Otome Game Rokkushuume 32

Chapter 32: I am begging you therefore rise from regret

Humans, when they disregard their surroundings certain matters began to disappear. It is common that once you concentrate on one matter, you can start to neglect others. It is not particularly unusual, it is a natural phenomenon.
And because of that it is inevitable that once you return to reality you also begin to regret; it is essentially a set.

「………I want to cry」

「You can cry but I will not comfort you」

「At least lie and say you will comfort me!」

「From a while ago until now no matter what I say you continued to be depressed, there is nothing more I can say」

As soon as I finished meeting with the prince and came back, I directly ran into my temple of sanctuary. In other words, Keito’s house in our premises.
Usually it would be the rose garden, but I do not know when father or mother will come. It was just recently that mother came there to deliver terrible news.
So it is has become customary to go to Keito’s house when I do not want people to disturb me.
The contents of the story is of course about the violence inflicted upon me.

「Although if Keito was around you could’ve stopped him……」

「I cannot go, I am only a servant’s child after all」

That’s true. Even my parents could not go let alone a servant. As for the child……Un, I know that it’s impossible. In the first place it’s already over, so no matter how much I complain time will not turn back.

「Although I said it many times already, I do not think that you did anything particular terrible. Also wasn’t it the other side that started venting their anger towards Maria?」

「Yes, but……more or less there is still this and that between nobles」

「Even so, it was the other side that raised their hand first…..or actually, a man raising his hand towards a female is no good」

「……Though Keito sometimes hits me」

He is saying cool things but is not really convincing.

「Maria has never saw me as a man, so it’s all good」

「What is with that reasoning!」

That’s right, but……even though he also has never thought of me as a girl, it’s unreasonable.
But even though I say that in front of me there is a cup of tea and sweets that Keito prepared for me, because he offers proper hospitality and keeps me company while also listening to my various complaints of sorts, he is actually rather kind.

「Anyhow I believe Maria had no faults this time, so do not worry about it anymore」


I am very glad that you say that……it is not easy to convince myself whether I dug my own grave or not.
Even though it was merely just resisting his outburst of anger, it was still bothersome until Keito reassured me.
But that is not what I am particular worried about.

「Why did I say such a thing……」

At that time, I said unintentionally.

『I know what kind of feelings you have towards nobles』

This is bad, it is actually very bad isn’t it!?
At that time my anger peaked and I flew off the handle, but that was too dangerous now that I think about it.
Because that remark makes it seem as if I know the secret of Tuvalu’s birth and early life!
The secret of Tuvalu is something Marquis Miranda hid with all his power. I do not even know his parents, and if I recall from his route the King also doesn’t know about this.
A secret the top of the country doesn’t even know, yet somehow a nine-year old girl knows would definitely be a talk.

「Keito, if it comes to please pick up my bones」

「Run away before you get reduce to bones」

I wish I could get away but……it feels like it will be impossible with that yandere schemer. If civilization evolves, it seems likely to be monitored illegally using a GPS.

If it was that girl she might be able to erase all contact with that man, it would be like putting on a skirt for her.

That Yandere-san.
Although there are various circumstances, there is no doubt. In truth he is just an incredibly messed up person.

During Mariabell’s bullying, in the beginning I was glad to rely on her and was silent.
The more I remember, the more he seems like a terrible yandere. What to do my worries are doubling.

「Alright, finish!」


While my mind was enveloped in unease I suddenly heard a *Pan, and with the loud noise I returned to myself while Keito was holding his hands in front of him.
It seems that the sound of his hands clapping recalled me from my thoughts.

「Time to switch, I said it before, Maria is haphazard but in a good way」

「……I only remember being called an idiot」

「That problem lies with the memory of Maria」

「Are you trying to praise me or make fun of me which one is it?」

Such a rude fellow! But I suppose this is the consideration of Keito. This usual interaction makes me feel calm.
Let’s see the situation for the time being.

If something does happen……at that time let’s just escape from the life-threatening challenge.

「Alright, how about a cup of tea?」

「……I want」

For now let’s just relax and drink Keito’s tea.

6 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 32”

  1. Maria x Keito ship is so good. I really hope they will be able to marry each others later on and she honestly was so lucky to meet Keito who is seriously like a huge irregular existence in this tale as Keito never appeared in the game or in the loops (i assume it’s the case).

    Liked by 3 people

  2. “「Keito, if it comes to please pick up my bones」

    「Run away before you get reduce to bones」”

    Best lines ,😀👌


  3. Keito is the best. She can be completely herself with him and he’s always honest with her. Their interactions are so funny! Even if they don’t end up together, I love their friendship.


  4. I think that, realistically, Keito is the only romance option for Mariabell. I mean, she has memories of the capture targets killing/imprisoning/banishing her, how can she ever fall for one of them? It’ll feel pretty unrealistic (for me) if she ends up with any of the capture targets tbh


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