Skill Up with Login Bonus 25

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Editor: Oracle

Chapter 25: Demon Attack

After the commotion, we decided to head south of the city which is the center of trouble.

「Well, let’s go, Kouta! Soulas!」

「Yes, let’s put a stop to that troublesome invader!」

「You are motivated, good Soulas」

「Of course! Come on, let’s go Kouta-san! Because I am in perfect condition, because I am in my grimoire state!」

With that sort of feeling, Soulas had turned into a grimoire, and I began running.
By the way, when I look around, there was already a mountain of casualties, many people had collapsed.
They were moaning, so they were still alive, and the healers seem to be trying to do something.

……This looks terrible.

If possible, I would like to flee and stay in my house.
In such a situation, I noticed.

「Hm? I am pretty sure this is the direction towards Media’s mansion」

「Media……the house of the Sage Media. I remember it well as it is the place where I met Kouta」

Ah, now that you mention it there was such a thing.
But the more we go in the direction of Media’s mansion, the louder the noise gets. That means…

「I have a bad feeling」

While muttering, we continue heading towards the direction――

「Anyone is fine! You can do anything, hurry and attack before it’s too late…….just assist me――!!」

In front of a semi-ruined mansion, Media is desperately maintaining a barrier and was preventing the giant’s attacks.

In the vicinity, there are a adventurers and magicians who rushed over like us.

「Fuwawa, so this is the power of the Sage of defense! I am impressed. To be able to stand against the Demon Eri Gosse, I will respect a little」

What she is fighting against is a 10 meter giant dressed in clothes that looked like a formal suit.
With a thing like a cane in hand, it is currently swinging it over the head of Media right now. Even a giant’s cane, for us it looks like a club only.
It seems that Media was defending against it with her barrier.

「This situation, what is up with that monster」

「That is a demon, Umu, I have seen something like that before, but it’s the first time I have seen something as big as the one over there」

「What, are there that many demons like him?」

「Even without confirming there should be around dozens like him?」

There are dozens of monsters like this, it seems that this world is quite hard to survive in.

And the giant that named himself as Demon Eri Gosse, asked Media with a loud voice.

「Well now, Sage I will ask once again. You must have the Demon King here correct? Bring it out!」

「I said I do not know!」

「Is that so, to be able to break the magic of my curse, and yet you still feign ignorance. ……then be destroyed!」

Eri Gosse swings forth his hand with full force and the cane is drove overhead of Media.
Although it is blocked by the barrier, Media’s feet is gradually pushed into the ground.

「He-, before the barrier is breached, hurry up and support me!」

The adventurers who started suddenly from the voice of the impatient Media started running all at once, and the magicians start launching magic.

「Magic shot!」

「Magic missile!」

Multiple white bullets emerged out of staffs and arms and flew towards the body of Eri Gosse.
The magician’s guild had shown me before, both shot and missile are magic with more than enough power to blow anyone away. But…

「Fumu, lukewarm!」

It does not work.
The white bullets vanish the moment they hit. Furthermore…

「Fuwawa, such low level magic, do not stand a chance against Eri Gosse! And……. it is too late to approach now!」


The adventurers who ran towards Eri Gosse are blown away by his bare hands.
Rather than ability, the loss is more due to the overwhelmingly difference in size.

「Ku, it’s not over yet! M-Magic shot!」

Even then the magicians continue launching magic, but there was something I was curious about.
That was, I ask the burning woman who seems about ready to plunge into the demon at any moment.

「……So Flame」

「W-What Kouta! Do not stop me! It’s such a powerful demon, this is the perfect chance to test out my arm strength!」

「No, I’m not going to stop you, though I think you shouldn’t charge forth like that, but…….why aren’t the magicians attacking with attribute magic?」

Because attribute magic is powerful, I think it will be more effective than magic missiles yet…
When I thought so, Flame was looking at me with a stunned look.

「W-What are you saying Kouta?」


「For attribute magic, isn’t the amount of people who are able to master them limited? A magician who can use such magic that easily would not exist in a local town like this. At best, an advance magician, would be about the level of using advance generic magic」

「……Now that you mention it that reminds me」

The amount of people who are able to master attribute magic is few, as it is difficult, I actually have already heard about this but I completely forgot.
The airhead attitude of that grimoire might be starting to rub off on me.
This is bad, I must fortify my mind.

「【Expand range】 Magic shot!」

「【Expand range】 Magic missile!」

Other magicians are shooting bullets that seems more powerful than before.

「Fuwawa, completely futile!」

The demon laughed after receiving the magic. That’s why…



I interrupted him with fire, when it landed Eri Gosse was taken aback and fell over.

「H-Hot, it buuuuurrrns―――!!」

「Ah, truly attribute magic is very powerful……」

Looking at the demon who fell down with an earthshaking thud, I realized it once again.

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