Skill Up with Login Bonus 01

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Chapter 01: Magic as a Bonus

In the afternoon, when I woke up, my wet nurse who is also the head maid stood in front of me.

When I asked her about my situation, she said this place is a town called Kartia.

The previous body’s owner was Kouta Vales, a rich youth, who was a hikikomori that stayed indoors all his life, but one day, when he thought of going outside he was struck by lightning and fell unconscious.

…..What to say, he was a really unlucky guy.

I can’t help but feel sympathy towards my fellow brother who suffered the same fate of getting struck by lightning.

After she finished explaining the situation, the wet nurse left the room.
She said since I was still recovering she didn’t want to stress me out or something along those lines.

It’s true that my flesh is still wounded, but it seems I have recovered a considerably amount already. I can move my legs and arms, and I can even stand and walk.

This body’s physique is also similar to my previous one, so there is no weird feeling when moving my body.

It’s just that, the body is similar to the one I had in Japan, which lack exercise and contains little to no muscle.

Maa, getting struck by lightning and being unconscious for days also didn’t help either.

—Even the current me right now has no motivation to exercise.

I don’t know the map or the direction around the house so I won’t leave the room and sleeping is really fun and relaxing so I am not particularly troubled right now.
So I’ve been lazing around the bed.

「—–tto, right, I had some more questions to ask」
Thinking so I opened the grimoire.
Suddenly, the first page lightens up and words appeared.

『Second Day Login Bonus! Create Fire, 20 shots acquired!』

「….Ha? What’s this?」

Once again strange words have been added.
In the First day login bonus, it is written Highest tier magic, what does that even mean?

While thinking so, the grimoire started talking again.

「This is a special property of me who is a Grimoire」

「….Tsu, don’t surprise me by talking suddenly」

「I’m sorry. Good morning, Kouta-sama. This is your second day in another world, how is your body condition? Getting a grimoire inscribed on your soul and then having your body attuned so that the grimoire won’t affect you too much, has there been any problems? 」

I feel like I just heard something really scary, I should not think about it.

「There is no problem but what is the special property of Soulas」

It must be that Login Bonus
Just like in social games.

「Hai. Every day, you acquire or learn a new skill or magic」

No, I don’t know anything about magic. I won’t be able to utilize it.

「It will be fine. Because the spirit of me, a grimoire, and your soul are fused, the magic is inscribed automatically」


Isn’t this a bit too easy, Magic?

「This is my special property. It is a necessary power to live in this world so there is nothing wrong with learning one」

No, it might be like that but…
Aren’t you altering my soul a little too much?
And the way your speaking is becoming more frank, this grimoire.

「It is only your imagination」

「Aa, fine. So I can use magic, then how would I use it?」

「Hai. You recognize the magic name, and aim at the target than shout it」

Eh, isn’t this a bit too easy?

「Since the power of magic is like a tool, there will be no meaning if you can’t use it easily」

I see.

Then, let me try it, I should probably aim at outside from the window.

Highest tier magic would most likely be too dangerous so, maa, the beginner tier magic 《Create Fire》should be fine.


That huge rock which the gardener always complained about how it is a hindrance.

It was a rock which didn’t move the slightest even when several strong looking man struck it with a hammer.

It is a perfect target.

「Yoshi――《Create Fire》」

I raised my hand while holding the grimoire in the other hand and said it lightly.


The blue fire bullet which came out of my palm melted and destroyed the big rock in the garden.


「*Pachi *Pachi Amazing, Kouta-san」

I heard a clapping sound from my grimoire, wait, wait.
Isn’t this a bit too powerful?

Wasn’t this a Beginner tier magic?

「Aa, didn’t I tell you before? 」


「It is easy to use the magic but hard to learn. A beginner elemental magic can easily take 2 years to learn. So the firepower will be strong」

「You should’ve said that first….!」

So I learned and used something like that. What does this mean?
When I was shouting at the grimoire, my head started to feel light.

「O….t-this feeling, is this the limit of my stamina…..?」

「You just recovered from an injury and since using magic requires mental concentration and mana, of course, your stamina will be depleted. And elemental magic uses a lot of it too, since it is powerful」

「I see…….」

I wished you said that before also…..

「Sorry….even if you learn the magic, your stamina parameter won’t increase. So be careful」

I see, this means that when I have some free time I should move my body a little.

While thinking of a future plan, my consciousness faded.

『――Third day Login Bonus, Create Ice, 30 shots, acquired!』

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