」


Suddenly, Philline gracefully takes one step forward and expresses her gratitude.
Something like sincere faith could be seen from her eyes. However, Tiararose immediately understood what it entails.

「I am Philline Sunfest, I have been by Tiararose-sama’s side ever since she was little and have been officially serving as her maid since one year ago」

「Philline grew up with me, it is not an exaggeration to say that she is like an older sister. So it will also be our pleasure」

As the two people smiled both Aquasteed and Elliot smiled and nodded.
As a matter of fact, he has not yet talked to Tiararose about taking someone as a maid to Marineforest.
Of course, for Tiararose it would be best to have Philline follow along. Even though there is Aquasteed, Marineforest is a foreign land and country.

Even though it is a neighboring country, the distance is far――

The 18 year old Philline was worried whether she could also be taken along for the convenience of the marriage.


「I will serve you forever」

「……Thank you」

Looking at Philline standing beside her with a smile saying「I will definitely follow」
With that Tiararose also nods. If they were to go to a distant place together, Philline’s responsibility would be to care for the troubles of Tiararose attentively.
Even though she is at the age of marriage, she feels sorry for the troubles caused. She just wanted to do something that she could do to that extent.

「A fine maid」

「Yes, Philline has always kept by me and encouraged me」

Of course he does not intend to make her feel lonely, but there are many things that can only be comprehended among women after all. Aquasteed is relieved that there was such an excellent maid.
After that they enjoyed sweets and tea for a bit while talking with Eliot and Philline.


「Certainly, Philene follow me. I will tell you the various precautions when heading to Marineforest」


After a while Aquasteed calls the name of Elliot.
Immediately sensing the instructions of his master he leaves the garden with Philline. Although there are court ladies and knights in the vicinity, they are at a distances that they will not be of any concern.
Tiararose is surprised by the sudden occurrence and looks over at Aquasteed, but he just smiles.

「Tiara, over here」


Aquasteed rises from his seat and came over to Tiararose with his hand outstretched. Taking the hand wondering whether he wanted to move somewhere she receives the escort.
With that they head towards a bench with roses in the same garden; guided to the place where the two people can sit, Tiararose calms down.

「It is nice to speak with four people and all, but may I also have time to talk with Tiara alone?」

Aquasteed also sits down on the bench and begins stroking the hair of Tiararose while laughing like a mischievous child.
Looking at Tiararose nodding in consent, he becomes even further troubled as he wants to do it more and more.

――That only shows just how much he truly loves her.

Sliding his hand that was stroking the hair to her cheeks, he wraps her face with both hands.
The moment her cheeks become rosy from that action makes Aquasteed even happier.

Just how many times already has he thought that she is cute in his heart?
Looking straight into her eyes, Aquasteed whispers the name「Tiara」


The eyes of a serious Aquasteed along with the feeling that he was closer than usual made the heart of Tiararose beat faster and faster.

――Close, too close Aqua-sama!!

It’s embarrassing, but she couldn’t turn away because her face was being held by Aquasteed. Her heart screaming with embarrassment, the face of Tiararose becomes increasingly red.
The distance is almost like he was trying to kiss her. However, even when she attempts to close her eyes she is unable to do so.

「――Thank you for accepting my engagement. But I don’t want it to be just for appearance, I want you to tell me again directly」


「It is an overbearing consciousness that I am forced to push forward」

Aquasteed said with a bitter smile.

「Miss Tiararose Lapis Clementide, I love you from the bottom of my heart. Would you become the princess of I, Aquasteed Marineforest?」

「……Yes, it will be my pleasure Aquasteed Marineforest-sama」


Her heart throbs uncontrollably from the serious words of Aquasteed but she is unable to stop it. She wonders if it is alright to have this much happiness.
Tiararose also returns an immediate reply, though she is embarrassed she looks directly at Aquasteed and smiles. Feeling truly blissful Aquasteed hugs Tiaraose tightly and quietly calls out her name.

「Ah, Aqua-sama……」

「Sorry, I’m just so happy―― Tiara, I love you」


As she was being hugged close enough to sense the aroma of Aquasteed, Tiararose who was unfamiliar with males did all she could to remain composed.
While being hugged, the fingers of Aquasteed touch her chin and lifts her face upwards.
The smiling face of Aquasteed immediately came closer and Tiararose grasps the edge of his clothes tightly.

――And she is kissed

However she did not have any feelings of unpleasantness.

A sweet tickling sensation rushes throughout her body.


Was it because it was while being hugged by a person she loves?
It was like a maiden’s dream of their first kiss, the feelings of Tiararose steadily rose. The lips of Aquasteed that touched slowly were very gentle.
While kissing Aquasteed quietly whispers her name「Tiara」


「You’re so cute, Tiara」

To the Tiararose who calls out his name as if she were melting away, Aquasteed once again kisses the corner of her eyes, while moving his lips slowly, to the forehead, then cheeks.
With each kiss Tiararose’s body quivers which made Aquasteed thought just how cute she is and even more unwillingly to separate.

――Just a little more.

Initially he was just planning to kiss her once, but the response of Tiararose was too cute.
He kisses Tiararose once again as she repeatedly trembles, while regaining her breath as she is once again tightly hugged by Aquasteed.
It made him happy, so he kisses her many times over and over.

While stroking the hair of Tiararose, Aquasteed thought he wanted to do it long enough to the point of forgetting time itself.

「Nn, fu……ah…………」

Being kissed many times over, Tiararose who is completely breathless tries to catch her breath. However even that breath was swallowed up by another kiss and she becomes exhausted.

Finally licking his lips, Aquasteed separates from Tiararose.

「Nnn! ……Aqua-sama」

「Nn, Tiara was too cute so I couldn’t stop」

Gasping for breath, her tired body leans against Aquasteed. Tiararose who is being tightly hugged is unlikely able to get up for a while due to the lingering effects of the kisses.

Without much timidness, Aquasteed’s words of her being cute never stopped revolving around the head of Tiararose.

It’s j-j-just she thought how happy it made her.

――This is no good.

It is embarrassing to the point that she might die.

But she is happy.

After that, Tiararose thought about what kind of face she should face Aquasteed with.

But that worry is brought to an end.

Because――from the castle, a tremendous light overflows out.

(Author’s Note: I wonder if the degree of Lovey-doveiness has gone upーor I think so but how is it?

Finally 11 chapters. Thank you very much for the support everyday up to now.
With the remainder 4 chapters, I will be happy if you can stay with me without changing.)

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