Skill Up with Login Bonus 35

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 35: Night conversation with a demon

I returned back to my house at night, I was staring at the magic name written in my book.

「The after tomorrow will be the day where I can choose my login bonus. But before that, I must confirm the effectiveness of curse」

「Fuaah, you still have some experiments……?」

Soulas had already changed into her pajamas and looked really sleepy.

「It’s the first time I’ve received a usable magic thus far, so I think that I should investigate it a little more since I probably won’t be receiving any new ones」

However, even Media who is a sage had little knowledge regarding dark magic. So in order to use it for actual combat I will have to practice a little.

「If there was someone familiar with the technique of dark magic available, I wouldn’t have to do such troublesome training」

「I-I am familiar with it though? I am the demon king after all」

「……Well, anyways, I wish I could obtain more knowledge」

「P-Please do not brush me aside like that! It’s rude!」

Soulas raised her hands in protest, but I couldn’t help it because it really didn’t seem like she knew about it.

「Hm, now that I think about it, Soulas can you summon Erigos?」

「Ehー……summon Erigos? What for?」

「It will be quicker just to ask the actual user himself」

When I said that, Soulas had an obviously displeased expression on her face.

「That summoning ritual is pretty exhausting you know? I get tired after one use so unless I take a bath and drink first I cannot do it you know?」

「Alright, I’ll treat you to both a bath and a meal, so summon him. Rather you would’ve just done so in my room without asking in the first place. We also have various expensive sweets the guild gave to us as thanks――」


She responded immediately.
With that Soulas summoned forth a mini Erigos.

「Anyways, I will now go eat some sweetsー」

Then she hurriedly left the living room.

……She going to eat them in my room it seems.

Well, it’s fine.

「So the middle-aged woman summoned me again, I am not some convenient accessory」

「Well, don’t be like that, let’s talk this over while drinking」

Beckoning towards the sofa, Erigos then sat down with a grimace.

「A demon general together with a boy at night…….your skin is not young enough, but well, your soul may not be as satisfying as a young girl but it’s quite nice. Let’s partake in a proper conversation then」

「This lolicon……is slightly off. You like young girls that much?」

「Of course, I even wish I could become a young girl myself」

It seems I wasn’t wrong about this “gentleman” he is certainly quite dangerous.
Well, his way of speech is quite formal though.

「Well, leaving your fetish aside for now, What do you mean by general?」

「Among the seventy or so demons it refers to one that has about ten subordinates under their reign」

Oh, so it’s like that there are ranks even among the demons.
I did not know that. Soulas also didn’t mention it before.

「Hm, wait a minute, since you the general was sealed, won’t your subordinated become angry and attack?」

「That is not so, for better or worse the demons are rather individualistic and independent. They will not do anything like seek vengeance……besides, I was not on good terms with the other demons」

Is that so, that’s a relief.

「Your power and knowledge will allow me to live comfortable, you’ve been very helpful, Erigos」

After that I held a glass of wine out in front of Erigos.

「Hm? With the power of your soul and highest tier magic you can become a first rate magician correct? Perhaps, even a tactical rank one」

「No, there is no need for all that」

I only wish to live leisurely in this town after all.
I rather not get to close to matters like warfare and strategics.

「Hmm, well I prefer watching little girls over warfare too, I have been looked down upon because of that so I understand how you feel」

「Then we have something in common, let’s stop it then」

And with this sort of atmosphere. I talked with the demon till the morning.
Fortunately when Erigos came to this town the other demons weren’t nearby, apparently the curse doesn’t work on the demon king but it works on demons of the same class, I am glad I obtained useful information.
It seems that I can live safely in peace for a while.

『――Day Six Login Bonus: 【Skill: Improve penetration】 Acquired!」

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