Otome Game Rokkushuume 03

This is machine translated with me going through afterwards to make a few edits, so apologies in advance for any mistakes or bad translations. Enjoy!

Chapter 3: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is not easy [1]

Well, my optimism in life was destroyed in a few days, I could not move forward without struggling.

In the greenhouse where the colorful roses are in full bloom, I sat while agonizing.

I noticed. ……Rather than ignoring it I wanted to pretend not to see, but I was working hard in front of them to my very limit.

Although they probably only see a normal three year old child, unfortunately I am not a normal, straightforward and pure 3-year old infant. 

So, thank you very much. I would’ve been happy if I did not notice it, but I did.

I…..I do not like being avoided by the servants!

The damage dealt to me when I realized it was great. My heart was devastated.

By the way, in the ending, Mariabell Tempest was hated by all the school students, those who were once were with her, had all turned against her and felt she got what she deserved……It was funny since at the time I was fully automatic, but if it were to come to me it would be completely intolerable.

Moreover, she was clinging onto the captured target……shame on top of embarrassment.

It is a “dark history” I would not like to recall.

That was the overall story. Anyways, I am disliked by the servants.

However, mentally I am an adult but I am only three years old (in terms of looks), there is no way that I have any ill intention nor any ill-intent.

You will be fired.

That father who showers his daughter with love is unlikely to be silent.

Then why did you notice? Why?

「”Ano, some water ──”」

「Please wait a moment ojōsama」

「……Thank you」


「The hair is a little…」

「I will tie it now, ojōsama」


「Ano ─ ─」

「What is it, ojōsama?」


There are many other things, but the problem is that they do not have any expression.

As expected, all the servants are beautiful because they are from an Otome game, but they are the scary kind of beauty.

Moreover, since they are monotonous in their tone, it is unnecessary.
What are they all emotionless?

Besides it is not only that.

「Ano, Okaa-sa──」

「Ojōsama, Madam is busy right now」

Every time I try to talk to Okaa-sama, every time they get in the way!

Saying she is busy is a lie isn’t it? Normally she would be in her room! Stop getting in the way of Parent-child communication!


Why do you have to make it such a pain to talk with Okaa-sama.

I must speak with Okaa-sama soon and I have to find out the cause of the divorce!

「…..it should’ve been easy, yet」

Before when I was still an infant, the Okaa-sama who took care of me was kind and was pretty and came to love me in an instant.

I remember when she made me laugh, the anger and tiredness within me would fade.

Well, the meal times were something close to torture, but…Yes, lets not remember.

The reason that mother and father divorced.

The reason that caused the person who loved her husband and daughter to have left the House.

I cannot imagine. No, I have no idea at all.

「What could the reason have been when there was nothing wrong?」

The circumstances of the house, the circumstances of the couple, but none of them makes sense because information on the characters is too little.

In the past five rounds, Mariabell was completely indifferent to her mother, so there is no info on her mother in the game and even her name is not mentioned.

Of course, because there is no character design, I knew the face of Mariabell’s mother for the first time in my sixth round, or actually now my mother’s face.

In other words, I have no preliminary knowledge like capture targets, heroines, and my father who actually participated in the past five rounds.

In order to stop the divorce of my parents who can be said to be the first barriers, information on only the father’s side is insufficient, or rather if there is no information on the mother side, it cannot start.

So at any rate I would like to talk to my mother and get information.

「Or I would to say, but I cannot meet you!」

Back to the drawing board. Un, it does not start till I meet you after all!

I though out loud unintentionally. It is about time that my stress is reaching it’s limit.

As a Duke’s daughter, you should not do inelegant things like raise both hands and shouting in frustration, but this is okay.

This rose garden is a place I found walking around the mansion after I got tired from the day to day etiquette and decided to take a stroll.

At the beginning I was nervous if there were any “nōmen[2]” maids perhaps hiding around in here somewhere, but nowadays I am use to the place and just sit on chair in “Taiikuzuwari[3]” style.

When I think about it, It would be sad to allow it to continue disturbing me.

「…..my ears, they hurt」

「What …?!??」

Like I said it is not necessary to mind because there is only me here.

But there was a person. This is bad. Currently I am completely relaxed.

How long have I been sitting on the chair like this?

Technically speaking I am full grown woman with all the feminal appeals but now I am a 3-year old child. This situation is too surreal. 

「E~a…from now, since when …」

「I was here first」

「Well, that….」

In other words, I was seen from the beginning.

 And for the grand soliloquy.

