Skill Up with Login Bonus 31

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 31: New way of fighting

A couple of days passed since I started living alone.

Surprisingly my body adjusts quickly to this new life and in a few days I became able to work with my party members.

「Okay, I stopped it, Kouta!」

First, I had Flame strengthen herself with her fire and stop the enemies movements up front.


While I attack it with magic.

「As expected of Kouta! Defeating it with one shot, it was worth enduring the front lines」

「Thanks――wai- look out!」

A minotaur was heading towards us when Flame looked away.

「Everyone, two Minotaurs are heading over here」

「I can tell by just looking -――can’t be helped, Media please make a wall」

「Umu, understood」

A barrier that stopped their movements appeared.

「《Wind Shock》!」

I pointed towards them.

「As expected of Kouta-kun! I am grateful you just had me use my magic to stop them」


――Somehow my responsibility seems to be rather large but since there is no other stable way to do this it can’t be helped.
Well, just like this we defeated the requested monsters for today’s quest.

The opponents is a rather small minotaur. Because I have fought with them many times I am already use to them.

「Kouta-san, Kouta-san, is there anything I can do?」

「Soulas……stand in the back and cheer」

「Wai-, why is it only me that doesn’t get to do anything!?」

Well, if it’s just one person doing nothing it will be fine, but I can’t ignore it.
Right now we are in the middle of a battle. So we can’t lose spirit.

「Ah, Kouta-kun, one is getting through the barrier」

「Tch, it’s coming over here ――then, fire」

I was already use to these kind of unexpected situations.
I tried defeating the Minotaur with fire bullets as usual but…


Nothing came out from my palm.

「Eh……wai-, this is bad……」

The Minotaur was already right in front of us. This is bad, but just right when I thought I was about to die.

「Oi oi, not paying attention during a battle is dangerous Kouta!」

As the Minotaur began approaching before my eyes, Flame gave it a kick from the side.
The Minotaur roared out in pain before falling on the spot.

「Phew, what happened there? You shouldn’t look away during a battle」

「Look who’s talking…… but still thanks Flame, you saved me there」

「Umu, I’m glad I was able to help out. Now then, I will ask of you to take care of my troubles in the next two seconds」

After saying that Flame collapsed to her knees in the next two seconds.
Then the collapsed Minotaur stood back up again.

「This is bad! ……Three minutes have already passed, defeat it and retreat! 《Ice》」

We started running away after defeating the Minotaur.

「Y-Yes~, understood~」


Whenever the three minute timer of Flame ran out, we would hastily retreat if we were among enemies.
Just like that we have been doing quests like this the whole time.
It’s very inefficient, but I can’t change it because it would be unsafe.

……But, why didn’t fire work just a moment ago……?

While carrying Flame and running away, I looked at my palm.

「Don’t tell me……《Fire》」

I tried casting magic towards the ground but as expected nothing came out.
In other words, this is that.

「So it has finally happen, the amount has run out……」

After returning to town, I confirmed the remaining number of magic with Soulas in her grimoire form.
Just like I though the remaining number of《Fire》 was 0.

「Well, you did use quite a bit a few days ago, although it was originally decreasing to begin with」

「Yeah I suppose」

Thank you Fire.
You helped me out so many times ever since I came to this world.
I will never forget you.

「――No not that, this is a big problem!」

「Hiyaa~, Please don’t suddenly yell out like that during lunch! I nearly choked on my rice and you nearly gave me a heart attack!」

The one who is about to have a heart attack is me.
One of our main magic has disappeared.

「The only attribute magic I can use is Ice and Windshock but both of them are within the single digit range, the rest are just highest tier magic……」

「Eh, why are they decreasing so fast?」

Ho, why did you just ask that?

「Currently there is no one aside from me who can attack properly, why do you think so? Do I really have to tell you, Soulas!」

「Ahー, please don’t grind my head! I understand, I understand so――!!」

Yes, essentially I am very exhausted.
If I can just hold out for a few more days the Login Bonus will surely give me more spells. It surely will increase again, I was stupid to think so naively.

……I don’t have that sort of luck……!

Ah, that’s right, like some kind of sick joke the login bonuses for the past few days were all one round of highest tier magic. This is a really big problem.

「B-But what will you do then? If Kouta-san can’t attack then all you can do is just carry Flame-san」

「After three minutes is over, we will just have to grab Flame and comfort ourselves afterwards」

However even though our current battle style is inefficient I can’t afford for it to become even more inefficient. Because my earnings will decrease even more.

「……It seems there will be no choice but to unseal that forbidden skill if that happens」

「Forbidden skill?」

「Ah, that’s right the skill I was too scared to use up till now, the Demon’s skill」

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