I shifted in my chair from a “Taiikuzuwari” style to an “Indian style”.

May I cry?

「….I showed you an unsightly sight, I am sorry, again」

There is no meaning even if I keep it up now, but there is little information to assume a defiant attitude.

First…..who is this boy?

I am the sole child in Tempest House, as for the servants they are single, and for those that have children have already left the household.

So there is only one child, or suppose to be one child in the household.

But there is a child seemingly the same age as me currently in front of me.

An angelic-like boy with brown eyes and smooth wavy royal milk tea hair. He looks familiar to me from the eye and hair color, but that smooth straight hair makes me feel a little jealous.

Is it weird to say that I would like to dress him up in a maid outfit.
The effect would be outstanding.

But…anyways who is this?

It is at least not one of capture target. Both the hair and the eyes are different in a color.

「I am Mariabell Tempest, the daughter of this house. Who are you and what are you here for?」

To declare myself in such a fashion is rather impertinent of me if I do say so myself. Hardly the remark a 3-year old child should be making to someone in their first meeting.

But I want you to excuse me. I am Mariabell Tempest after all.

I don’t mean as a villain, but I am in a position where the corresponding behavior is obligatory, whether as I am Mariabell Tempest, a young lady of the Tempest family even if I am only three years old.

Even though, I have been living in auto-mode all the time.
My ego has already been established in the auto-mode even though I am now Mariabell.

I cannot become the duke’s daughter by just saying my heart and soul is Mariabell now. I will appeal with personality denial if compelled.

Of course, even so, I do not think that I can pass the responsiblity or abandon it either.

I am not really being hypocritical as I did play as Mariabell five times in the past enough to have her personality down to the pat.

Although it is a bit problematic for me to be able to impersonate her personality so well. It was a little late to notice now though.

「I want to be alone now. Can you leave?」

Please, do not let me increase my “dark history” any more.

「…… A strange way of talking」 

Thank you for the straight-forward remark.

Children are honest.

But you will not be popular if you tell a girl she is strange!

「You did not speak normally, it was normal when you were alone」

「….After all, I heard you」

Though I had the faintest hope, it was crushed into a thousand pieces.

「You couldn’t see, anyone? 」


「Anyone? 」

Do not be so frank; this child.

It will not be such a thing of much interest.

Though I should show it in a manner when I did not want to answer, I have given in to a boy without so much of a a fight」 Children’s 『”Why?” Attack』 is too pure and difficult to avoid.

「….. mother」

「Mother …… is it yours?」

「Yes, my mother. We can hardly talk because she is too busy」

It is quite doubtful whether she is really busy. When I went to see her again today, the “nōmen” maids once again got in my way and I was not able to even see mother’s face.

「….. is it possible you do not want to see me」

Perhaps my mother does not want to see me.

It was something that I knew in the corner of my heart all the time but had been continuingly looking away.

We cannot meet because the other person does not want to meet. It would be most natural to think so. 

I had tried to visit her many times to no avail, I thought of many other possibility, but in the end the obvious conclusion was that my mother will not see me.

Neither the servants nor father are busy or tired, but they will not let me see you.
And my mother will not come to see me.

I believe the relationship between a mother and her single daughter is important, I only want to see you, and I will go see her.

Though presently I want to meet mother for an important purpose, but in reality….even if it is the real three-year old Mariabell, I’m sure she is missing her mother.

3-years old is an age where one wants to be spoiled by both the mother and father a lot.

No matter how much my father loves me, for a daughter, her mother is a special existence and I want a clear love from my mother.

「It may be that it is only me who wants to meet」

The more I think about it, the more it seems like a fact. It is only me that wants to see the feelings of parent and child. I cannot help but think so.

I wonder if her gentle look was just my illusion. I’d like to think that it is not so, but I do not have any basis for my judgement.

I, so to speak, have come to a deadlock. Although it is a hurdle I need to overcome, I do not know what lies ahead of it and how it will change.

I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach.

What surfaced was a voice that was all too blank.

「Then you should just ask and it’ll all be good」


「You should just ask your mother whether she likes you or not」

[1] 猫かぶり “Nekokaburi” Essentially means Wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is a Japanese term so there is not really a direct translation, I had to make title from a very literally meaning.
[2] sitting on the floor grasping one’s knees (as in a gym class)
[3] Japanese noh mask

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  1. I could barely understand what’s happening. i know its MTL but can you please edit this so it sounds more natural to english speakers? it’s in english but with japanese speech style, which is quite honestly, painful to read


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